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Who would you like to see on RollPlay?


(Deabaker) #1

So, who would you like to see on RollPlay? Someone new? Someone old that you want to see more of? I personally want to see Bikeman on a show! I heard that he was interested.
What about you guys?
Who do you want to see?

Diversity in RollPlay content
(boeiee) #2

If/when people get added. Most of all, I would love to see new people but have noone specific in mind. i know that current/old cast is very loved and i really like them too but for me its always fun to see someone new RP and develop over the lenght of a show.

(banned) #3

I want to see Neal on CoS, since it's very rules oriented I feel that he would thrive on the show.

I think it'd be cool to see FutureMan do something in a scifi thing.

(Olf_Himself) #4

I want to see Adam as a player on something. His characters are always awesome.

(banned) #5

I'd like to see his Blades game with John come back. I want to see the wedding.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #6

Canter basically torched that relationship though...

(banned) #7

No, the relationship is better than ever. Her relationship with the embassy is tenuous now, but the embassy knows they can call the Blood Letters for dirty deeds now.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #8

Yes I agree with you 100%.

(Aquila_21) #9

It'd be cool to get some other critical role people on a oneshot/stint on CoS. We've also never had Ana Robinson on except for a one-shot a few years back, would love to see her guest on something.

(Aecens) #10

I'd love to see a reunion show, maybe for 5 years? Neal/Ryan/Gen/Geoff. It's a shame three of those names have all but vanished in the rollplay brand, but a nice one shot would bring back some great memories.

(BearWalrus) #11

I know this would be hard to pull off but I would absolutely love to see Chris Perkins play. He is super entertaining and it would be a blast.

(TheDesec) #12

On the topic of bringing in new people, Hafu and Witwix came to mind. Witwix on a show with Zeke could be fun...

(Luzianos) #13

Vin Diesel is always high on the list of people to play with.
I'd like to see Felicia Day or Wil Wheaton on RollPlay, but that will probably never happen.

(Armeeof1) #14

I'd like to see Matt Mercer GM a One shot for Adam, JP, Wheat, and one other player. Can't come up with a good fourth. Ideas?

(Armeeof1) #15

Neal doesn't really like 5E so I'm not sure he'd agree...

(banned) #16

He was on WM a while back. I could see a short run (3-4 sessions).

(Ronin702) #17

I know things have gotten kind of weird, but I would love to see a return of Steven Silent0siris make a come back to RollPlay.

(Armeeof1) #18

Oh yeah I forgot about his West Marches stint...

(destraudo) #19

that time he came to west marches and was using god tactics. good times

(Samstein_) #20

I´d like to see ExcessiveProfanity, I think I heard him mention that he has played some DnD in his younger days although that memory might be conjured by my own mind...

Maybe a oneshot with Zeke as DM kind of Dark Souls inspired story with players ExcessiveProfanity,Witwix,ManVSGame or have Zeke as 4th player, and a "professional" DM such as Adam, it would be a ragtag of players but I think it would be a really funny show.

Oneshot with a "survival (ARMA/DayZ) FPS" inspired ruleset with Timthetatman,Lirik,Shorty and Sacriel.

Will Wheaton, Felicia Day, Matthew Mercer as a DM (highly unlikely he´d spend hours DM'ing for Rollplay when he spends so much time on Critical Role already)..

All Rollplay historys DM's as players in a oneshot, (Adam Koebel,Steven,Neal and John.)

I'd also like to see Kaitlyn and Shannon in some more rollplay shows!