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Crew name suggestions


(dystonaut) #1

During the character generation of the new Rollplay: Blades show, the crew talked about naming themselves after the dilapidated library that serves as their lair (e.g. The Scholars) but didn't settle on a particular name.

I have a few suggestions for the crew name:
* Bloody Letters
* Foul Play
* The Faded Pages
* The Classics

Personally, I like:
*Novel Death

Or maybe a joke name, ala Peaky Blinders:
*Creaky Binders

(Woadwise) #2

I personally enjoyed Anne's idea of The Scholars. It has an organized crime sound to it. Could lead into some really fun play with their crews and politics down the line.

(JCBhatesblank) #3

I tweeted at John the name 'The Archivists', which I thought fit pretty well.

(Kol_Saresk) #4

They're operating out of a library, aren't they? Librarians is overused, Archivists sounds too plain in my opinion, so I think Scholars is a decent choice. Or we could call them the Naughty Professors. :joy:

(BlastRonin) #5

A few I thought of were

The End
The Authors
Last Word

(ray__ragnarok) #6

Bloody Letters is to similar to the Bloodletters which is the gang on John's very infrequent Blades show with Adam, Sean and Stras.

I think the Archivists is a great suggestion. It ties in well with the assassins thing and sounds just cheesy enough to be funny without making it impossible to take the crew seriously.

I also like John's idea of giving it a few sessions to see if the crew's actions give us a name.

(Appaomega) #7

Agreed about Bloody Letters being to close.
I like Novel Death, and taking it more subtle to Novel Endings.
That could also work for the name of the library.
The Shooshers or The Shushers, for the librarian pun.

(DealerUmbra) #8

How about we just call them the Bookenders

or Bookies, for short

(dystonaut) #9

@BlastRonin Last Word would be a great crew name!

@Appaomega Novel Endings is awesome. I like it even more than Novel Death.

(Sardren) #10

I have to say Ghostwriters has a certain sound to it

(TheTrueAndOnle) #11

Death Scholars Would be nice one for me.
Because they are the Scholars...


(Xaphere) #12

I KNOW, I KNOW ... BOMB THREAT ... ups wrong show.

But for real. I like the Scholars. And when you want people killed you "buy a library card" just like the "dinner reservation" in John Wick

(ScratchNSn1ff) #13

I was thinking, as assassin targets are usually referred to as "marks" they could instead use Bookmarks and when people want someone dead they put a book in the collection area of the Library with a bookmark in it with a name written on it.

(moenoel_) #14

I like The Scholars, or another name that sounds kinda sorta like a normal thing, 'cause it would allow for some cool and/or funny "hiding in plain sight" moments. As in, they, their clients and just people in the know might talk about them in a sort of thiefs cant in public.

"You heard about the latest paper the scholars published?" and shit like that.

(Samstein_) #15

I like "The Scholars" and "The Archivists" but it lacks something, an edge?

I think it would fit to have a group of 4 with a name that says more of what they do than where their lair is?
A combination of what they do and where they are perhaps?
Also, their missions won´t just be one hit assassinations, as I understood (although not familiar with Blades in the Dark) it´s everything criminal, heists, smuggling, kidnapping etc?

"Literal Cartel" would speak more of both where and who they are imho.
"Literal Criminals"
"Literally Killers"

When speaking to a new client or on a mission they could speak to eachother by the first letter in their names- like codenames Reservoir Dogs style- that could be a signum when they were fighting an enemy they would know if they heard the crew talking to eachother.

-Hey guys did you hear? "B" from "Letters"-(known in the underworld) took down a hole building in China Town? Apparently he used brute force to knock down a supporting wall"

I dunno.. that´s the best I can make up...

(ScratchNSn1ff) #16

at the start of the game they picked what the main 4 will focus on(assassin missions) but they can get cohorts that do other things

(ScratchNSn1ff) #17

what if the crews name was just The Ghostwriters?
As they are based in a library and have the whole leaving of pages and or quotes on the killed targets and the term itself refers to people that write for other people which is quite similar to what Assassins do, but for murder!

(Zandivya) #18

Maybe The Erratum as in a correction of someone else's mistakes. Or The Press as a mirror of The Firm (an organized criminal operation operated by the Krays in the 60s). Or perhaps even Folium which is the page of a manuscript and is reminiscent of Folly (which is surely a description of anyone they are employed to remove).

No, I have a better idea. Mortuus Lignum which would be dead wood.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #19

Oh no... That's pretty spoopy.

(brandonwarking) #20

The scholars is pretty good but I think The Chroniclers sounds cooler