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[COURT OF SWORDS // E53 Q&A] How Many Potencies?

Absolutely. Fixing up an inn of that size would probably cost about 500gp

So, theoretically, if the party decides that their quest is ultimately a mistake/bad idea/whatever but they have effectively gone through the entire process of the quest, can they still “resolve” the quest in an effect contrary to the explicit intent (“Actually, we won’t give you the McGuffin, quest-giver!”) while still gaining the quest’s XP rewards? I’m thinking in the vein of open-ended video game quests that effectively reward you for the “journey” of the story/task even though the last choice of that arc throws you through a loop with alternate outcomes.

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Another great episode. Think the new structure is finally starting to show as well, the first couple of episodes felt more “well, best introduce the new characters and remind ourselves wtf is going on” but really felt like we got more into it properly now, with the goals actually driving players through the world rather than bumbling along

@Ezekiel_III playing that xp game right though, with the easy targets like “buy nice wine” (even if it didn’t work, I loved it as an idea) :itmejplol:

I think I want to be flexible around that kind of thing, as far as quests go, for sure. More the spirit than the letter of the quest.

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Rewatching the episode where Berg recieved his necrotic power you said it only works while he is raging. Since then he has been able to use it when he isn’t raging. Was this an oversight or a conscious change? I liked the idea that as Berg absorbs too many souls he has the option of “not corrupting out” by choosing not to rage. I think it would work as a great character development option.

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I think we have forgotten - he is in rage all the time usually. Thanks for the reminder!

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I agree there was some awkwardness and hesitation, but it felt natural for a new group finding their rhythm both in and out of character. I like all these characters and made a little song for them! Parody Tribute 3: Bergserker (Season Four)

Here from the VOD squad and i gotta say this episode was great. Good RP and the characters/players were actually preparing for their quest. Really enjoyable to watch/listen.

@AdamKoebel Would it be possible to have something that would be close to Azure Vortex, then kill the 10 year old kid to release her soul and then try to bring her back to her old form by using the personal item as a proxy of some kind? Or are the souls completely mushed and redone without any trace of old forms?

I imagine souls would be like the Avatar. The current incarnation is the main personality, but it also relies on all the previous incarnations to determine its position on the Path to Enlightenment.

So if I had to guess, the incarnation that is Azure Vortex is still a part of the soul, but to bring her back to the fold would either be impossible, or really hard to do, and the Mara are probably the only ones who can do it because it would have to roll back to a previous incarnation, which would be the literal opposite of the Path to Enlightenment.

And since the Mara are more about stagnation, I don’t even know if they’d be able to reverse incarnations.

At least, that is my interpretation based on how I think the background works. I could totally be wrong.


Damn that’s dark. That would be a bit much for me if they did anything like that, I have kids.

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I kinda figured it should be something dark to get Azure back. Kinda Bergs thing to have to endure to get anything. And we all know that if they managed to get Azure back, Berg would have to die for her to survive, because everything he cares for crumbles between his fingers. And the death wouldn’t be needed for the revival… it would have to be a separated choice so that Berg would have to give up the only thing he loves once he gets it. Just to taste the sweet water of Azures lips before he has to end himself.

Never really understood why people find it so much darker when a kid dies compared to slaughtering of hundreds. I mean in a way that almost in any computer game you can’t shoot kids, but you can nuke a city, planet or galaxies. I guess it takes one to be a parent to see it that way.

You won’t understand until you have a child of your own.

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Besides this being incredibly grim and totally blasphemous, it wouldn’t work.

When the God of Reincarnation gets ahold of a soul, there’s a balancing, a weighing and a cleansing that is performed, wherein the karmic balance of the soul is measured before reincarnation. The upper soul is passed along, the lower soul is cleansed away. So whatever was left of Azure Vortex is gone, now, though the new form will retain some inherent, undefinable qualities of her, in the same that she is always in some deep ways always the same and has been since the dawn of time.


Failure is often the best teacher after all.


This makes the idea of “true resurrection” so crazy.

It’s like a factory reset AND a software rollback all rolled into a refurbished “old new stock” hardware. I’m sure the Mara have given… advice on how this is possible to a few poor souls.

Also, Horcruxes are totally a thing then :stuck_out_tongue:


What if true resurection doesn’t bring back your soul, but just a complete copy of all your memories and thoughts and places it in a living body.

Would you even know the difference or be able to tell if you are soulless? We are personality wise just the sum total of all of our memories and experiances placed in a living biological cocktail.

Sound familiar ???

This brings up some iteresting question as to the consequence of ones actions and afrer one dies, again(?).

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Beam me up, Joshkie :wink:

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I mean, this is the case with Ramius, right? He exists, he was brought back somehow, but he doesn’t have his soul. So did the servants of the Tower who brought him back just save the lower soul while the upper soul continued on? Did the upper soul enter a hiatus of sorts because it couldn’t properly cleanse the lower soul? Will Ramius Krill have to kill a ten year old child to get his soul back?

So Adam’s reply suggests that something similar to resurrection can occur, but it has a time limit, I think is the best way to interpret it. Because you have to seize the lower soul, before it is purged, or otherwise removed/rendered obsolete. So, the Tower might sit there and go “I can use this person”, seize the lower soul, and resurrect it, and I’d assume leave the upper soul to continue in the reincarnation process. And I assume that because stagnating the cycle is what the Mara do and as a construct of the Arcana, the Tower would have to help perpetuate the cycle. Especially since the Tower represents rebirth through tragedy. To stop that rebirth of the upper soul would be against its very purpose.

Of course, since the Arcana are a human construct, I guess it could get corrupted. That’d be interesting.

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Someone (probably Hazan) bribed the God of Reincarnation to “lose” Ramus’ soul. It’s on a shelf, gathering dust somewhere.


I mean…basically Liches then.