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Who would you like to see on RollPlay?


(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #47

I'd love to see some more Man Vs Game, he was awesome on WM. I think he'd be great for a few eps of CoS :slight_smile:

(lady8jane) #49

Player I'd love to see: Andrew.

System I'd love to see: Burning Wheel

And if we could get a Rooster 2.0, that would be especially delightful.

(SoberCreativity) #51

After watching Strippin and Mr Moon GTA5 rp, I wonder if Moon would ever be up for Rollplay. That would be fun, moon really gets into it.

(Deabaker) #52

It'd be fun to see beaglerush on the show. I love his xcom videos, and I know he does role play with friends.

(zay422) #53

FutureMan would be awesome to see on roleplay!

(TheDesec) #54

Have FutureMan as guest in Court of Swords... with futuristic gear... laser rifle, mono blade... :adamnerps:

(Kol_Saresk) #55

Musket pistol and a Toledo Sword. Don't want it to be too easy for them. :joy::joy::joy:

(Deabaker) #57

Here's a thought, Maximilion Dood. Would love to see him be on a show.

(dundundun2) #58

I really want to see BRIT weisman, she is very fun twitter
here she is playing smth
and here she is on youtube playing prophecy

(Tofubeans) #59

I would like to see Shannon and Ryan back on Rollplay

(disusedgenius) #60

Recent world events also reminded me that there is more than one Trump in the world, and I know which one I'd rather see on my screen.

(Deabaker) #61

Some of that bard Shannon would be great to have back.

(Fatalidoon) #62

Shannon or Cohh would be great to see on Court of Swords, would also love to see someone who can very much read the game and we havent seen on before like Pyrion Flax or Man vs Game or the Completionist who I feel like gameplay wise would suit court of swords very well and would be fun to see roleplay for the first time.

(Kol_Saresk) #63

Man vs Game was on the West Marches. He led his group to the first ever TPK :joy::joy::joy:

(Fatalidoon) #64

Oh I totally forgot about that! Makes me keen to have him back on a deadly game though, that episode killed tilly (who informed the creation of no less than 2 other characters), flavoured a dungeon and brought us Galahan so definitely some long term positive effects.

(wolf_brother7) #65

I second Andrew.

I'd also like to see Bluejay, DistractedElf, or Dave on. Really anyone from the Roll20 channel. I think they could make good guests on CoS sometime, or as a new show.

(Deabaker) #66

It would be interesting to get someone from the Podcast community, like James from One Shot, or even (dear god) someone from Welcome to Night Vale. But this feels rather unlikely, because @itmeJP is focusing on people from the youtube and streaming world. Can't hurt to put it out there though.

(pterrasaur) #67

After seeing him on court of swords , I hope Sean comes back and is on more shows. Alternatively, someone I've never heard of , because Rollplay has introduced me to a lot of streamers I would have never watched that I find to be super awesome now!

(disusedgenius) #68

It'll never happen because time zones, but after getting back into GSL a bit I'd certainly be up for seeing what nonsense Tasteless and Artosis would come up with on a RP show.

(Twitch: norweird) #69

I'd like to see Sir Scoots do some rollplaying.