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(AdamKoebel) #62

my boy from the GNN whaddap

(zulufactor) #63

Hi I'm Zulufactor on damn near everything. I got here through Day[9] playing Dungeon world. I love this community and want to get more involved.

(Aureylian) #64

Hi y'all! :itmejpheart: I'm Erin (Aureylian), though you may know me from my more popular roles as Jawa #2 in RollPlay: Balance of Power LIVE!, Peri from West Marches, or Hemlock from the MASKS: One Shot. I also helped build those nifty shelves that sit behind JP. (Small side note: I'm the Community Manager for Twitch, though I started as a content creator five years ago doing VOD and live content and still do that part-time.)

(Flyspeck42) #65

Hey all, I'm Flyspeck42/just Flyspeck. Found JP through the Twitch main page at the start of Mirrorshades - thought it was interesting that someone was roleplaying on Twitch and recognized Dodger from Youtube so decided to check it out, subbed not long after (21 months as of today). Haven't really been keeping up with Rollplay as of late but still watch JP's regular content a lot and try to catch DF as much as possible, super psyched for Blades too.

(Possibly Batman) #66

EWOK #2?? C'mon Aurey, you were a Jawa :itmejphappy:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #67

Star trek fans :itmejpfml: Kappa

(Malicite) #68

Maybe she was an undercover ewok working for the rebels the entire time.

(Aureylian) #69

I have no idea what you're talking about Kappa

(Aureylian) #70

I mean I can't help I like a superior franchise :itmejpgasm:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #71

(I like star trek btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

(AcidSkass) #72

Hey, im AcidSkass or just Acid (lots of fun times with that name).
Been watching JP and Rollplay for years now, kinda hard to remember what pulled me into the stream but at this point who cares, best damn choice ive made.
Cant wait to see where Itmejp and this community will go in the future and happy to be part of it.

(notNOTjack) #73

Helloooo. (did you read it with JP’s voice, his typical long hello to begin the stream?)

notNOTjack here, but you might just call me jack if you’d like, any time you guys mention a jack of any kind my chat lights up in red so I won’t miss it. If you recognise me it’s probably because I’m not one of JP’s favourite people and you were there on the stream when he ripped me a new one. I mostly lurk on the Rollplay shows and Dropped Frames, here and there I jump into one of JP’s other streams but I criticised some of JP’s decisions (possibly too vehemently) and that lead to that unfortunate moment.

Anyway, I’m a JP sub for almost 2 years now and I’ve watched his Twitch streams for a little longer than that, I watched his VODs on Youtube even before that. Found him through a series of jumps while doing some search on rpg and game mechanics. Found Acquisitions Inc., watched it all; learned Wil Wheaton had a show on Geek&Sundry about table top games, watched it all; loved Sean DAY[9] Plott as a guest there so went and started watching his Youtube; and finally he mentioned JP’s Rollplay show and his participation on it, and now I’m here :slight_smile:

(Chrisploitation) #74

'Sup everyone

I'm Chrisploitation, and I started dabbling in lurking around the time of SOG, got hooked around Dark Heresy and not before long I got into the really heavy stuff like Mirrorshades, Swan Song and R&D Apocalypse world. Can't claim I've been a very active participant in the chat/community because of the hassle with time zones and a pretty time consuming job, but I thought the new community might be a good way to give things a go.

(sirkkus) #75

Hey guys, I'm Sirkkus. I'm mostly a lurker, but a dedicated fan. Discovered itemJP with Dark Heresy through TB. Rollplay helped rekindle my interest in tRPGs and GMing, and now I run two campaigns a week while I'm finishing grad school :sweat_smile:

(Insomnia131) #76

Hey :itmejpnation: , I am Insomnia(131) and I am an addict.
I have been part of this amazing family since one of the first episodes of The Original. Since then I watched every single episode of every show and some of them twice.
Before discovering JP's channel I didn't know what D&D is but since then I just can't stop watching the shows. Odd part is that I never joined a group myself.

One experience I want to share with you guys is that 2 years ago I was working in another country (illegally, no work visa and so on) and as we all know or should know those jobs are never what they were promised in the first place but financial situation was so bad that I did not have any other choice.
During those 9 months my work day would be on average 17 hours per day with no weekends or free days or even sick days. My diet was frozen food prepared in microwave and I was sleeping on thin mattress placed on the office floor so my mental health dropped like crazy.
Only positive in my life was watching RollPlay at night when the work was done and I finally had some peace and quite. Shows made me laugh and lose myself in imaginary world created by DMs and enhanced by all players involved. Things that give you that feeling in a shitty situations are special and they keep you from going insane so one night I promised that as soon as I am back home and my family situation on financial side was fixed I would sub to JP and support his work in any way I can.
Now almost 2 years after I am sitting in my room, watching every episode of every show and I am proud sub for 19 months.
I have a decent job with a decent income so financial situation is great and after operation I had this year my health both physical and mental is good.

I just want to say Thank You to all DMs, players, mods, music composers, fan art creators and everyone involved in this community and most of all to JP for thousands of hours of entertainment. :itmejpheart:

TLDR: RollPlay helped me in a shitty situation.

(Twitch: Sylo_Serenity) #77

Hello everybody, i'm SomethingSylo but Sylo is fine.

I've been lurking around since Dark Heresy through TB. I loved Swan Song more then anything else and hope it will come back at some point, right now i'm really enjoying Court of Swords. I also watch some game streams now and then.

I used to go by Artheax, which you wont recognize since i'm a lurker. But i was the one who made that little animation for Dropped Frames 2015 GotY to cover over the Nintendo footage to stop copyright claims.

Right now i'm working on a Swan Song animation that i hope to finish soon, when i do i'll be happy to post it on the forums. :slight_smile:

(Thrashdeth) #78

What's up, I'm Thrashdeth, you can call me whatever you'd like.

I've been aware of JP since his casting days, but I've got this terrible habbit (especially back then in the 2012 days lol) of not pressing the follow button on a channel, even if I liked the streamer. So it wasn't until the H1Z1 promotional day where I forced myself to press the follow button.

I'm mostly a lurker in the chat, though if I'm in the chat before a show or cast, I'm happy to chat, before the masses come out, then I'm happy to just watch the gameplay and lurk for the most part.

(That Guy™) #79

Hey, I'm ReginaldXIV!

I've been lurking around the community since State of the Game, and have been your faithful moderator for going on 2 years now. I enjoy cooking and long walks on the beach under moonlight. Also sunsets and artisanal charcuterie and cheese platters :itmejpcheese:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #80

Then this place should be perfect :itmejpbro:
This is like a chill chat where you can talk about anything :itmejp10:

(GethApologist) #81

GethApologist here. Heard about JP from Day[9]. Been lurking since sometime in Swan Song. Hoping to continue lurking for a long time.