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(notNOTjack) #204

For me Blades is the best show airing right now on Rollplay but, as it was already mentioned, it’s just too late for us europeans. Either we are a considerable part of the viewership or this last episode simply might have suffered from this week’s schedule rearrangements. With the move to another place and some people knowing that this or that cast member are away or have announced they will be going away to conventions and other stuff might have made fans assume there would be no shows. I for one didn’t check the schedule, which makes this completely my fault, and when I realised there would be a show it was already on and I didn’t want to start watching after losing 1 hour or more. But Blades is great, there’s no doubt about it.

edit: after going back and reading through the replies, I’ll follow the example of mediengestalt and I’m gonna add that I really enjoy the focus of the show on the characters and their development, the greatest roleplaying to date on Rollplay, and that combat is generally secondary or streamlined.

(Deastin) #205

I've noticed a recurring theme that viewers don't understand how much impact a given roll has, or don't feel the same tension as they do in other shows. I wonder how much of that could be helped by having a visual indicator of each character's Stress level (since it performs a similar function to HP in other shows). That way we can have some idea of where everyone is at during a mission, or how important a downtime action is, etc.

That's one of the things I find myself often getting confused about. Since Stress is one of the big core mechanics of the game, not knowing how important a character's actions are WRT Stress leaves you feeling like you're missing out.

(Havviklol) #206

it's my favorite show you do. Its just at an odd time for me to view. I usually watch the Vod or on Youtube.

Blades got you my sub :slight_smile: don't change it!

(Rubxcubedude) #207

i also feel like people dont realize just how good this group is there has been 5+ instances where they should be in over their head and they just hit clutch roll after clutch roll. that speaks to people not understanding how much impact any given roll has

(crowly_) #208

I would guess a lot of it comes down to understanding the system, was the system ever explained to the viewers? I don't remember, if it wasn't perhaps a "newbies guide to blades" is needed.

(banned) #209

Not word for word, but generally Jon will follow up those clutch rolls with an explanation or state beforehand what's at stake should someone fail.

Or in the shoutouts they'll mention it too.

(Deastin) #210

For sure. And as a viewer it would help to know what rolls are really clutch by being able to see stress levels. It would help me at least.

(Vesci) #211

Love the show my favorite since the original roll play in fact it's what brought me back to your content. However unless the whole cast is there I'm not very interested in watching. Plus there's been a big hiatus already then with Ann not being there I just push off until I can watch the VoD later.

(Olf_Himself) #212

I know it's been due to things out of anyone's control but the irregular schedule has made it hard for me to stay hyped on the show.
I hope the new time slot works better for everybody.

(Bezier123) #213

I think that timezones are a minor issue rather then the main source of the problem.

BitD do not enforce attachment to characters. Most system Adam GMs do, and if they don't, Adam strongly pins the players to the characters, day 1.

In BitD you do a hell of a lot of planning. When the action begins, you make a retrospection to planning again. You always remain zoned out, detached from your character, unless you specifically try not to be or the GM does it for you.

Adam does this thing that Joss Whedon does in Buffy - when a character gets into a mundane situation that does not involve magic, killing or shadow dogs, he still GMs by exploring how that situation affects the characters. A conversation with a flirtatious dwarf on the balcony or watching you react to Rajani having a girlfriend - something that has nothing to do with story, mission or mechanics.

BinD is John's baby and he always returns to the rules, and the effect is, even though they have those badass portraits and 11 weeks behind them, the characters in Blades still remain very much a blank canvas. And for chrissake, it's Wheat and Geoff's characters. Shouldn't have happened.

You will not get higher viewership by moving the show, not as high as you wuld like. What you can do though is put Adam there. He can do his stuff there, he and John do have a chemistry, and you already have a lot of Blades sessions where a player sits out. John has to work Adam in, but they are both pro storytellers. It will not be an issue. And people are yelling to see Adam play a character, so you'd kill two birds with one stone.

(reavor) #214

simply put, in nebula jazz you have people like Jesse, Strippin, Dodger, each with a follower base that dwarfs Geoff/Anne/Zeke/Johns combined follower-bases (basing on twitter for example). Same with court of swords: GassyMexican is far bigger than the combined people in Blades. Court of swords has also had Day9 which again is a HUGE signal-boost. I think it basically comes down to this.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #215

For the people who need a reminder on what constructive criticism is.

(banned) #216

I mean when 98% of the feedback is, "It's a time issue for me" then timezones are an issue. Just not necessarily the only issue.

(Bezier123) #217

This is only half of the reason.
The big Twitch stars are why people come.

The way the system/GM/players highlights cool, badass and sexy characters is why people stay.

The viewership wasn't bad to begin with. There was enough artwork and ads for people to join the show. But for me the show never got it's velocity.

If you tell the Blades story so far, it sounds amazing, but the storytelling is hidered by the ruleset, and that's why we never get a 'Are you ready?' moment from Marcus or a SpikeSpace walk moment from Geoff. We never are in the moment. It's planning for the moment and living the effect/repercussion of the moment. The moment never happens on the show.

RPGs are a conversation. With Adam it's bathing in the feeling of a situation, exploring the emotional angles of every choice. Sicarian is about to go for a spacewalk and Adam gives him a little scene with one of the female Pfotenhauer officers, building up the fear, the uncertainty of the situation, allows Geoff to express fear/courage, to be a badass (what Geoff does best) and a 'maybe we meet again, if you live through this' type of romance.

In Blades it's discussing how awesome it would be to do something and how to do it, and then discussing how awesome it was to do it. You barely see the moment it's being actually done or feel what charactes think when it happens. If anything, you see their actions, and while behaviorism makes for a deeper experience, only a sublime group of viewers will find it entertaining.

Wheat or Geoff are ready to express their characters, but BitD is just not the system that encourages that. And John, being a strong advocate for his system, is not helping.

(Bezier123) #218

I'd heartfuly agree if it wasn't for the fact, that we had shows in similiar hours before that had immense viewership. If you think a show is good, you make do with the timezones. I watched all of Swan Song live, and I am in Europe.

(banned) #219

Are you actually denying the overwhelming majority of feedback from people stating time is an issue?

Heck I live in EST and I don't watch Blades live, because it starts too late for me for me to bother and runs too late for me to excuse watching it. Are you actually saying that people don't like the show enough? So people have to deny themselves rest to prove they like it?

Not to mention the audience that existed durring Swan Song is not necessarily the same as the one that exists currently, and is not necessarily the one that existed way back durring legacy and solum.

(reavor) #220

sure John has a more mellow and laidback style than adam. and the ruleset is a bit different. but if you switched out the nebula jazz cast with blades in the dark, the GMs and the characters staying the same, the viewership still also switches I believe. Blades in the dark has plenty of amazing roleplay moments, case in point Zeke-Anne a couple of episodes back. there's certainly nothing wrong with the acting or the effort. the system is the least important part of the equation, it's the personalities which both shows have got plenty of. It's just a different level of signal-boosting when someone with 400 000 followers tweets out "hey guys, about to play some pnp! check it out" than someone with 40 000.

(Bezier123) #221

That's the thing. for me (Europe, remember?) I have to bother to watch. If I don't bother enough, I end up sleeping or watching something else instead. That being said, you're right for the most part.

Absolutely right. But then, Blades started with a gigantic viewrbase. It dwindled because people didn't bother enough to watch. At the end of the day if something is entertaining, you'll gonna watch it.

And don't tell me you need a prompt/tweet to invite you to a rollplay show you like. If you like it, you can't wait to see it and you're there way before the countdown starts.

It's people being bored and not bothering to watch what's the main cause. And that is because the entertainment value is lower, and that is because there's less characters to be invested in because of how underdeveloped the character-based storytelling is.

What hooks people to Swan Song are personalities of the players, but also personalities of the characters. BitD allows to show them, but does not enforce it. Wheat tries to present that, but John does not enforce it and we end up with a game about planning mostly. When we get to the action, everything is preplanned, players don't make interesting choices, and interesting choices is what (according to Sid Meyer) makes interesting gameplay. You get bored, you're not really interested in what will Wheat do next or if Geoff succeeds, and you don't really wait for the next episode and end up forgetting about it and not watching. That's how I stopped watching Blades, and sure, the timzezone is a killer, but I was eager enough for Swan Song to overlook that.

P.S. All this talk about Blades actually makes me want to watch the 4 episodes I missed. But 16 hours of my time when the last episodes didn't grab me is a tough choice.

(banned) #222

Mind explaining to me in what capacity I'm wrong? And when I say bother I mean literally the difference between sleep (something I need) and watching something I can just watch tomorrow (not a necessity).

(Might be Captain Marvel) #223

This "conversation" is over.

@Bezier123 tone it down. You have said more than your peace, now end it. This is the final warning.

PS. since you are not omniscient, you can't be the mouthpiece for everyone that ever watched Blades.