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[WIKI] RollPlay Music Megathread : A Look Back!


(Drumurboy) #1

Hi there!

I saw some questions about the fan music while watching the Swan Song Live VOD specifically about music from old shows and such. I’ve recruited the help of Burnerman and Absent Minds to help me assemble this archive.

Super late I know, but here is a mostly complete archive of fan music inspired by RollPlay through the years. There have been a ton of moments immortalised in musical form that (due to the internet being the internet) have been buried by posts and time. This is an attempt to make all those moments more visible and accessible!

If there is something we missed then please let me know and provide a link that is still alive and I’ll add it as soon as possible!

                              RollPlay Legacy / Solum 

The Valor of Tudagub
The Journey so Far
The Hero of Willowbrook
Journey so Far Metal
Against All Odds
Into The Deep
Terra Ignota
Never Forget
On New Adventures
Tavern Theme
Longborn’s Legacy
Teif in the Night
Across Worlds
Unto the End
Elven Lullaby
Get Dukt
Back Hand
Bargain with a Dragon
A New Beginning
Bregor’s Boys
Army of Death
Drop the Bow
Bregor’s Inquisitive Nature

                                 RollPlay Dark Heresy

Dark Heresy
A Tense Escape
Unto the Grimdark
Skirmish in Hive Utraxis
Righteous Fury

                                RollPlay Ehbon / Vigil

He’s Cobblepot Toolspark

                              RollPlay RnD and One Shots

Apocalypse World + The Good Life
Dirty Mags
Seized by Force
Lambo 1

For Honor For Glory

Iron Wind
Ports and Plugs

Sagas of the Icelanders
If Ice Wind Blows


Dogs in the Vineyard

The Grim

Tales from the Loop
In the woods

World Wide Wrestling
Crank It Up

Christmas with Cox
Christmas with Cox

                               RollPlay Swan Song / Stories

Swan Song
The Bigger They Are
A Journey Through Time And Space
Planetary Escape
It’s Dark
Future Tech
Cryostatic Gamble
The Adventures of Swan Song
Star Cruiser
Spike Drive Hyperjump
Lonely Universe
Electrical Retina
Space Dust
PPB (Blue Fever)
Streets of Majid
Death on the Stairs
Release the Cook
I’m coming for you Woo!
Thundergun Mother Fucker
Taste My Mono-Blade
War Spawn
Subzero Nine pt 1
Subzero Nine pt 2
Sicarian’s Past
Between Stars
The Upcoming Battle
Richardson Scientific
Everyday Intruder
Space and Sound
Sicarian’s Theme
Cities Without Number
Swan Song Hype
Diplomacy is Key
Set Course to Cygnus
One Slay More

                              RollPlay West Marches

Tales from the Marches
Kellan the Undying
The Bard is Back
Grigori’s Song

                              RollPlay Mirrorshades 

Cyberpunk City
Escape From Neo-Chinatown
Escape From Neo-Chinatown (BurnerMan54 Remix)
Purple Mirrorshades
The World Is Yours
There’s Something In The System
Chromatic Sunset
Chromatic Sunset (BurnerMan54 Remix)
Dirty Aces
Big in Japan
The Date
Resist Her Transistor
Cybernetic Serial Killer
Robot Love
Dark City Streets
The Execution
Breaking Down
Running with Shadows
Big Business
Touchdown in Japan
Berlin in Shadows
The Cyber in Cyberpunk
Habitual Fame
Circuits and Meat
Astral Wing
Data Jack

                   RollPlay Balance of Power / Age of Rebellion 

Tharan Tallon
Age of Rebellion
BoP Lightside
BoP Darkside

                             RollPlay Court of Swords

Court of Sword
Into the Jungle
From the Ashes (Velimir)
Temperance (Baern)
Legend of the Three
Slaves to the Sword
Wild Lands
Caves of the Stone King
Ritual Sacrifice (Raziel)
Bergserker (Berg)
The Tower
The Return
Celebration of Death
Form for Chaos
Ekishnugal (Draft Horse)
We Didn’t Build the Tower
Bergserker (Season Four)
Tool of Fate
An Old Flame
Trial by Fire
Ascendent Song

                                 RollPlay Blades

Shrouds of Darkness
The Dark Streets of Duskwall
Words of a Ghost
The Last Word

                               RollPlay Nebula Jazz

Hacking, Jacking, and Cracking Skulls
Nebula Jazz
Turn on You

                               RollPlay Far Verona

Acheron Rho
Gold Plated

                                 RollPlay Oddballs

Mr Wolf
Fog and Teeth
The Fischer Paradox

Thanks for all the support over the years!

As usual if you would like to support the artists you can follow our soundclouds and buy music that is available on bandcamp from:

Absent Minds’ Bandcamp
Burnerman54’s Bandcamp
Drumurboy’s Bandcamp
RollPlay Official Bandcamp

Parody Tribute 3: Bergserker (Season Four)
(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

wow Nice! Thanks a lot for doing this. If you want it make into a wiki post just ping me :smiley:

(Drumurboy) #4

yeah man for sure! Do you need anything else?

(HellsCreso) #5

This is awesome! Thanks for posting this!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

nope. It is a wiki post now so now hopefully @BurnerMan54 and @Absent_Minds can edit and add their work to the thread in the future. Going to leave it here instead of the wiki section because it's easier to keep all the fan creations here especially the music with all the other music.

(Drumurboy) #7

Nice! Thanks man (20 characters)

(uncecio) #8

oh my, you are awesome! thank you for this

(Possibly Batman) #9

You sir are a hero! Thanks for making this post and supporting the stream and communtiy through your incredible music :itmejpbro:

(putridcheese) #11

Big in Japan... I think is my favorite track in rollplay history.

(BurnerMan54) #12

It's good to finally see everything collected in one place! Thanks man.

(Absent_Minds) #13

Thanks for doing this @Drumurboy :itmejpbro:

(rory212121) #14

Here is a few more you might have missed

Nightsass' Theme - Habitual Fame
Bonbon's Theme - Circuits & Meat
Breakdown Theme - Astral Wing
The Dark Streets of Duskwall
Data Jack

Thanks for this though. Its great to have it all in one place and re listen to older ones I might have forgotten about. I listen to some of these songs every day, so good!!!

Edit: Just saw that the Mirrorshades songs are on here but under swan song. My bad.

(Absent_Minds) #15

Damn I can't believe I forgot Data Jack on there cheers dude

(Drumurboy) #16

Haha weird I remember putting them in the data doc. Oh I see just under the wrong show :smiley:

(Awtum) #17

Whoa! This is just incredible. Nice work, man.

(Drumurboy) #18

New tune added!

Tales from the Loop - In the Woods

(Drumurboy) #19

New tunes added!

Resonator - Tales from the loop
The Tower - Court of Swords

(Mardymarve) #20

I have to say , Purple Mirrorshades is quite possibly one of my favourite pieces of music ever. Fucking bravo Burnerman.

That's not to say the other music isn't appreciated. Its great to do rpg prep to with how thematic and evocative much of your work is.

Keep it up! Can't wait to hear the WWW-oneshot music.

(Drumurboy) #21

Due to the recent soundcloud news some of the links might be unavailable until we can switch em out for fanburst links!

Won't take long for current musician's tunes, but the old stuff might be effected!

Just a heads up in case some links don't work :grin: