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[Suggestion] WIKI section?!

After seeing this post: The Crew - General Information, I feel the need for a WIKI section.

I would also love to see WIKIs for older shows in here. Or at least some place on the site where links to Swon Sang, The West Marches, Mirrorshades, Dark Heresy and Solum are collected and properly displayed.

I know it would be a lot of work to migrate those to somewhere “here”, so it might not happen, but I think it would be totally worth it, even if it’s only for the unified, coherent design!


So the main concern here is that we don’t own the wikia pages. It’s written by fans and it wouldn’t be right to copy and paste their hard work here without their permission.

Wiki topics at the moment can only be made by Trust Level 4, mods and admins. They can also convert any topic into a wiki post. In the linked topic that’s exactly what happened. There haven’t been enough topics to give a reason to give them their own section, at the moment. We’re open to making topics into wiki posts and will do so when we see them.

If people see something is missing they’re more than allowed, it’s welcomed, to create a topic about it. If it’s deemed wiki or sticky (in that category and can be unpinned locally by each user) it will be made such. We don’t want it to feel as if only mods. admins and gms (trust level 4) can create these things but rather have it open for anyone.

Dude, @TwitchSurgeon, your replies are always super fast… thanks, man! :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

So once there is enough to put in, there will be a section, I take from it?
And if someone felt like it they could write something you guys can throw in a wiki tag… cool!

That said, a stickied collective Wiki thread with links to the wikias for the old shows would be appreciated.

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done! need a little assistance with formatting, though… cant center the content for starters…

pinned and made a wiki

Is there a way to make the image links centered?

maybe with HTML? I will have to look that up
Edit: I did the first one.

Alright this is a lot more relevant now. There’s a lot of wiki posts around now and they’re pretty awesome.
At first I thought it would simply be to create one in RollPlay General but then the RollPlay Courts of Swords appeared and that does fit better in that category. So what would be the best way to solve this? Move them all to one place? Move the RollPlay General to one place and keep the CoS one where it is?

it would be cool to have one new place that grabs everything with a wiki tag, but keep them where they are?!

like multiple parent categories for a new category? the general & archive one has bop & fanart child categories, but the other way around?!

Don’t think leaving traces/breadcrumbs is possible.

Right now I have it set as “RollPlay: Wiki”. Every RollPlay or role playing wiki would be moved there.
This is the current description: Welcome to the Wiki posts. In here you can find a collection of content generated and maintained by community members. From RollPlay show wiki to roleplaying resources to RollPlay playlists and so on.

RIght now no one but staff can see it. When/if it’s opened only staff can move/create topics there. Regular users can however reply in any topic moved there. Unsure if that’s the right way. Might be better to leave it open but be ready to move topics away from there when they’re not wiki worthy instead of the other way around… a bit unsure.

imo it would make sense to be a sub to general & archives, like fanart and bop

at some point, cos and blades will be over, and i suppose those posts will be moved there as well, then…

That’s where it is located.

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moved all the wiki threads to the wiki section The general RollPlay ones as well as the blades and CoS wikis.

Edit: added the search and rescue thread as well. ping me if I missed one.
I kept the viewers guide pinned since its a hub of information.

Oh… ehm I had it locked to only visible to staff haha. No worries I’ve added permission to everyone to read/reply now. Only staff can start create at the moment.

Sorry I did not realize that :blush: :itmejplol:

lunch break… editing viewers guide wiki… +index +back to top links - can’t save, since I have to enter a category for the post, and wiki is not there

@TheDesec check this link it should work from the category menu too now

You misunderstand - I see the section, I’m in the section, I’m editing the post

I can’t select the category in the editor. It tells me to select a category, or else it won’t let me post.

Hmm I wonder if the issue is that we’ve locked it to staff creation…
I’ll open it up Trust Level 2 to create topics and hopefully that will solve it!

@TheDesec I’ve added in a trust_level_2 so they can CREATE as well. Try it out now and see if it works.