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(ChefPeace) #102


I'm ChefPeace, a long time lurker and new subscriber of JP's. I am a college student who enjoys gaming of all varieties. After watching a few of the RP shows, I've begun to get into D&D and will be participating in my first campaign soon! The DM will actually be my brother, @Woadwise! I'd like to thank this community and JP and the other cast members of Roleplay for the hours of entertainment that have introduced me to roleplaying games.

Also, love the new community site!

(AzraRillian) #103

Hi guys, AzraRillian here, or just Azra. I've been following JP since back when State of the Game was a thing, with some lurking inbetween. Though I did follow him and Day9 a little back when they were casting StarCraft.
I'm a computer science student in Denmark with an interest in all kinds of things. I'm a once-upon-a-time musician, an avid reader and a gamer.

I still haven't dipped my hand into tabletop rpgs yet, and I really want to, but haven't found a group yet.

(Zorlop) #104

Absolutely love this thread.
My names Zorlop and I've been an active sub (slightly less active the last few months) for 40months but have been watching JP since SOTG. It was Day[9] who first introduced me to JP and its been an amazing ride, met some pretty cool peeps and can see myself sticking around for life :smiley:

(SheenaHaibara) #105

Hello! Name's Sheena, been a lurker for the longest time but recently subbed to the twitch and the Patreon. I think it was the TGS/Co-optional podcast that led me to JP when he first appeared on it. I've been watching a bit of Solum but I mostly watched West Marches and R&D. Though now I'm keeping up with Court of Swords and Blades in the Dark. I dabbled in a bit of Swansong as well.

This new site is awesome. =D Though, it's a bit odd that when I logged in with my twitch that it won't let me edit my real Name. ._.

(SoberCreativity) #106

Hi, I'm SoberCreativity and I've been sober since tuesday when blades last aired.

An avid rollplay watcher who can't get enough since first binge watching legacy, and his sleep schedule was never the same. The End.

(Darkvlagor) #107

Hi I am Darkvlagor and I'm a french web dev student. I discovered :itmejproll::itmejpplay: 4 years ago, and after catching up all the vods in 1 year I regulary watch all the shows.

I used to draw but now my creativity support is roleplaying games and programming ! You can find me hanging out in random Creative Streams, but more likely in @MarkWester channel !
And in friendly EU timezone rpg shows such as Roll20 Present :adamwizard:, koibu0 shows and soon on @Silent0siris Pendragon show :itmejpsword:

(MarkWester) #108

Hello Im Mark, resident fanart fanatic.

im a freelance Illustrator/Game dev, Im currently working on a real actual psysical card game which take up most my time.

(Drakhanas) #109

How's it going, I'm Drakhanas and can be found pretty much anywhere online under that ID. I live in DFW (Texas) and work sort of lowish on the totem pole in the IT field.

I've known about JP's content for quite awhile but only recently decided to sub/patreon his stuff. I've been into tabletop RPGs for years now, mostly with D&D until 4th edition - I've since moved onto other random systems. Currently, Open Legend is my favorite.

(Cʌʟɪɴʌ) #110

Heyaz! New kid in town, here - but I’ve been a fan for years and am so stoked to see that there’s a community here. I noticed that this thread is six feet under, so I hope no one minds me performing a little thread-cromancy to introduce myself to everyone!

I’m an avid roleplayer, pc gamer, writer, performer, and tech geek.
You can find me on Twitter @calinarhiannon

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #111

Have you considered joining the 14 Red Dogs?
*slips you a business card that reads: “Dijkstra, PR manager. 14 Red Dog Charity org.”
You can do alot of good in the sector. If by chance your travels take you to Hong Lu, visit Euphoria in sector 19. Mention my name, and you will be taken care of.

Bows in respect
With great respect i bid you farewell.