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Introduce yourself!

(Kol_Saresk) #21

Name is Kol Saresk(pronounced Suh-resk, in case you're curious), or Kol for short if you want. Found out about Rollplay via the Balance of Power show because it got recommended from Jesse Cox. Slowly catching my way up through the shows.

(Twistedgerm) #22

Hello everyone I'm Twistedgerm, most people call me Twisted though :smiley: I've been watching JP for a long time but just recently made a Twitch account to join the community here. Hopefully I'll be subbing sometime in the future when I get the funds to.

(succube) #23

Hi, I'm Succube. I've been following/lurking on JP's channel since week 6 of the first season of the orignal RollPlay. But I've known of him before with SC2 MLGs because I was following Day9 and TB.

I mostly lurk because I like watching the shows. But It's hard since I live in France and the all timezone bullshit :).

(Woadwise) #24

Hello ladies and gentlemen! :itmejphi:

I'm Woadwise. I've been watching JP through YouTube since SotG, then moved over to watching him on Twitch around when Swan Song began. I went under a different Twitch username then. JP and his circle of streaming friends are what brought me over to Twitch from YouTube pretty much exclusively.

I'm prepping for my first time being a GM for a DnD 5e campaign, thanks to inspiration from Neal, Steven, Adam, John, and other Twitch GMs I've met as a result of RollPlay. General nerd. My degree is in digital video production, so bringing creative storytelling into the Twitch format via tabletop RPGs scratches an itch.

Older brother to another subscriber Chefpeace. Love the community, love the stream. Hope to see you folks around!

(Sablehorizon) #25

Hi, I'm Sablehorizon, which normally gets abbreviated to Sable. I've been a follower of JP's content for over 2 years now, and became a sub earlier this year. I'm a fairly regular stream-watcher, and whilst I usually lurk, you will occasionally see me spring up in chat. Hope to be a sub - and certainly a viewer - for good length of time to come.

(gOlMIr) #26

Hello, I am gOlMIr. Due to a fortunate incident my name has been the source of ire to some because of my use of small L and big i respectively. First watched JP sporadically before an episode of Mirrorshades made me sub. Used to watch more often, but recently has been sporadic because of uni (and timezones). Hopefully can get back into the fold soon enough.

Also I always lurk on the Discord channel, and maybe eventually this forum! Haven't been active in a forum for quite a while, so maybe now is the time to start.

(Twitch: arielleej) #27


I'm just a guy that loves JP's content since the SOTG era. Don't really chat much but I enjoy watching and supporting such great content.

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #28

Hi! :itmejphappy: <--- best emote

(Absent_Minds) #29

Hi, i'm Absent Minds, i've been addicted to Rollplay from when i stubbled upon Dark Heresy on youtube one day. People might know me from creating fan made music for a number of the shows. Never really been part of a form before so go easy on me please. :grin:

(Sckep123) #30

Sckep123 here. I am a twitch addict. I spend probably 16-20 hours with streams going. (i may be sleeping but the stream is still on.) JP Cohh Zeke are 3 of my most watched with a couple LCS pros and Reynad rounding out my interests. I started watching JP back in the SoTG and MLG days. Glad to see him making this his career.

(Malicite) #31


I got into JP through Day9 falling out of his chair drunk af. Stuck around for the great RollPlay shows and stupid emotes :itmejphappy:

(BlazeRom) #32

Hey peeps, call me Blaze, i found jp through TotalBiscuit and his involvement with Dark Heresy. It's been fun.

(Broxalar) #33

Heyo to the people, I'm Broxalar but mostly Bronx to people. I chime in rarely, emote wildly with the hype :itmejpsword:. I've watched since the end of the first rollply groups end at 40weeks and loved every minute of this community. I love all the content and production values offered. Easily my favorite channel to watch. I like to lurk because I can be awkward or self conscious but I'm there most of the time. I look forward to seeing how things work out on the forums!

(Lotnyx) #34


I'm Adam. I've been watching JP since Dark Heresy, but I mostly lurk.

RPG system of choice: D&D5e and Savage Worlds

(gorlork) #35

Hey I'm gorlork, I used to spam JP chat a lot and nowadays I spam it now and then. Used to play ARMA 3 BR with JP more than a year ago, good times murdering and getting murdered by JP.... Mostly the former because I was never that good at it.

(Malicite) #36

You spelled your name wrong gorlock.

(Laura) #37

Hi, I'm Vivelin. I used to go by horsedrowner but Twitch doesn't support renaming so I lost my substreak. I started watching JP around when Dark Heresy started and have been watching on and off ever since.

Unfortunately, since I'm European, I can't watch most of the time :itmejpwtf:

(MacTheMachine) #38

Hi, I'm MacTheMachine, and folks call be Mac for short. I have lurked for awhile since I found RollPlay via R&D . Loved the opportunity to see and learn new games, and moved on to West Marches, Swan Song and Mirrorshades from there. I was a sub on JP's Twitch until the new Patreon came out, which I switched over and really like everything that is going on there.

Looking forward to the new forums, and the new Blades and sci-fi TTRPG show! :slight_smile:

(AthleonGaming) #39

Hey guys, Athleon here. I discovered RollPlay about 3 years ago. Back then I occasionally visited Twitch for esports, and I followed some League streamers, but I didn't really use the site that much.

One day I noticed RollPlay on the main page. I knew of D&D as a game but didn't really know much about it so I was curious to see how it's played. Since then I've been consistently ruining my sleep schedule to catch as many of the shows live as I can. Also it made me realise the breadth of content that Twitch had, so I slowly became more of a regular on the site and started following more streamers. And finally since last summer, I managed to find a great group on Roll20 and play some D&D myself. I'm really glad that, with the Patreon, I have the opportunity to give back something in return for all of that, even if it's minimal.

(MyCocaine) #40

Whaddup everyone, I'm MyCocaine. I've been watching JP and the crew since around Solum/Dark Heresy. Like others in this thread have said it's nice to see an oldschool forum again.

Hope to talk and get to know you guys on here.

Except that damn @AdamKoebel / Spacemaster asshole. He's totally evil.