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Introduce yourself!

(ToJ0) #1

Thought the site might need an Introduction thread! So here it is. I love the design of the website so far as well, looks super sleek, but on to the real stuff.

Hello! Im Tojo or ToJ0 as you'll find on twitch, been a part of the community since State of the Game, but i've only been actively participating since the beginning of Solum, i hope that the site continues to improve along with the quality of shows and JP's general streams.

(mwthecool) #2

Hey everyone, I'm mwthecool but I like to be called MW! I've just recently become a sub on Twitch, but I've been watching the stream for a while now. So far I love the community, and all the people in it, and I can't wait to see where the forum goes!

(Garklord) #3

Hey everybody, I'm Garklord. I'm in the same boat as @mwthecool, been watching for a very long time and can finally sub now thanks to twitch prime. Recently on the channel, everything has been constantly improving and becoming even more awesome and larger than before!

(HellsCreso) #4

I enjoy pina coladas and getting caught in the rain

(Possibly Batman) #5

Hello my name is Tahkai and I am a twitch-o-holic :itmejphappy: Been around since just before Rollplay. I've been a mod for JP since the great purge of 15 (and a year before that). If you ever need anything on the forum or on twitch feel free to shoot me a message, whisper, or hit me up on discord :itmejpheart:

(Withastick) #6

Hello everyone, names WITHASTICK mostly everyone calls me Stick for short. I been watching JP and his streams for over a year so I am fairly new. Thanks to Twitch Prime I'm now a sub to JP. Really enjoying the Rollplay stuff, big Swan Song fan, I went back and watched all of them, really miss it. Currently loving the Court of Swords, poor Gassy. Loving the new site and loving this Community so far. :itmejpheart:

(Jungle_People) #7

You know what; I used to think I'd hate Pina Coladas because it reminded me of Margaritas as a kid - which for some reason always made me sick to my stomach just thinking of.. But you know what, it's a pretty good drink.. However I don't recommend drinking it while it's raining!

Oh and hey everyone!

(TheCarnifex) #8

Hello everyone I'm TheCarnifex, but just call me Carnifex or Carni as I have been called before. I randomly found Jp and the wonderful world of twitch when Jp was on episode 18 of the original Rollplay with Neal. I quickly caught up on the show and have been addicted to his shows and the community surrounding him since.

(Landwaker) #9

Hi all, I started watching when TB posted the first Dark Heresy episode on YouTube in June 2013 (I confess I hadn't really paid attention to Twitch till then). So much great content since then! After years of lurking I finally felt moved to offer a bit of fan fiction a couple weeks ago, which proved to be something of a struggle with reddit's filters and formatting. Like the look of this new forum and look forward to contributing what I can, cheers!

(KidCronos) #10

KidCronos here, Kid is fine. I started watching the stream since Week 2 of the Dark Side campaign. I was checking to see what Jesse was up to (I wasn't actively following him at the time), saw that the stream was just about to start, watched it, and I've been here ever since. I work mall security (graveyard shift) and the streams really help pass the time (sometimes I'm able to watch live, other times I'm too tired). Eventually I subbed so I can have full vods whenever though I try and watch specials like one shots and the live show when their live. 3 months subbed as of now and loving it! :itmejp10:

(AdamKoebel) #11

I'm the god damn spacemaster.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #12

I really like you already. You're my new community best friend. itmejpheart:

I'll just edit this reply to also be my introduction.

My name is Daniel. I've been JPs graphics guy since Real Talk episoe something. Back then I was scrappy boy that wanted to show my skills. Today I freelance and doing work for JP, n3rdfusion and bunch of other Twitch streamers. I do this full-time and I'm stacking dat Twitch money :gem:

(bitbot2000) #13

Hi, i’m Bitbot! I mostly watch the RollPlay stuff and am an avid RPG player, though I can’t for the life of me ever make an OP character because I end up making decisions based on RP and character development instead of choosing optimal character builds... but I wouldn’t have it any other way <3

I am very glad to be able to meet all of you and can’t wait to see how this community grows!

(DealerUmbra) #14

Hi y'all! Name's DealerUmbra (either one works for short) I enjoy puns and roleplaying games of almost all kinds. Been watching JP and the gang since Dark Heresy, really excited for all the games and coolness coming up. I haven't been part of a proper forum in a long time; it's nice to see a return to form.

(QConsolidated) #15

Hey, guys! I'm QConsolidated (QC for short) and I've been a sub for almost 2 years now. Man, time flies! I love watching every stream, whether it's Rollplay, Dropped Frames or just the regular game streams. Glad we finally have a proper forum instead of having to deal with Reddit. I think it will be good for community growth. :itmejpheart:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #16

Hello I'm Noor aka NoorElBahrain. I am an avid fan of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars so my opinions about them are biased. No idea when I first started watching JP. I Think I got introduced to him through the TGS (now co-optional) podcast a long time ago. I got more active/involved in the community about 2 years ago, and I know I was a sub when non-subville got drowned in CitySkylines :itmejphappy:. I am not an tabletop RPG player, However RollPlay replaced a lot of my TV viewing, and old episodes saved me from total boredom while PVEing in MMOs.

If you need anything community related feel free to ping or PM me here on the forums or on Discord. You can whisper me on twitch as well.

(Twitch: Lethologica981) #17

Hi, my name's Leth and I'm addicted to Rollplay. I've been 'sober' for about 12 hours now. I can only hope to overcome this illness. :itmejphappy:

(ScratchNSn1ff) #18

Hi, I'm ScratchnSn1ff fan of Rollplay and Nerd things in general I look forward to shitposting with all of you in the future! :itmejphappy:

(hesperus84) #19

I'm Hesperus on Twitch and most gaming platforms. Professional lurker. I started out as a mix of PC and console gaming but nowadays most of my intense gaming happens on console and my chill games are on PC. (Rather my lackluster RoG laptop doesn't keep up with gaming graphics 2 years into its lifecyle.)

My introduction to JP was via @NoorElBahrain. Hearing that sub notification of JP (the "boo-woop) whenever a stream was on while entering the room drove me crazy for months on end until it even invaded a dream of mine. :itmejprekt:

So I thought, why not give watching a stream a shot. Watched a few overwatch streams. Lurked. Subbed for the emotes. Lurked again. And then the patreon campaign got me HOOKED. I'm so addicted to watching SirScoots explain all the production stuff that goes to producing the Live Live show. Sadly I don't have time to watch any of the Rollplay shows unless they are one shots .. but I did watch a bit of the Live Live one.. Even though I'm not sure what the backstory was.. but that was one hell of a stream. :itmejpheart:

Back to lurking. :itmejp10:

(bigyellowtruck) #20

I have been a lurker since right before solum and since a rollplay and twitch watcher. This is my alt