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(Twitch: SovietSix) #82

SoVIeT here, Followed JP's channel when SotG was first broadcast on there, never really used twitch for anything other than that, so when SotG fell off, I fell off twitch.

Fast forward a bit and I decide to log in to my twitch account for the first time in ages, and the first thing I see is a thumbnail of JP and Incontrol doing something called "RollPlay Solum".

I was intrigued mostly because it was Geof+JP, and reminded me of good ole SotG days, but it happened to be the episode where you first meet Zanzil, and that fort gets burned. Been a huge fan ever since of RollPlay, JP's gaming content, and just twitch as a whole.

Huge D&D and TTRPG nerd now thanks to JP and the crew!

Loving the new community site so far, this shit is dope :itmejp10:

(ninja85a) #83

Ninja85a here been following jp's for a bit prob since dan started doing DnD with him. generally computer nerd im all about that stuff :stuck_out_tongue: so if you need a hand come PM me and ill try my best to help if i cant ill hand you to people who know how to :sweat_smile:

(Venz3tti) #84

Waddup! Your support was always awesome! :itmejpheart:

(Wolferey) #85

Hi everyone! :itmejphi:

I'm Wolferey and I've been an oldschool lurker (and occasional streamer) since JustinTV. I occasionally watched SotG but started viewing more right after JP left MLG and specially around the time he started streaming Demon Souls. Subbed after Rollplay began and it's been 3 years now this month (october) :itmejpsword:

(The_Fall_Guy_) #86

Hi there :itmejphappy:

Couple of years ago i checked out this weird show called Dark Heresy. Addicted to Roll Play since then. Dont remember how often i watched the original series, must be 3 times at least. Long story short, :itmejpheart: :itmejpnation: :itmejpheart:

(five_monkeys) #87

Hi, I go by the moniker 5monkeys or five_monkeys (depending on what the system I'm using lets me pick)

I've been playing PC games since the early nineties (1991???), and been playing tabletop roleplaying games since 1993. I've played or at least dabbled in a lot of game since then.

I've been listening to people from the internet play roleplaying games since 2006 when recorded games very first started being a thing. This was a way to vicariously learn about systems (and occasionally modules) I'd never had the opportunity to play. It's also a form of narrative you can listen to with half a brain on something else.

I found my way onto JP's channel at around the start of Mirrorshades. I think it was the existence of Dark Heresy that drew me originally. I had had the (totally ripped off) idea of one day of running a game of Dark Heresy using the old Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign for Call of Cthulhu and was interested in examples of how Dark Heresy played. (Also I like experiencing entertaining groups play). I eventually fell in love with Mirrorshades and Swansong.

I hadn't watched Twitch before itmeJP. I live in New Zealand, so I'm at work when most US timezone broadcasters are live. The streams I do catch tend to be Fridays and late night streams. I usually watch or listen to the RP VODs. (Dropped Frames I just watch on Youtube).

(Vesimias) #88

Hello, Vesimias (or Johamas on and some other places) here!

I've been a fan of JPs work ever since State of the Game. I love Starcraft 2 esports but I decided to keep following JP even after he stopped doing SotG.

One day I saw the first episode of Rollplay in my sub box and thought it was boring and ignored it. But one day I was bored and I decided to watch the first episode. Move forward a couple years and I was still watching nearly all of the shows.

There was a distinct moment when I realized I love Rollplay. It was two years ago when I was doing my military service. I was having kinda hard time, being sick a lot (they don't like it when you're sick in there at ALL) and feeling a bit down like most people occasionally do in there. During this time there were two things I was looking forward to watching during my free time. Dodger's let's play of Hatoful Boyfriend (her best series ever, watch it it's worth it) and Rollplay Solum and West Marches. I sadly didn't have the time to follow Swan Song at the time. :frowning: Those shows cheered me up on bad days and solidified my love for Rollplay

Nowadays I lurk in JPs chat and watch all the shows I can (the Finnish time zone is kinda bad for watching live when you have uni the next day). Just wanted to share my lame little story. I really love what this community has been doing and I can't wait to be more active in it! :slight_smile:

(DLOAG) #89

Greetings! I am DLOAG (pronounced D - Loag, if it makes a difference) stands for Daily Life Of A Gamer. I've been around the community since Solum started up, at the time I watched off YouTube, along with R&D catching up on all the shows. Then wondered what this Twitch malarkey was, and ended up being a regular on JPs Twitch ever since, mostly a lurker, generally in shows, when a normal stream is on I pop up now and again, JP was also my first and only sub on Twitch. Even tried my hand at streaming, didn't go so well, but I tried.

On a side note, watching RollPlay with Neil, Steven then Adam it got me into D&D and I became a GM/DM myself, now 2 years experienced. I bought the 5th edition when it was published because I understood it more than 4th, and now I understand it a hell of a lot thanks to Steven and Adam, and a lot more systems, for example: Stars Without Number, D&D 3.5 and Star Wars.

I owe now thousands of hours of fun with friends and strangers who have become friends to JP, RollPlay and this community, so thank you for that!

Thats me, it's wonderful to meet everyone on here! :slight_smile:

(Zekkster) #90

Hello peeps,

I'm Zekkster or Zekk if you want. JP pulled me in as a fan shortly after the launch of Wings of Liberty with State of the Game. SotG was so damn fun to listen to and later watch. :itmejpheart: Since then I have never stopped watching JP.

Then came Rollplay. I love Rollplay and where JP (and now Adam) has taken it. Who know watching nerds try to act and roll dice could be this much fun? While I don't play myself, I do enjoy watching and listening to others play tabletop games. All because of JP.

But about me, I'm just trying to make my way through this crazy world like everyone else. Just a nerd doing nerd things. I'm pretty boring to be honest.

I'm still here after six years and hope there will be many more to come! :itmejpsword:

(KickerOfAnimals) #91

Hey! I am known as KickerOfAnimals. (It's a Tenacious D - Explosivo reference. I like animals, especially cats. Not kicking them!)

I have followed RollPlay since Dark Heresy when TotalBuiscuit linked the show on his channel.

I'm 30, from sweden, and love boardgames and videogames. And I find roleplaying games fascinating, though I have not played since I was 12

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #92

Hey fellas,

Im Jeroen, or TheJeroenBrouwer on Twitch, or Jere85 on reddit.
Im from the Netherlands, with the typical dutch guy name, by all means, Jere or Jerry is fine.

Been watching rollplay for quite a while, not an OG but ive been watching for a bunch of years.
31 y/o, married and father of the most beautiful baby daughter in existence. Yes all dad's say that, but all your babies are ugly, what can i say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Big fan of Star Wars, Firefly, Boardgames, Star Trek, videogames ofc, and all of those other nerdy things we all love, i daresay im with kindred spirits around here.
So yeah, if there's anything else you wanna know, ask. I welcome a good talk.


(seeyore) #93

I am seeyore on twitch. I have been watching rollplay since I think episode seven of original Rollplay.

Rollplay was one of the first things I ever consistently watched on twitch and I am glad it is still growing and improving. I used to be personifiedpain back in the day, but wanted to switch to a less tryhard sounding name recently. I usually lurk cause I'm working on projects or something while watching, but occasionally I chime in.

I'm currently in my last year of school(getting my MFA in animation)

nice to meet you all

(AjaXsms) #94

Hello I am AjaXsms and I'm a Roll-Playhollic. I was an innocent young man when my troubles started. A friend of mine suggested I watch this Roll Playing show on Twitch. He said it takes all the troubles away when you watch it and transports you to this whole other world. I loved the way he described it. I couldn't wait to come home and start watching, I had to look it up on YouTube since i missed a couple of shows but it was no trouble. First few shows were awesome i fell in love withe the characters (Vincent Longborn, Bregor, Abigael and especially Tudagub) and the world Neal was creating, but the content on YouTube was was soon running dry, I needed MORE. I searched for the live stream only to find that the show started really late, for me anyway. Very soon i found my self watching every stream to the early hours of the day, back then i was still at school, my grades started dropping i was always late for class. My parents started noticing the odd behavior, and being the good parents they are they started asking me whats wrong, and can they help me, but i couldn't let them know my secret, it would have crushed them to know I was addicted. This continued for a long time i taught i couldn't sink any lower and I've hit rock bottom. But then school was over, time to find a job. When i got my first job i summoned all my will power to stop watching it live and instead watch the VOD's on YouTube, and it worked!!! The sun has set when i went to sleep instead of rising the birds were chirping when i woke up it was wonderful... for a while. I really taught that I have indeed hit rock bottom just some months ago, boy was i wrong. Swan Song has started...

Nice to meet you all.

P.S. I also like bacon.

(brandonwarking) #95

Hi, I'm brandon
Brandonwarking on twitch
I started watching rollplay with r&d numenera and have stuck around since. Rollplay was my first real intro to ttrpgs and started playing because of it
Glad to meet you all

(Skeptikkos) #96

I'm Skeptikkos on Twitch (Shane IRL). I've been a fairly silent member of the community for about 3 years (right around the original Rollplay times). I'm addicted to all the RollPlay shows, past and present. And, I'm excited to jump into the community in a more overt way with the new site.

(ChrisMRobinson) #97

HI I'm ChrisMRobinson I've been around since Solum. I was a mod before the great mod purge. I've followed JP into many battles including the great battle for Halcyon where many allies died to a stray friendly rocket (F to pay respect). Been a long time fan of JP & the community he has build for several years now although I don't have the spare time to help out as much as I used to I still try to do what I can. See yall around. :itmejpheart:

(Bianca_X23) #98

Hey everyone I'm Bianca(Bianca_X23 on social media). I'm a artist/gamer/and just an all around nerd.
I got introduced to JP through Strippin. Didn't start watching RollPlay till after Pax South. I ended up going to the panel cause I knew some of the people on it. Aaaand yeah I loved the panel enough to start watching RollPlay and here we are now lol.
I tend to lurk a lot. But occasionally you'll see my name in the chat. Some more than others.

(elSilvan) #99

Hi, A friendly Lurker here. Been watching since early State of the Game. Always excited to see what JP comes up with and am yet to be disappointing.

(Smigulvits) #100

Hello, I'm another one of your resident lurkers. I go by Smigulvits, VonSmigulvits, and my friends call me Smigultits for laughs. I've always loved and wanted to play a tabletop role playing game, but have unfortunately never had the pleasure. I've been wanting to sub since I found JP's stream maybe half a year ago. Finally got a job and a steady income to waste on his beautiful face :itmejphappy: I love this community and hope it stays aids free :itmejpheart:

(Zonalar) #101

Heya guys and gals! My Name is Zonalar and I've been watching itmejp since State of the Game. His original Rollplay Series with Koibu kept me hooked to the channel and into D&D. So much do that I am now playing Pathfinder and D&D, bought all the 5e Books and ran several one-shots and a campaign myself :slight_smile:
My interest dropped with rollplay's star wars series and Ive been distracted by other channels. But with the opening of this community site, I wanted to come by and check around how it is here!