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(Bezier123) #224

I am sorry to anyone that got offended by my posts.

I personally got riled up because of how 'timezones' centric the feedback thread is despite the fact that almost every post reeks of people being to bored to watch or openly admit, that Blades come off bleak as followup to CoS.

To me it is clear, that, while timezones are a problem in it's own right, the dwindling viewership has much more to do with the fact, that the storytelling in blades is not as heartgripping as we're used to on Rollplay.

Since this is a feedback thread and I am a viewer, I felt that providing the reasons for which I no longer watch Blades was justified.

(TheDesec) #225

I withdrew this post, since I thought it was not the right place for a discussion. Maybe I was wrong. So here, have it back.

The answers were timezone centric because every single european has this issue above any issue else. On top of that, even for some americans the time slot was a bit late, as it seems. There are over 220 replies, and 200 215 of them are about timezones. You can accept that fact, or you can moan about it.

The secondary big issue is that we get 8 hours of shows in one day. That's a big chunk of weekly commitment. Like, kiss tuesday goodbye, if you want to keep up. People choose. And you bet they choose the time slot that is more convenient to them, and not what show they like more.

If people were bored of a show, they'd say that. This is an honest community, if anyone thinks the show is poop, they say that and not something about timezones. So when this topic is timezone centric, you better believe that this is an (if not the) issue.

(GreatSageSun) #226

To give you my personal experience on the timezone front. I'm in the UK and used to every RollPlay show live, but my situation has changed. I'm no longer unemployed with infinite free time to sink into NA-centric scheduling.

Tastes are a big factor, and while it may not be your thing, the game is immensely popular on its own and was so long before it came to Twitch. But John's Bloodletters YT/Twitch series is absolutely incredible, and I personally put it on par with Swan Song. Bloodletters works so well because every player knows the game so well, and they can focus their creativity - which will come in time with the RollPlay show. Blades can and does thrive on Twitch, but that's without the business need for that to translate to 1,000+ people every time, even though I believe it's fully capable of doing so.

I love Blades and the crew is great, it's my favourite RollPlay show at the moment, but there's definitely something missing. Compared to the Bloodletters, the Last Word feel considerably more shallow (only a potential tick for those of us who watch both) because there's only so many ways you can describe murdering a person for an Assassin crew mission (it can be done well of course), while as a Hawker gang lends itself to more variety just by not being about killing alone.

To the point (in my opinion): The characters of Blades are the interesting part right now, the crew is not, and on top of that assassins are a dull archetype. Whereas the Bloodletters are more economically and socially focused, with murder as a flavour sometimes.

The Last Word are chasing huge targets that are way out of their league with nothing in between (granted it's a rather young show). There's very little beyond the crew themselves that the audience has had a chance to latch onto, sure, we can laugh at the murder, but you can't create interesting relationships and NPCs out of corpses and red puddles.

This thread has made me concerned for the future of Blades, where prior I was just riding the wave and enjoying it. Just putting fresh thoughts to page.

(AdamKoebel) #227

what's funny about this is that I barely know how to play Blades. this is all sean / stras and i'm the bumbling idiot who makes bad decisions.

(beeellaaah) #228

It's sooo good. Haven't watched live because time. Aldo is one of my favorite Rollplay characters of all time.

(qch3n) #229

Nice constructive criticism on other peoples criticism :wink:

(exfate) #230

9 times out of 10 I watch RollPlay via VODs because it doesn't align with my schedule to watch live but I quit watching Blades after Episode 7.

I just don't enjoy watching the system. I don't know if it's something inherent in the system I just don't like or if it's only confined to the context of this show. I'd probably have to watch John's other show and see how it compares. The pacing just feels off and I can only put it down to some of the mechanics because the cast, their characters, John's GMing and the setting are all excellent. Even though I want to find out more about Carriless in particular, I just can't motivate myself to watch any more.

Wish I could be more specific, but je ne se quois is all I got.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #231

Keyword you missed, and please keep on topic.

(GreyGryphon) #232

Keep in mind that the Bloodletters are all experienced GM's in their own right, professionally in many cases. You're not going to catch that kind of lightning in a bottle, and to judge any other game of Blades in the Dark based off it would be folly.

That being said, the deep distraction you see from all the players, especially in the most recent episode is frustrating to watch. You can just see the glazed over look Wheat gives when he's called on to respond to something, then have to repeat everything, and even then he gets half the details wrong. Even JOHN was sounding distracted and distant, and Zeke's constant shifting of tone and behaviour for Aldo to be far less studious tough guy and far more brutish boring has me disappointed too.

These things are fixable, and I wish Blades the best. Great show overall. Love the system, despite others complaints.

(H3llf3dg3) #233

I love blades, I dont know why anyone wouldnt like it, I do however watch shows as vods while im at work (work over nights and shows are great to pass the time)

(Twitch: uzling) #234

As one of the so called "time zone" dudes.. i can tell you that I havent even gotten to the point where I know the show good enuff or been around long enuff to get bored. To me its a brand new show that just dosent work for me due to the day of the week and the time slot it currently has.

Yes Adam is not on this show as the GM, and as a big fan of what Adam dos it will have a factor. That dosent mean that another person cant step in and do a good job in another way.

So for me to even get to a point where I can say if Blades is truly something for me or not I would need to go true alot more episodes.

(GreatSageSun) #235

Another notch in your skill set being able to interact with it so well despite that. You could have, and have been fooling me with your manner of play.

