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Crew name suggestions


(bitbot2000) #41

That's kind of cool since the cops are called Blue Coats or something like that, aren't they?

(Drakhanas) #42

This is the first Rollplay show I've managed to catch from the absolute beginning and it's what got me to sub to JP. As far as a crew name, how about one of these;

Fated Scribes
Tenebrous Scholars
Shadowed Scriveners

(Dasdagger) #43

The Faculty
The Academy
(They're teaching lessons yo)

(DesmondDentresti) #44

Firm & Faculty. "Give us a call and our professional educators will work with you to teach the necessary lessons."

It has a built in cover :stuck_out_tongue:

(dystonaut) #45


Also @OneSevenDesign's suggestion "The Sixes" after tonight's (Ep 3) epic rolls is a great crew name. :smile:

(Utherix) #46

My favorite two so far:
The Scholars
The Ghostwriters

My addition: The Closed Book Associates.

(Twitch: HijosDelRol) #47

The Bookkeepers.

I think it fits their style of handling jobs.

(Cerberouse) #48

The Wiggly Waggle-Butts please :I

(Dasdagger) #49

But The Sixes will undo the dice! (also makes me think too much about the Sixers in Ready Player One)

(bitbot2000) #50

I'm still fond of "The Librarians", but i think the crew will know in their hearts when the right name comes along. Their murderous assassinating hearts ^_^

(Samstein_) #51

To be honest I think they refuse to take any suggestions that we, the community, can come up with haha :smile: . I know Zeke hates to be unoriginal so he'll probably never approve it!

(Kol_Saresk) #52

During the episode @Ezekiel_III said he liked "The Faculty".

Although it'd be very awkward if they took the name "The Sixes" and then never rolled a six for the rest of the show lol.

(calledor1977) #53

How about the crew name "Service with a Smile" in honour of Geoff's awesome grin?

(Darkvlagor) #54

I really like that one :smiley:

(Marvellousbrick) #55

How about "The Red Herring's", it would suit the whole assassin look, about not being caught doing their job. And it fits their working out of a library as a 'red herring' in a story is a clue that is meant to be misleading. You can also take the 'red' out of it to signify blood etc...

(Possibly Batman) #56

I'm disappointed that after 55 messages nobody has offered up the only real choice.

What does nobody expect?

(Kol_Saresk) #57

Because everyone expects that answer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(acegsb) #58

oooooo bookies sounds great. "Ah shit, the bookies are coming down here". Its quite smooth

(KDolecek) #59

I feel that "Bookies" is too connected to gambling. Bookenders has better ring to it.

(DesmondDentresti) #60

Something something, Book of Names.
Something something, Overdue.