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RollPlay Animated - EP1 Portals


(Jjinxy) #21

Gyus can we please stay on the topic and not speculate on things you don't even know about? It is quite disrespectful to the artist to start analyzing what could others do. If you want to discuss state of the animation industry we can have a new topic about that.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #22

what @Jjinxy said.

also should you choose to make that other topic remember to keep the conversation civil . Thanks

(ArtNfact) #23

I agree with you, like I already said somewhere I am an artist myself often confronted with economic difficulties from the person asking for a project. When I commented on the economic part it wasn't to say that I disagree with the spending which indeed is up to Jp and the artist. Just wasn't happy with the way faces were drawn and colors chosen and I have seen better from the schools I have been. Just thought it a bit rushed (character design stage, likeness, color choices, i don't expect a fully rendered background). Don't know in Canada, in Belgium most schools are public funded and would love a bit of media attention online. All in all if people are happy with it, then great. Actually I do beleive wondering if other artists could do a different job is a valid discussion topic. I do feel the style if it all comes to this wasn't the most appropriate. Just a subjective opinion here. I think it's enough talk from me. I respect your opinion and again if people are happy with it then take what i said for just one guy not liking that much. Have a good one :slight_smile:

(destraudo) #24

artist did a great job converting the script into visual comedy. not just the comedy that was originally present but creating even more in the form of visual word gags like cheetahs peed etc. I would 100 percent go with them for future comedy shorts based on ep1.

(boeiee) #25

Yeah thats what i really liked about this short, Wasnt made to be super serious. It also translated some of the sentences they said into comedy animation very well. Loved that i could basicly recognize every person and it was fun that even the little things such as JP coughing got put into it.

(destraudo) #26

hahahaha yeah i love that he animated the coughs hahaha.

(Samstein_) #27

The animation came out great! it made me laugh, it warmed me to understand how fun the originals could be.

I think that some people might have unreasonable expectations (as I did before the preview), this isn´t anime, such production costs alot more time and money, I´ve seen a little of the VODs from Deadflip on twitch (not too much to avoid spoiling the whole thing) while he was working on the animation and I was impressed on how he worked out solutions visually to the funny dialogue.

I look forward to seeing more of the same stuff!

(Vicodjinn) #28

Speaking as someone who watched the animation before seeing the source material I feel the animation was pretty good but was lacking important elements that made the scene both funny and amazing to watch.

The animation was of expected quality, but I feel the cuts were a bit short (maybe for the sake of cost) meaning the visual gags were often too fast for a viewer that was watching and learning and experiencing the content for the first time. After watching the source material and understanding the full concept the animation's visual jokes were much more obvious.

I believe the shorts should be a gateway for the entire show and should be able to stand on their own without relying on the viewer fully understanding what is going on. I respect that this can be difficult, especially with the drama and hilarity often coming from certail rolls, which are difficult to convey in an animation, but i think this short could have benefited from slightly less editing.

(Moose2033) #29

Just a heads up the source is wrong, its week 27 end of part 3 and start of part 4

(Might be Captain Marvel) #30

thanks updated the first post. The video timestamp is slightly before JP says "ok real talk" now

(Moose2033) #31

still says week 24 on your link

(Might be Captain Marvel) #32

:itmejpfml: thanks .

(Twitch: eyearcana) #33

I agree with others I don't like the way the characters were drawn. I would honestly have preferred either they looked like their characters or actually like the players. Otherwise it was pretty cool.

(gladpingvin42) #34

I think it was a great first episode! As others have said above, I think an improvement for the next one would be drawing either the player or the characters. As it is it was kind of hard to recognize which character was which in the beginning, but that's a very minor complaint. I'm exited for the next one!