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Crew name suggestions


(Qipp) #81
  • The Raven's Flock
  • Persona non Grata
  • The Firm
  • The Hounds
  • Tea Time
  • Roosters

(DesmondDentresti) #82

My new one...

"Bettor Lives"

(GreyGryphon) #83

Ideas I like so far,
"The Last Words", a little awkward off the tongue sometimes, but good.
"The Sanguinary" would be neat, I know someone suggested something like that, alternatively 'The Sanguine'?
"The Bookenders" might be good.
"The Ghostwriters" is a great one. Prolly my top pick out of what's been given so far.
"The Epilogues" sounds cool too.

No a fan of,
"The Faculty", not unless there is something about two of the crew that makes more sense. Aldo seems to be the only one who kinda follows that theme.
"The Scholars" is again a little too off from their theme.
Any name that is in Latin. Dunno, just doesn't ring right in this setting for me.

My ideas?
Maybe go with a menacing business name, seeing as they're 'Professionals' and such. Think 'Wolfram & Hart' from Angel or something.
'Fell Acquisitions'
'The Precise'
'The Sanguine Hand'
'Blackwater' (appropriate for the setting, also a merc org IRL)

(lovely_viewer) #84

Viaticum is the term used for the final part of last rites in the catholic religion (only given to those immanently dying ). Gives kind of a scholarly feel being all Latin and stuff, and gives the the hole religious thing a feel considering the last episode.
Welp, i threw in my copper coin. GLHF guys

(timofgatcity) #85

Surprised it hasn't already been mentioned, unless I missed it in which case... my b.

"The obituaries"

Or if you want to get goofy

"Dewey decikill system"

(WolfinthMdow) #87

How about, "The Redattori"? Redattori is Italian for redactors, so it would be, "The Redactors.".

As in, the people who erase or obscure sections of text.

Gives a nice cultish feel as well.

EDIT: Obviously they don't have Italian in the game, so insert other language.

(pepryce) #88

How about Carriless Whispers? :stuck_out_tongue: Works well with the shadowy assassins side of things and I think we can all appreciate a good pun every now and again

(TheDesec) #89

Depending on how well next episode goes, I'd like to remind everyone of "Ghost Writers" or maybe even "Ghost Riders"!

Has been mentioned a few times... really like it


(Broken_NPC) #90

I was thinking that the Crew Name could be Hollow Brun with Myth's bite as their calling card

(Deabaker) #91

You mean Hollow Burn? That sounds cool. But they're so many good names! How will they choose?

(RavagerGR) #92

The Bookmarks..maybe cause they mark people for death

(Twitch: snoble_) #93

The Binders? Idea came from bookbinding.

(Broken_NPC) #94

Yes, I thought of Hollow Burn in two part. first Hollow would be a kind of FU to the group that left the message in Runes sanctuary. second Burn to indicate Myth's burn mark wich other than the first job that they took, it could one of the few piece of evidence left behind that might be seen as a spirit attack wich is feared in the world blade from what I understand. Plus, Rune just made two hollowed corpses in the last episode. I do agree that there are a lot of good names to choose from.

(Glauth) #95

Ghostfuckers. Alternatively, The Ghostfuckers.

(Deabaker) #96

I like 'The Authors'. Nice and simple.

(DanielLannister1408) #97

Last Word soooo good :itmejpgg:

(DanielLannister1408) #98

The Faded Pages is cool

(DanielLannister1408) #99

that will work soo wall for aldu

(Might be Captain Marvel) #100

this works well with Aldo leaving lessons at the end of jobs as a calling card.
Something similar maybe Dark Teachings or The Final Lesson something referring to what is written as a cautionary tale.

(the_pizza_party) #101

they should call themselves the sicarios.