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Morgan Webb the next CoS guest! (March 7th)


(That Guy™) #7

inb4 Chris Hardwick and Vin Diesel join Court of Swords.

(boeiee) #9

Glad im not the only one XD

(ZomgZoiinks) #10

She used to host X-play on G4

(Kar_Lorian) #11

Thanks for catching that Daniel.

(Kar_Lorian) #12

(Twitch: eyearcana) #13

I'm sorry but I need to revoke your geek and man card now. :slight_smile:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #15

I'm just kidding around.

(Typoko) #16

Thank you for clarifying that!

(TheDesec) #17

You can see her on the Acquisitions Inc. panel on PAX South 2017... maybe someone can put this in the first post?

Edit: Does the twitch player load for anyone else? This is at least the second time it draws black for me... here's the link to the VOD, if you're on #TeamBrokenPlayer! It does display in the preview...

(crowly_) #18

It's a the browser blocking "insecure content".

(TheDesec) #19

It's not blocked on twitter... shouldn't this be the same player? Sorry this is as off-topic as it can get...

AND it rolled an AD... have used twitch turbo for 2 years and prime for a while now. All other sites can gtfo, so ADs should not happen :itmejps:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #20

its a site problem not a twitch problem. Jack is looking into it

PS. try to keep the discussion in the thread I just linked so that this post does not go off topic :slight_smile:

(Twitch: SovietSix) #21

She was on Aquisitions Incorperated Pax East 2014

And the most recent one linked above by @TheDesec

And (in the states) she was big on TV in the 2000's

(Twitch: SovietSix) #24

Is the only D&D campaign-based media that you watch RollPlay?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #27

Keep it civil here @boostgeek & @Jabba_the_space_gangster

(Twitch: SovietSix) #29

No worried, not giving you any shade for not knowing what Acquisitions.Inc. is or who Morgan Webb is. Its worth checking out a couple of the Acquisitions Incorporated games on YouTube when you get the time, its what inspired JP to stream playing DnD with the original cast

(Karamor) #30

Acq. Inc. is the now ten year long game of the Penny Arcade guys, Jerry Holkins (this name you might know from Dogs in the vineyard RollPlay) and Mike Krahulik, with their friend Scott Kurtz and various others over the years. Recently that fourth has been Patrick Rothfuss and he's hilarious.

Mainly it is played at PAX, but there's been podcasts, a youtube series and an Amazon holiday special.

DM is Chris Perkins, not exactly an unimportant name for D&D.

All you need to know about Morgan Webb has been mentioned, she's known in nerd cycles that watched the programms she was running/part of. Outside of the USA and that particular audience she's basically generating a "who?"

(VyRe40) #31

Yeah, as others have said, Acquisitions, Inc. is JP's original influence for starting Rollplay. He saw it years ago and it sparked his interest in D&D (since his first experience with his brother never hooked him), him and Geoff decided to put on a show of it, then they put out the call for a DM and the rest is history. He mentions it in the 4 Years Later panel they did at Pax South recently, iirc.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #32

Reminder this is today. Let's all try and support this by giving him high viewership so he can get guests like this in the future. Leave the stream on in the background muted if you can't actively watch. Less than two more hours to go!

(psgRENO) #33

Please make her a regular!!!