itmeJP Community

itmeJP Community

Favorite topics and conversations [Week 1]

Love all the conversations happening everywhere here but for those that just have arrived here’s a little overview of some of the great topic and conversations from the (not full) first week.

##A. [Dogs in the Vineyard Q&A] The River Cold, The River Deep

Our first Q&A with @AdamKoebel has to take the first spot. Look at all the awesome comments and even some fan art thrown in there. The link says 9 minutes to read it all… ready to try it out?

##B. What tabletop games are you running/playing?

@Mardymarve and @Jabba_the_space_gangster started a long discussion about Dark Heresy 2e. It turned into a discussion about rules and systems… I think. This takes the price for me on the best discussion this week.

Some say that their discussion will echo through space for ages to come.

##C. Where are you from?
With simple question and a tweet from @itmeJP it turned into the longest thread so far. The real reason I wanted to highlight this was because @grafzhl created this:

A map over everyones, who have posted in that topic, location. A massive project that I think still is ongoing.

##D. The Crew - General Information

What started as @DealerUmbra wanting to share the information from the Patreon video of the charachter creation turned into our first wiki post (it’s a post type where anyone above a certain level can edit the post). With information, stats and even charachter art.

It goes without saying that this may contain spoiler for the show.

##E. Court Of Swords Music: Slaves Of The Sword & Dogs in the Vineyard song! Chastity

I’m a music lover so I had to include this piece of music by @Absent_Minds and @Drumurboy in my top 5. Even @itmeJP makes an apperance in the first topic in awe of how embeddes work here… what a silly man.


The community is shaping up quite nicely! Thank you @TwitchSurgeon and everyone else who are working hard to make the site the best that it can be.