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Who would you like to see on RollPlay?


(Twitch: FirstRonald) #25

I would like to see Bikeman on some show or oneshot. I recently discovered his stream, and he is hilarious!

(Leomorph) #26

I would love to see a cast of people who could power game a system super hard in a "Log Horizen/Sword Art Online" type universe where the PCs know they are in a game.

(iilucreative) #27

I'd love to see Bikeman or Futureman on Rollplay one day. They both have a lateral, inventive take on things which would be great to see involved in a show.

Also, Bennyfits. Especially in some kind of Inception scenario.

(Aureylian) #28

SAME! I love Adam's characters. He has a knack for being so witty and thought out, but making it look like he's just along for the party. He's great fun to watch as a DM, but just as much as a cast member

(Deabaker) #29

Any idea when YOU might come onto the show again?

(Aureylian) #30

Nope! I think I'm probably better behind the scenes helping with the live shows, but I'm happy to join in whenever a spots needed :slight_smile:

(destraudo) #31



Because we literally never ever get to see it and to represent their ages of wisdom and experience, everyone starts at level 10 but only roll health dice to level 7 to represent their frailty of age. 4 warriors of old come out of their long retirement to save the kingdom one last time. 4 dm's with limited health but their combined wisdom at their disposal using every shitty trick in the book to survive deadly encounters at level 10.

Special guest star Geoff to give colour commentary on the 45 min rule lawyering battles.

(BulldogCFC) #33

I would like to see my blue boy Bennyfits.
Also would like to see Maggie Krohn come back, I loved her on R&D.

(avatar4444) #34

Steven Silent0siris Lumpkin !!!!!!
WT HELL happened?! One of the BEST talents on RollPlay and no explanation why he left/was kicked off. I want to see next MaidRPG!!! With Adam cosplying and Maggie trying to whoo female Crendor in post apocalyptic Ikea setting with Shannon getting red when Wheat describes his love scene with Zeke. Oh and Ryan with his bear skin figuring out how revolving door work (you know, as character development).

(SAUglaz) #35

Yahtzee Croshaw, of "Zero Punctuation" fame. He has been streaming once a week on Escapist twitch channel for some time since he moved to US and got access to a proper internet. And he is into good narrative experience.

(SAUglaz) #36

(avatar4444) #37

Thx, very good read.

(AdamKoebel) #38

hmmm, I feel like I am just so fucking blessed already getting to play with all the amazing folks I have, and like, every time I've had someone pop into my head that I want to play with, it's happened.

you know who I want to have on RollPlay sometime? my little brother.

(disusedgenius) #39

Is there some kind of team deathmatch system so the Koebels can face off against the JPs?

(Moose2033) #40

I would love to see that, the Koebel's vs the McDaniel's with maybe John Harper DMing :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmtpk:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #41

I have this image of them facing each other in a wrestling tag team style RPG. :joy:

(BleuSuns) #43

I actually love to see the mixed ones, one from each v. the other ones. It'll be hilarious

(Moose2033) #44

on one episode of the co-optional pod cast TB, Jesse, and Dodger where talking about creating wrestling characters, if they where involved we could finally see Jesse "The Garbageman" Cox

(Fluffehwolfy) #45

I would love to see Adam, Geoff, Neal and Steven(Silent0siris) as players with John as DM in a show that is very PVP oriented.

(adamthecamper) #46

My personal wish would be Steven Lumpkin dm-ing John Bain and some complementary people to play World Wide Wrestling :slight_smile: