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RollPlay Animated - EP1 Portals


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

The amazing first episode of the Rollplay animated shorts brought to you be the generosity of the RollPlay Patrons animated by @Dead_Flip

Premiere date : during the Court of Swords Live show Dec 17th 2016
Source of Animated segment: RollPlay Legacy Week 27 Part 3

You could if you want suggest a moment for the animated series. head here

(Leomorph) #2

Am I the only one that didn't like the animating style at all. Its a lot like the Cox&Crendor animations and I enjoy those, but it doesn't really fit for these shows. Just my personal opinion, if other people are into it that's cool.

(Laura) #3

I don't think the visual style of the animation matters all that much in animated shorts like this.

Also, surf-ass area made me chuckle.

(Alconns) #4

Huge fan and so happy to finally see an animated...but this is it? Damn I'm sad, the drawings don't look like any of them, the animation seems rushed. Frankly it didn't add much to the experience of just watching the vod when the art and movement seems so amateurish (compared to say cooptional).
I know the artist probably worked really hard and it's the first one, but it just didn't click at all for me. Mind you I will watch them and like them on yt because I am a big fan and desire such content. Jut hope our fandom won't be a door to being ok with more mediocre animation.

(ArtNfact) #5

Yes and the characters have so little resemblance it actually pulls me out of the story.. without the voices i would have no clue of who is in the scene (especially Geoff)

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

I like that it looks like the cast cosplaying their characters. fits better with the out of character talk in my mind.

(Alconns) #7

Well thats the thing. I feel like the animator did not know what to choose.
Make the characters look like the ingame persons (as described to us during the show) or like the players cosplaying...
If you want to make them look like cosplaying it means they have to have a resemblance to the real players (and I'm sorry but you could never tell who Geoff was without hearing his voice). If he wanted to make them look like the imagined characters how is the anorexic elf so wide?
The thing is Rollplay has a lot of different players, so you have to imo make the characters resemble the cast so you could immediately tell who is who, and unfortunately thats not the case here. I hope the animator chooses a style and sticks to it, either like you said the cast cosplaying the characters (meaning they have to actualy resemble the cast), or make them look like the ingame characters.
Kinda disappointed even though I know the animation could not please anyone..

(Jjinxy) #8

The visual jokes were A+! Also @Dead_Flip is there a place to check out your work?

(Eggowaffles) #9

You guys are brutal.

I'm not sure what set the expectations people had for this to be so high. This is on par with the status quo. That being Cox&Crendor and Game Grumps, funny audio carrying quick visual gags.

I'm keeping opinion brief. It's fine for what it is but animation is more then hit or miss gags. 3-4 more like it, no thanks its not my type of jam.

A lot of member berries going around (looking at YouTube comments).

(ArtNfact) #10

For that amount of money, you would be amazed at what 1 or 2 students in animation schools could do...

(Nummi_) #11

I thought it was hilarious! Awesome job everyone involved, a legendary moment in rollplay history :smiley:

(Eggowaffles) #12

For that amount of money? excuse me?
The amount of money that JP payed isn't public. And that's between Dead_Flip and JP.

Students under value time and costs, So sure lets rope n dope some kids have them do amazing work for little to non.

(ArtNfact) #13

Stop the outrage man XD the amount isn't public and is between the two of them. But as it is money fans gave and jp on multiple occasions said that animation was very expensive, i think that it is more than ok to comment on it.
Second, we are not talking of doing a nike or apple thing and use kids payed 6cents the hour. I know plenty of students that for a few thousands dollars would more than love to get involved and give it their max through passion and future professional recognition. I don't think JP would underpay them unless that's what you think of him seeing your comment XD

(Peluche_) #14

Saw it during the live show, it was great, the visual gags are golden! :itmejplol:
The animation style made it very lighthearted and fun, the expressions on the character faces did it for me.

(Kol_Saresk) #15

I actually think this is pretty much exactly what I was imagining. Maybe something different for more serious moments, but this is pretty much exactly what I was expecting and hoping for.

(Kol_Saresk) #16

The problem is that those students will probably come up with something similar. Reason being is the cost of animation software. High quality software gets ridiculously expensive. And it gets to a certain point of ownership, that you basically end up paying a software company for permission to just rent animation software they own with a patent.

Haven't you ever noticed how animes and cartoons are "this studio did the drawing, but this studio did the animation, while a third studio(usually the studio credited with creating said cartoon/anime) paid for everything"?

The crap ain't cheap. And the only way a student currently in class might(MIGHT) produce something better, if they do it as a project in a class that is currently letting the students use some great hardware.

Virtually any and all good animation artists can draw fantastically. But animating that art is a painstaking process that is usually limited by the size of your wallet, rather than your abundance(or lack thereof) of skill.

(ArtNfact) #17

Yes you are on point and I agree with everything regaeding the animation but I don't know the part about it being a similar result. I strongly beleive the quality of drawing (eg static backgrounds, colors, basic freeze faces etc) would be up but there is and I agree no sure thing about the result.. ( I can tell you the animation schools in Belgium would have jumped on such a project) my point at the beginning because I feel it's becoming too extrapolated was just about the style of drawing that felt a bit rushed and not looking enough alike. But if the majority of people like, there is nothing else to be said. I am a painter (my job), and personnally i wasn't convinced, but if people enjoy it, good for them :slight_smile: I ve got no ill will against anyone, especially the artist, ust a bit below what I wanted for such amazing moments of rollplay.

(banned) #18

I loved the short, I remember that moment from my watching of it recently (well weeks ago now but still) and it's constantly referenced by the community too which is nice.

I only don't like Gen's character design, but that's just me. She looks sort of doofy, but so does everyone else so maybe it's just because she's a female?

I don't know, it's a very minor nitpick, and it's not like it wasn't signed off by JP so no one else likely had issue with it.

Hope to see many more.

Any chance for a hint at the next one @Dead_Flip?

(crowly_) #19

This was a bit hit and miss for me. The animation style does the job, the visual gags worked for the most part. The things that didn't work compared to the vods, is some important things / context is missing that makes this one of the really memorable scenes in Rollplay:
* That they where using portals to attempt to land on the dragons back to get it's attention was not made clear, and that this attempt failed is missing. It seems like he just steps through on portal to fall out the other side to his death. And why Abigaël tries to catch him is also lost.
* The "I take off both my gloves" phrase is missing, making it less good. But this also requires quite a bit of context and time to establish why it is funny, so its understandable why it is taken out. The same goes for the ring of wishes.

To get the full value of this episode you have to have watched the source material, it doesn't quite manage to stand on it's own. My benchmark is that an animated episode like this has to stand on it's own and add to the original. This was an ok first attempt, that fell a bit short. But it was not an easy task given the chosen scene.

(Eggowaffles) #20

When you say things like

Your saying that someone else could do a better job for the same or less but You don't know what the amount is in the first place.

For example JP could of gotten 5,000 and only spent 100 of it or 5,000 and spent 5,000

I was just saying animation student work for cheap, often under value their own skill and time. I'm an animator. New animator are notoriously underplayed. People don't hire student to pay them fairly.

All the things your looking for color shading, panning full color backgrounds and expressive faces adds up to time and money. As for schools jumping on this project I don't see why they would. Any animation school I've visited in Canada (Industry nights scouting ) they just want one thing for students, studio connection for continuous employment. What looks better for a school 20% of students graduate and work at major studio or 2 of our student worked on rollplay once.

How do I feel about JP seeing my comment? really? Well If JP found some suckers to do a great for cheap I'd comment on how he got the better end of that deal . I don't care if he under or over pays his animators. The pay is up to him to negotiate with whom ever he freelances. Animation is expensive 1 minute can range between 500 (free lance ) 13,750 ( studio )

Fact is we don't know the pay, we know unlock tier number. So you feel like the money wasn't spent right or could of been handheld better, or your underwhelmed at the result.

welcome to patreon long history of animation projects.