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Morgan Webb the next CoS guest! (March 7th)


(Kar_Lorian) #1

Twitch VODs not displaying in post(s) (FIXED?)
(AbyssionKnight) #2

Yeah this is definitely great! Listed as only 3 episodes, though I'm curious if it'll actually last only three, or if they'll get horribly side tracked like they did with Sean. I definitely wouldn't complain if that ended up happening.

(Typoko) #3

While i'm interested to see who Morgan is and how things will play out, i was kinda hoping for the party going with 3 members for a few sessions. Weirdness of The Bird has only just been brought up and i would liked to have it be explored a bit more before there are more new elements added to the mix.

Let's just hope there will be no deaths as fast as Sean got his first character killed. ^^

(moenoel_) #4

Inb4 they spend four episodes stalking and/or interrogating the old blind dude on suspicion of being a vampire lord or some shit :adamwizard:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #5

She's not on until March 7th so you'll get plenty of Birdman. Brrrrrr.

EDIT: I updated the title of the topic after this post.

(Twitch: SovietSix) #6

Hard to believe that 3 years ago I just stumbled accross a stream some SC2 nerds rolling weird dice, and now we getting some big-time household nerdom names as guests. I love RollPlay!

(That Guy™) #7

inb4 Chris Hardwick and Vin Diesel join Court of Swords.

(boeiee) #9

Glad im not the only one XD

(ZomgZoiinks) #10

She used to host X-play on G4

(Kar_Lorian) #11

Thanks for catching that Daniel.

(Kar_Lorian) #12

(Twitch: eyearcana) #13

I'm sorry but I need to revoke your geek and man card now. :slight_smile:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #15

I'm just kidding around.

(Typoko) #16

Thank you for clarifying that!

(TheDesec) #17

You can see her on the Acquisitions Inc. panel on PAX South 2017... maybe someone can put this in the first post?

Edit: Does the twitch player load for anyone else? This is at least the second time it draws black for me... here's the link to the VOD, if you're on #TeamBrokenPlayer! It does display in the preview...

(crowly_) #18

It's a the browser blocking "insecure content".

(TheDesec) #19

It's not blocked on twitter... shouldn't this be the same player? Sorry this is as off-topic as it can get...

AND it rolled an AD... have used twitch turbo for 2 years and prime for a while now. All other sites can gtfo, so ADs should not happen :itmejps:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #20

its a site problem not a twitch problem. Jack is looking into it

PS. try to keep the discussion in the thread I just linked so that this post does not go off topic :slight_smile:

(Twitch: SovietSix) #21

She was on Aquisitions Incorperated Pax East 2014

And the most recent one linked above by @TheDesec

And (in the states) she was big on TV in the 2000's

(Twitch: SovietSix) #24

Is the only D&D campaign-based media that you watch RollPlay?