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[Dogs in the Vineyard Q&A] The River Cold, The River Deep

The King of Life has all sorts of ways. Thank you so much to JP for organizing this session and Austin, Matthew and Jerry for bringing the fire.


Holy shit that was an AMAZING show! Thank you to the cast and Adam for being a freaking incredible DM. Dogs of the Vineyard was a beautiful system. Hope to see more of it soon! :itmejpheart:


That was amazing holy shit. I didn’t catch your stream when you were doing prep but roughly how long did you spend setting everything up?

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This was the first rollplay I’ve ever watched. It’s usually not my type of thing.

That said, this was amazing. Well done to everyone involved.


What a fantastic show! Absolutely loved it! :itmejpheart:
Here’s hoping we’ll see all the guests again sometime! :itmejp10:


Great Job Adam!

I especially found that the mechanic of rolling the dice pool and placing the results to counter or raise particularly compelling on stream.


Holy damn… I haven’t ever seen anything with Dogs in the Vineyard and I’ve got to say that this blew my mind of how awesome of a ruleset this is and what a great cast ofcourse our godly GM adam. :itmejpheart: My question for this time is what would’ve happened if the demon baby wouldve won all the rolls, would they have died or would the baby have killed everyone with demons… I’m just speculating here!

Thanks again for such an amazing session!

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What was it like running a one shot where more of the time was character-focused? [~2 hours as opposed to the usual ~30m-1hr]

Did you go in expecting to cover anything but not get to it?

What was it like having the amazing cast wreck up the town and the climax/resolution?

Amazing 1 shot and show as always, hope you play it again!


Welcome. Now your one of us, Your here forever Muhahahahah


Haha I was not expecting Jerry and Austin to take over and start shooting, it was a legit shock.


Watching Jerry’s reaction as he started to understand all the mechanics was absolutely delightful. Dogs is such a marvelously crafted game.

I really hope we get a sequel. Jerry seemed to be laying into the possibility with his “we’ll return in a year” closer.


Dogs is sick. I hope it comes back for a longer game (like Star Wars). Tycho fucking killed it.

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Adam has the GM Prep for this Episode of Dogs in the Vineyard here.

Watching the gears turn in his head while being inspired by chat was really fun to watch.


My favorite one shot ever. Cast was on point, the setting is genius, the game is great. At first it looked like there wasn’t going to be much time for all the stuff you’d prepped, but y’all made it through anyway. Great show!
Stayed up until 4am to watch this. :itmejp10: would sleep deprive again


That was some pretty intense roleplaying all around, and DITV really pushed the experience. Jerry describing his personal history and upbringing felt like it grounded the game in a unique way for him.

Adam, does the game take some time to discuss how the old world beliefs clash with our modern outlook and respecting players?


The system was very interesting, this was the first time id every seen it in action. I would defiantly be interested in seeing something else with this system

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pic on twitter

Super-fun ep, Tycho was a real boss. From a viewer’s perspective at least, I really loved this dice system, it was simple enough to wrap my head around it quickly and didn’t weigh down the show’s pacing, but it was still complex enough to allow for interesting player decisions.


A+ Roleplay. DitV allows for some great team plays, probably more so than most ttrpgs, how do you feel that affected the team dynamics?


Loved the show. Amazing cast and great work by you Adam. I hope there is a continuation of this show in the future. I really want see that town burn to the ground :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: a few clips from the show

Tycho : “I love you all day”
“you should just name your child doom”
“sometimes he is just a tool”


Incredible episode. Everyone felt on point RP wise.
Only gripe I had was I kinda wished you would have made the characters before hand so you could have had an extra hour of story but that’s mostly nitpicking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope you guys come back to it.