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This'll be a post that grows over time as we learn more about the crew. Right now, I'll just try and summarize what we know about them from the Patreon video and other sources, character-sheet wise. I'm thinking about doing stats for the individual characters and their Actions going forward. If there's any information I'm missing or that I have wrong, let me know!

General Background to the Show

RollPlay: Blades is using the Blades in the Dark system developed by John Harper who will also be the DM of the show.

The Crew are Assassins, operating out of a dilapidated library. Many names have been discussed, including but not limited to The Readers and The Scholars, but nothing has been decided upon.

  • They have a reputation for being Professionals.
  • They have the Deadly special ability, giving them a free point in either the Hunt, Prowl, or Skirmish actions, player's choice.

  • As Assassins, they have access to Insight and Prowess Training. This gives them additional XP for Insight
    and Prowess Training if they choose this action during downtime.

  • They have also chosen the Assassin rigging upgrade, which allows them to carry more items into the field, and the Hidden upgrade, keeping their lair a secret.
  • They have a friend in Irimina, a vicious noble.
Faction Tier Status
The Unseen IV +1
The Foghounds I +1
The Lost I +1
City Council V -1
Lord Scurlock III -1
Bluecoats IV -1
The Reconciled III -2
The Silver Nails III -1
The Empty Vessel I -1

djWHEAT/Vana "Miss Cattaby" Cattaby

Wheat is playing the Spider known as Miss Cattaby, a false noble that has masterminded her way up the social ladder. Her Vice is gambling, high-stakes games of cards in the dark. She is friends with Salia, a secret-broker and rivals with Jennah, a servant.

Heritage: Akoros, Imperial City

Background: Noble

  • She has the Foresight upgrade, allowing her to assist another player without paying stress. This can be done up to three times per score.


  • Insight 2
    • Study 2
    • Survey 1
  • Prowess 1
    • Prowl 1
  • Resolve 2
    • Consort 2
    • Sway 2


Anne is playing Rune, an arcane Whisper with her ghostly hound Myth. Her Vice is stupor, which she achieves with the aid of black lotus; a hallucinatory smoke that gives pleasant dreams. Her black lotus supplier is Martin Gull, owner of the Leaky Bucket. She is a friend of Quellyn, a witch, and an enemy of Lord Scurlock, a vampire.

Heritage: Akoros, Duskwall

Background: Underworld

  • She has the Ritual upgrade, allowing her to summon supernatural beings through study.


  • Insight 2
    • Survey 1
    • Study 1
  • Prowess 3
    • Finesse 1
    • Prowl 1
    • Skirmish 1
  • Resolve 3
    • Attune 2
    • Consort 1
    • Sway 1

Geoff(iNcontroL)/Carriless "The Raven" Firm

Geoff is playing a Carriless Firm, a demon-blooded Cutter with completely black eyes. His vice is faith: sacrifice for a greater demon. He is a friend of Mercy, a cold killer and a rival of Marlane, a pugilist.

Heritage: Tycheros

Background: Underworld

  • He has the Leader upgrade, making him more efficient in leading a cohort in combat, and makes the cohort more efficient as well. (Note: the Crew does not have a cohort at this time, outside of Myth.)

Attributes & Actions:

  • Prowess 3
    • Finesse 1
    • Prowl 2
    • Skirmish 3
  • Resolve 1
    • Command 2

Ezekiel_III/Aldo "The Lesson"

Zeke is playing Aldo, a soft-spoken Cutter with a love for the finer arts. His Vice is pleasure, going to museums and absorbing the culture of Duskwall. He's a friend of Stras, a clever blade and an enemy of Grace, an extortionist.

Heritage: Akoros, Duskwall

Background: Academic

  • He has the Brutal upgrade, which makes his physical attacks more powerful.

Attributes & Actions:

  • Insight 1
    • Study 2
  • Prowess 2
    • Skirmish 3
    • Wreck 2
  • Resolve 1
    • Command 2

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I don't mind at all, go ahead!

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Love this post and I hope more of this type of wiki post can is made for the other RollPlay shows. :itmejp10:

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there could be a Wiki page simply called "The Grave" where dead PC info goes, that'd be pretty cool

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I wonder if Zeke is taking inspiration from Mr. Tulip in Terry Pratchett's The Truth
or from the similar duo in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

Mr. Tulip being a very large, very strong man, who is brutally violent at all possible moments except when there is art involved.

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Such a great post of information to set things up. Very interesting to see how things will shape up with this crew!

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It's very hard to actually die in Blades, so I don't think we'll see too many dead characters.

However, we could definitely have some kind of "Off-Screen" section for PCs that are in jail and/or overindulging on their vices.

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Shout out to GearsArt for those amazing pictures!

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Zekes character looks bad-ass. I love the book-loving brawler trope.

What a great cast. I can't wait to see this one. This is going to be great!

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i was thinking that wiki could be for all the RP shows like an almost collective grave that all PCs go to, but you make a good point bout the Blades campaign.