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Where are you from?


(AjaXsms) #361

We are few but we are strong! I have not been involved with the community a great deal, mostly lurking. What place are you from? Novi Sad here.

(Insomnia131) #362

Krusevac. Most of the community is lurking, nothing odd about it.

(Phaed_) #363

Upstate NY here but been thinking about relocating west when I can afford it

(Moose2033) #364

Come East, we have Chowda :itmejphappy:

(elSilvan) #365

Melbourne, Australia. Reporting in.

(Skeptikkos) #366

Northern California for me.

(Twitch: coldisnotwarm) #367

Woopwoop, Stockholm, Sweden checking in! VÄLFÄRD!

(Illigithar) #368

Münster, Germany! Hallo ihr Lieben :itmejphappy:

(junkj100) #369

Near Zurich, Switzerland.

(Reckless_Josh) #370

I am born and raised in the greatest country in the world Wales UK

(Delen01) #371

Täby Sweden :itmejphappy:

(Dromagon) #372

I am from Beaverton Oregon. :itmejphappy:

(Zectorman) #373

Del Rio, Texas! Currently residing in San Marcos so close to you jpppppppppppppp XD

(Twitch: Sk0to) #374

Vancouver, BC, Canada

(Gert_julius) #375

Norway! The other cold north

(ProxyClouds) #376

I hail from the cold north, also called Malmö - Sweden.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #377

305 entries so far, not bad guys :)

(XelorFerris) #378

Germany, also min. 20 characters

(Twitch: TheCasanovaJoe97) #379

in United States Repping the 215 Philadelphia.

(Arynix818) #380

Originally from Kansas City Kansas, but currently reside in Emporia, Kansas