Having a player or players in the game as a side to the GM's role, like a Sean, Stras, or Dan in Court of Swords is a boon to a group's creative flow. You can be creative, while John, Sean, and Stras can all help minimise the mechanical hurdle within the flow, and it works super well (because you had me fooled on your own knowledge); while with RollPlay: Blades, only John currently provides that benefit and one head can only interact with so many moving gears at once.

(HoveringSombrero) #236

The Problems
1. Local time when its aired (3 am start time)
2. Two shows in a row is too much except for special live sessions
3. Not enough free time in the week for all the shows

Main issue:
Living in Europe and almost always having to go to work on a tuesday means watching it live is out of the question. So it'll be relegated to "catch up on youtube over the weekend if no family/friends related stuff takes priority".

Second problem:
On the days I can justify staying up so late is that after a show of Court of Swords I want to do something else than watch another show. Do something actively, play a game or anything else really.

Third problem:
Not enough time to watch all the shows every week, I like all the shows about equally much. But with CoS and Nebula Jazz I'm more likely to catch the first part of the livestreams and then I'm naturally more inclined to start on the vods for those first. Which then leads to being a bit behind on Blades and even when I can watch it live not doing so due to having a few weeks to catch up on.

Moving it to another day with no rollplay shows or at least a few hours in between make it easier to catch them live. But either way I will get to them eventually it might just be a month or so before I start on the vods and dedicate a day to it.

(disusedgenius) #237

It seems like a pretty solid idea in general to have an off-GM on a show as a player - JP has a lot of old DnD experience on CoS, Steven was on Swan Song, Wheat seemed like an old hand at Shadowrun on Mirrorshades etc. Personally I get a bit of a kick from watching people learn a game, but I can see that's not necessarily a universal thing.

In general it feels like Blades as a system gets more rewarding the better the group is at it - in some ways it's even more of a 'communal GM' game than the PbtA games that are a staple now. I actually thought the group were really starting to get a handle on it the weeks before the break but I guess that just threw everyone off a bit (which is certainly my experience with irregularly played tabletop games).

(Romeid) #238

I didn't read every response - but I read a lot (Holy crap there's a ton)

When Blade's launched it was actually at a time I can watch (I work 8-5 MST / 10-7 EST) - and I watched a couple of the shows live - the problem is really with my viewing habits.

I don't watch twitch on a schedule - I turn it on as something to check out when I have some free time.

Things I want to keep track of I do through youtube and Patreon - I'm not sure if youtube views/MP3 downloads/listens are getting taken into consideration for viewership - but I've been subscribed for JP for VOD access (and really just to support) for like 40+ months and donate at the 20$ level of patreon monthly to support and work with my viewing habits.

I actually really like the Blades cast chemistry and the Blades ruleset is something I think fits really well with the Rollplay shows in general - I think it'll take time for them to take full advantage of it - the show has gotten better as it's gone on IMO. You're starting to see character development - you're starting to see smoother missions.

Just my 2 cents since I didn't see any mention of other metrics other than "live viewership".

Edit: If these metrics aren't easily received maybe a poll about how you consume rollplay shows? (Youtube, twitch (Live), Twitch (VODs), mp3's)

(honourmcmillan) #239

I'm a huge fan of Court of Swords and watch it live. There's no way I can free up another time block for Blades on the same day. I've tried to watch it on youtube but that's a tough way for me to be immersed in the story.
So I hav e to choose one and I already was hooked on CoS :slight_smile:

(Twitch: GustavWang) #240

Blades is a great show. My personal favorite you have right now. I love the mission/downtime cycle. I don't usually watch live though. I sub and watch the vods on all your show's. If it helps keep it around I'll try to watch live. As for the people who complain that they don't seem to be in danger. That's just wrong. They have just rolled real well in clutch situations. Also i don't believe PC's need to die all the time to make a good show.

(tobbl) #241

i subed because from europe its hard enough to watch anything live.
Blades is my favorit show atm but i always watch your shows over the week.
the only sad thing is that the last episodes the gang wasnt complete but i appreciate you guys putting on a show non the less.

(kh_l2k) #242

Which is true, on a certain scale perhaps, but... you know the structure of the rolls in terms of action/position/effect at least in the sense of the basics, you know what the moves Canter has do, and while maybe you don't go past the stuff that's on your playbook and into rules minutia and crunch you also don't need any of it re-explained to you any time Canter comes up to bat. That's a real factor, and while you may "barely know how to play Blades" you're involved and active with the game the whole time. The combo of those two works.

Like I said before, and others have as well, and you indirectly said yourself: You guys have a Stras, and a Sean just to be icing on the cake. The Last Word group does not have a Stras as a player, and that really shows. I think if one of the players was near (I mean, let's be fair here, Stras knows the rules far too well for a normal human, that's an unreasonable ask) to that level of being familiar and comfortable with the rules, they would have that person who could jump in and smooth those spots out from the players' side, and not put that on John. Something like what Dan has done in his time with 5E. Thus far, nobody in Rollplay:Blades has shown that inclination to dive in and learn the system rather than be told.

(Lia_de) #243

I can't watch it live, as I need to sleep in its timeslot. But I will watch the vods the next day. Actually will choose to watch Blades as VOD before I catch up on Court of Swords which I also can't watch live.

Don't cancel Blades, please :slight_smile: