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(DragyDevi) #41

:itmejphi: chat!
I'm Dragy Devi. I joined the community as a lurker right as Swan Song started up. I subbed around a year ago and just recently became more active in chat. I hope to see you all at the next stream.

PS: I'm really excited for next Tuesday. It's going to be a lot of awesome content!

(bluekampfer) #42

I've been lurking since SoTG and figured I should stop being so lazy.

(8mmspikes) #43

Hi, I'm 8mm. I've been watching JP since the beginning of SotG. Been a part of the community for over 4 years now. I don't show up on Twitch too often anymore though. Oh and I kinda helped start up r/itmejp and referenced Neal to JP's tweet looking for DMs that led to the start of Rollplay. Fun stuff

See you guys around

(HyperioN1138) #44

Hi everyone, my name is HyperioN, or Hype, or Hayden, I like World of Warcraft and ttrpgs

(AdamKoebel) #45

Was Gorlock taken in the community naming structure already? Phew, that's a shame. I guess "Gorlork" will have to do.

(Twitch: Stands_In_The_Fire) #46

From the day I was born, I took the bull by the horns, gave you plenty to scorn well right on!

Okay, I just can't believe we've apparently gone this far into the thread with no FNM references.

(Kiratze) #47

Hello everyone! I'm Kiratze!

Love lurking in JP's stream. Not a long time fan but I've definitely come to love his content and community over the past few months :slight_smile: . As someone who enjoys a wide range of content, I just enjoy the time JP and his team/guests put in to produce high quality content. It seriously sets a high bar for other streamers!

Was never big on the subreddit but I enjoy the look of this forum and looking forward to hopefully being a little more interactive here :slight_smile:

(Wingman713) #48

Hi, I'm Wingman! I got into Rollplay after seeing Swan Song and quickly got into a bunch of the other Rollplay shows. I love tabletop RPGs, the community, and have started dropping in on streams more often. Hope I can support the cast more often! Love the new site!

(Kilal2) #50

Yo, Kilal/Kilal2 on all things. If you recognize the name then you've probably played with me during JP's time streaming Arma 3 or ArcheAge.(#fuckArcheAge) Long time Sub, Longer time twitch / JTV viewer/ once in awhile streamer. I Lurk in the chat most of the time because I'm watching via Chromecast because fuck watching a 4 hour show while not sitting on the couch and watching it on the TV. Glad to see look/functioning decently. I like reddit, but fuck reddit.

(Anguyen92ab) #51

Greetings all. Well, I guess the first time I've heard about JP was when Jesse Cox stated that he was doing a rollplay episode on JP's stream (this was back around 2014, I think. I forgot what the show was called. Not the one that involved Crendor.). However, the first time I really watched a Rollplay show was during the Maid RPG one-shot back in 2014 and I had a good time watching it. Since then, I just occasionally tune in to JP's channel from time to time and the first thing I always say in the chat is "Greetings nerds," with Crendor's nerd emote.

A couple facts about myself. Studied and just graduated last spring with a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Watch a lot of Twitch streamers (favorites are Strippin, Crendor, Cry, JP, etc.) on the regular. Currently playing only Hearthstone since it is free. Used to play WoW back around Burning Crusade era, would love to get back into it if I was in a better position financially and had the time. Enjoy watching hockey and wrestling and love listening to alternative metal/rock music (favorite bands are Alter Bridge and Rush).

Anywho, I'm glad JP created this forum platform thingamabob and I hope to get to know some of you guys even moreso here in addition to Twitch.

(kiesu) #52

Hi I'm Kiesu.
Social worker, freelance artist, 3D modelling hobbyist and the occasional drawer writer.
Mostly lurker when it comes to any Twitch channels in general. Occasionally draws fanart for rando shows.
Watches JP for priceless commentary and semi-competent gameplay : P

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #53

Please post your fan art in the fan creation category. Always awesome to see the work of other creatives!

(Twitch: Jeavesthebutler) #54

Yo whats up! Names Jeeves and I've been watching Rollplay since my brother introduced me to Swan Song and then Mirrorshades. After watching all 20 weeks of Swan Song at the time I started watching the rest of Rollplay as a whole! I then started watching the shows live as a grade A lurker. I am super excited for what has to come!

(Venz3tti) #55

Heya i'm Venzetti!
Been around since the original Rollplay because I followed Geoff from Starcraft, been hooked ever since! I'm mainly a lurker in the chat but made the GNN stuff for Swan Song once upon a time as LionheartSC2 on reddit. Super stoked to be part of this forum! :itmejphappy:

(kiesu) #56

I will, but most likely only after I've made something new. Would feel odd posting just old stuff. Ty for the interest though!

(ChillEastweed) #57

Sup! I'm chilleastweed and I've been watching JP since Dark Heresy. I mostly just lurk.

(Dalon9) #58

:itmejphi: everyone, I'm Dalon9. After watching a lot of League of Legends esports, I started following djwheat, who was hosting some events back in the day. Then ended up watching Rollplay R&D Apocalypse World and I've been a fan ever since.

(LittleWulfie) #59

Hello dere, LittleWulfie here. I first found my way over to itmeJP's section of twitch via Dark Heresy and for the most part lurked around (my mind no think no good fast for quickchats).

I'm probably also known around the place as Snack Size from JP's stint of FFXIV story, via the Free Company Crowne of Thorne.

I'm likely to get back to lurking, but love what you've done with the place!

(JHummel1125) #60

Sup nerds. I'm Jhummel1125 on twitch and I've been around since early 2013. I lurk more than I chat but sometimes I get a chance to tune in and talk. Been loving the content since Ehbon, and I've been following it here and there since. I've been a GM for 2 "seasons" of Shadowrun games and I got back into tabletop RPGs after seeing it on the channel. I'm pretty glad that this forum is open and I'm excited for the future on here.

(Jungle_People) #61

Friendship <3

Welcome Daniel - call me Monkey for short