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Parody Tribute 3: Bergserker (Season Four)

Thanks to @Voidwalker91 for letting me use his awesome art. Lyrics:

I am the Bergserker
Raging battles far and wide
With many allies by my side
Many a friend has lost their life throughout my life
Many a foe has felt my mastery of strife
So many said that I could simply not survive
But I am still alive

I am a tortle
Salihafa is my name
And arcane knowledge is no game
I walked the world to trace this storied half-orc’s trail
My life’s work to find the truth behind the tale
I am not hasty and won’t easily agree
But through this I must see

I am a dragonborn
Call me Kalimat my friend
And words of silver I shall send
My slow pal Sali brought us here to meet this Berg
There is a dearth of words with which to rhyme with Berg
His company ensures opportunities abound
When trouble comes around
It always comes around, and around, and around…

I am a cleric
You should know of Ramus Krill
And if you don’t well you soon will
By Tower’s power I’ll defy death if I can
Perhaps I may rejoin the Bergserker again
If not I’ll find another way to live if slain
But I will remain, and I’ll be back again, and again, and again…


I love it, its like the 90s sitcom theme.

Huge props to your vocal portrayal of Berg and Ramus. Very unique voices to attempt to sing in and you handled it brilliantly.
Kalimat’s verse breaking out into improv comedy when he cant rhyme ‘Berg’ suits Zeke well and I think he would be proud of that.


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Love this so much!!! Great job! Probably the best one so far!

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I was smiling halfway through Berg’s verse, but completely lost my shit during Kalimat’s part. Great job with the voices man, thank you.

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Ooooooooh boy a Highwaymen parody! Love it!


Ack! I only just realized that the mighty @Absent_Minds already had songs entitled “The Tower” and “Bergserker” (should have checked here) and was too polite to say anything. My embarassed apologies aside, I have changed my titles to avoid confusion and will check in the future. Cheers!

I can’t find this song on Soundcloud anymore, and the link doesn’t seem to be working. Did it get taken down? Is this intentional?

It was bot-claimed and I had written it off as a “limited release,” but now that you ask I’ll look at getting another version up, cheers.


Thanks! Sucks that it gotten taken down, it was one of my favorite Rollplay inspired songs. Good luck getting it back up!

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Okay it’s re-recorded now (lower and slower). I left the lyrics alone but decided Sali should sing too. Soundcloud won’t let me use the old permalink, so would a mod please update the OP with the new link? Thanks and cheers.