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Twitch VODs not displaying in post(s) (FIXED?)

I have this issue myself and I’ve seen another user mentioning it. When writing the post it displays as it should in the preview section but not in the main post.

Edit: It’s a browser issue with blocking “insecure content”. I’ll leave this post in place for others wondering about the same thing.


Yeah i’m pretty sure the site is configured that any embedded content should be from secure sources. Can you post a example of the issue so I can have a look at it please?

EDIT: I see it now… I’ll have a look into it in a bit :slight_smile:

Just a followup message. Yeah, I know whats causing it. I’ll have to do some “tweaking” to the code that does the embeds in a bit and do a local test before pushing the change here. :smiley:

I got to leave the house in about an hour (Blahh, outdoors…) so instead of “rushing” the change though I’ll have a look at it when I get back :slight_smile:


Example, this thread is “trying to load an unsafe script”. Probably due to how one of the multimedia expansions is handled.

Thread: Morgan Webb the next CoS guest! (March 7th)

@Utherix merged your thread to an already open thread about the issue

Working on a fix. I have it 90%~ done. Just got to rework my regex to capture the timestamp isn’t being caught by ruby. So I’m going to have a nap and attack it again when I wake up :smiley: but on my local build direct embeds are working :slight_smile: (just not the time stamp yet)

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Should be fixed now. Not 100% happy with it just yet, so I will be doing some more work on it at some point so lets call it a v1 but embeds should be working now.

rebaking existing posts so they should also get updated.

let me know of any issues with any existing or new posts and I’ll look into them :smiley:


:ballot_box_with_check: The player shows now
:ballot_box_with_check: Can fiddle with controls
:x: Video doesn’t play

[Using Chrome and ABP (don’t worry, it’s disabled on twitch)]

Plays for me here. What browser you using?

EDIT: Note. I disabled auto play. You will need to start the playback. I thought it would be annoying if you had a thread with lets say 3 videos all auto playing :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah, I did fiddle with all controls… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can just click the “watch on twitch” button and do it there… but that’s not the point, right? :wink:

WAIT! It’s not loading on twitch either… there’s something else going on!..

Live seems to work, but VODs don’t.
Correction: PAX VODs don’t work… JPs run fine…

I’ll report back tonight or so :dizzy_face:

Tested it in Chrome and FireFox (both with ublock origin) while creating it. So yeah I dunno.

If the vod isn’t playing on twitch either their might be a CDN issue in your region.

now it’s working and I did nothing… wtf twitch (or my ISP)

Not changed anything here either so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Least it’s working now. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about clips? They working for you?

Tested it with Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge and Firefox on Win10, all except Vivaldi worked. Vivaldi only displays and starts to cache, but is unable to start playback.

works for me with the timestamp too :itmejphappy:
Thanks @Crosseye_Jack :itmejpheart:

Vivaldi is working for me here. I’ll have a closer look later though and see if I can see any issues.

everything seems to work… there was some internet hiccup with my ISP or twitch, I guess…

now I just wish we could create clips (as a sub) from sub-walled VODs… but that’s definitely on twitch’s end :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheDesec switched it off and back on again :ballot_box_with_check:


wait, can we link sub-walled VODs in here and subs can watch? we’re logged in with twitch, aren’t we?