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Where are you from?


(TheJeroenBrouwer) #341

Im from the Netherlands. Noord-Brabant

(darqueshadow) #342

I'm from Lake Jackson, Tx

(Woadwise) #343

Just found out that you did this. That's amazing man! Great work.

(AjaXsms) #344

Serbia here, nice to see there are more of us. :slight_smile:

(KuP_) #345

Good ol' England, Kent specifically.

Really interesting to see this data visually thanks to grafzhls awesome work on the map!

(trep8) #346

I''ll raise you another 3 degrees North, Tromsø , Norway :stuck_out_tongue:

(WDForty) #347

from the Great North, Toronto, ON over here

(Twitch: no742617000027) #348

Fun fact, Toronto is further south than Florence :smiley:

(Insomnia131) #349

This is a surprise to me!!! I thought I will stay alone on that map forever.

(InfinityBox) #350

Stockholm, Sweden here! :itmejpnation:

(Appaomega) #351

Vancouver, BC, Canada

(crowly_) #352

Sandefjord, Norway
Since that isn't long enough for the character limit, i'll just add Hi :slight_smile:

(NinhDo) #353

Trondheim, Norway here :itmejpexcite::itmejphappy:

(MrSinister6) #354

I'm an anglophone from Montreal, Quebec

(vizj) #355

Lokeren, Belgium. :itmejpsword:

(Freddaphile) #356

Faen heller! :smile:

(DasCoomas) #357

Glasgow, Scotland checking in!

(Grruff) #358

I´m a lurker from Stockholm, Sweden.

(Rngiddion) #359

Duluth, Georgia in the USA checking in. Sup nerds?

(BearWalrus) #360

Here in the ass crack capital of Kansas, Topeka. Not for long if i can help it. :itmejpsoon: