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Where are you from?


(Broxalar) #321

I'm from the middle of nowhere between the fields of corn my wife's late mother expected me to sacrifice her daughter. Ankeny in Iowa. Almost literally the middle of nothing in particular.

(Xaphere) #322

Since Dark Heresy days. TotalBiscuit brought me here. I've been lurking most of the time. You?

(Leon_V2) #323

:itmejpfisting: Hopefully there are some more fellow JP fans from around here!

(QConsolidated) #324

I got hooked almost 2 years ago. I think I heard about JP from Dodger. Lurked for a good while but I've been a lot more active this past year.

(Nickonil) #325

Vikings assemble!! i am from the cold north! Norway! - Oslo :itmejptip:

(Daddy_de_Chef) #326

I'm from Aschaffenburg, Germany.

(ChefPeace) #327

In the flat, mundane spaces of Northwest Indiana.

(DLOAG) #328

The sunny, oh now it's raining, arh well my bacon barm is still warm - United Kingdom

(UnpaidSatyr) #329

I reside across the mountains from our illustrious GM in central Alberta. Originally from the small island of Newfoundland.

(DragyDevi) #330

I'm stuck in rural Michigan. :itmejpsad:

(TheWorklessGamer) #331

Sunny southend on sea, in the bright and cheerful UK.

(shanoftw) #332

I've been a bit over an year, something like 13 or 14 months. Came from Dodger too, to watch Mirrorshades, then watched Swan Song and West Marches and eventually subbed.

(Zekkster) #333

Surrounded by fields of grain in North Central Illinois. :itmejphi:

(SauceOfLegend) #334

In the good old college town of Moscow, Idaho.

(Drivensociopath) #335

Hi I am also from England, the southwest to be more exact :slight_smile:

(Arvor) #336

Gelsenkirchen, NRW, Germany

(Zephyrane) #337

Northern New Jersey here!

(Freddaphile) #338

Northern Norway here, Bodø. Looked at the map a day or two ago, I think I might be the northern-most member?

(Twitch: no742617000027) #339

Seems like you are! I have still hope that someone will post and say they're from Spitsbergen :smiley:

(Twitch: xXIceDeadXx) #340

Germany, Cloppenburg 30k town in the north west