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Crew name suggestions


(TheDesec) #61

The Ledger

Is he dead? - I guess he was struck off the ledger!

(DesmondDentresti) #62

Why not just: The Book? or The Books?

"We are going to do this by the book.... And by that, I mean the assassins ... We are going to murder them, HARD."

"You mean, we're gonna hit 'em with the book? Thats ironic."

"Ah shit, BOOK IT!"

"Just another one for The Books, I say."

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #63

Alumni Mortem or Doctores Mortem

Students of Death or Teachers of Death

Bit lame in English but in latin not too bad shrug. The scene with Aldo kind of gave me the idea. Think i like students more just because it's more like Death has taken them under his wing and made them into baller assassins.

(Samstein_) #64

I like it! Latin kinda fits the whole world of Blades In The Dark.

They could also do it with a twist: Mortimers(?)

(Tarras_que) #65

Something something Book Club

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #66

Thinking along these line, could do Sicarius Doctores, which should be "Learned Assassins"

(putridcheese) #67

Has anyone suggested "The Redaction"?

(DesmondDentresti) #68

Seems a little more 'spy-ey' than 'assassin-ey'. But I do like the feel of this one. :smiley:

(Twitch: EnoDesruc) #69

I like The Sanguinary Delectus.
Roughly the bloody body of work (murder).

(SavageCheez) #70

The Ministry of Silly Walks

(DesmondDentresti) #71

They dont have silly walks. They give other people silly walks.

(mq98) #72

The Professional Killers Or TPK for short :slight_smile:

(Kingballiwog) #73

The Necrologists. Necrologists are writers of obituaries which is basically the same as being in their ledger since your obituary will be written soon after.

(AzraRillian) #74

Kinda a coincidence with FFXV release, but If it can be unrelated to books or that kind of theme, then I do like something like "The Shadows", or:

Tenebrae/Tenebrarum/Tenebris - Shadow/darkness,often associated in the negative, with death
Umbra - shadow, often associated in the positive/neutral, a shade, as in the shadow of a tree

Then we can add something for the theme if needed, such as "Liber Tenebrarum" (book of shadows/darkness - also a title of a book in the witcher series)

(Might be Captain Marvel) #75

:heart:s for the monty python reference

(PantheraOnca) #76

I liked "The Scholars" until I saw the suggestion of "The Archivists."

They could say their targets have been archived, preserved, put on/another volume for the stacks, etc.

When Jeff's character is doing a little faith to a target he could be "taking a page out of their book."

(TheDesec) #77

How about "Ghost Writers"

(edit: has been mentioned a few times already, here and there!)

(dobbersp) #78

"Paper Planes" are what they used to call Wraiths in Brood War. Wraiths are the last thing you see before you die. : )

(Bezier123) #79

How about

Terminus Codex ?

'I'm sorry. They hired the Terminus Codex to kill you. You're already dead, it's just a matter of time.'

Liber Interitus is kinda the same thing - more accurate latin transaltion, though it souds a bit less intimidating.

(Ground_control) #80

Can i suggest "Murder, They Wrote" ?