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(itmeJP) #1

I'm looking for some feedback regarding Blades. I really love the show and I'm proud to air it every Tuesday (and soon on Sundays), but the viewership has been much lower than other shows, with tonight's episode dipping down into the hundreds.

So, with that in mind, just wondering what the general consensus on the show is. If you don't watch it, why?

I would give my own theories, but I don't want to put ideas in people's heads before they can think of their own.

So let me know! Thanks again!

(tim_beh) #2

For me, the show airs too late for me to watch it. Somewhere around 3 AM I think but somewhere around there. That's the main reason for me to pass on it.

(0Guest) #3

In my case it is very simple, timezones. The show starts at 3:00 in the middle of the night, which being a workday is an impossibility to watch, and I suspect that being the case for many Europeans. That being said, I always watch the VoD the next day.

Edit: One aspect that I think hasn't been explored is - how many of your subscribers don't watch shows live, but do watch the Twitch VoDs. Personally, I very rarely catch shows live, since even the ones that start somewhat early, end past midnight (and I would have to wait even longer for the post show discussions) whereas, if watching the VoD the next day, I can do it at my own pace. The live viewership for Blades might be lower, but I'm curious what the VoD viewership is like on Twitch (and Youtube).

(CadaverLuke) #4

Personally, I don't watch live because they air in unfavorable times for me as a European. I instead listen to the VODS while at work.

(That Guy™) #5

From my anecdotal take, and from what people have told me, the start and end time is inconvenient to Europeans and some of NA. Also I wonder how much having Court of Swords as a lead in retains viewership from that show.

(endofhiros) #6

I guess like others, it's timing. The other thing is I'm never really sure when Blades will air.

(crowly_) #7

Im european so i have to watch the vods, at 3am ive been asleep for hours.

Edit: On a general note: Two Rollplay shows in one day is a lot of commitment for a viewer, thats 8-9 hours. That in addition to school or work, sleep and other activities it will be hard to have time for both.

(Twitch: MountainofMeat_) #8

It's starts after midnight, when it changes to an earlier time i'd be more likely to catch it live.

(rizz15) #9

Air too late for EU.
Needs to be ealier.

(Adhitthana) #10

I absolutely love the show, it's honestly my favourite on Rollplay, but the issue for me at least is that it begins at 2 am and runs through until 6 am, for those of us who work full time that's near impossible to do during the week so we have to watch the VODs instead.

(psgRENO) #11

Hey JP - yup, its all about the time of the show - easier to watch the VOD on twitch or youtube later when it fits my schedule. LOVE the show.

(ScottZone) #12

UK here. Normally I'll watch the VOD's because air times can be dodgy for me, I love Blades so far but I'm only watching it through YouTube currently.


I'm not sure about the re-occurring lower numbers but this time around I'm still working through the Swan Song live VoD so won't get to Blades until later on.

Airtime is quite late as others have mentioned, I wouldn't think a larger portion of the central/eastern US watchers are able to consistently view it at it's current time.

(BurnerMan54) #14

For me it's a very very late show. I'm usually awake at night since I'm a night owl but the show now just ended at 7 in the morning for me which is way too late for anyone in EU, especially with a work day following it.

(Kewnst) #15

they never seem to be in danger. real serious danger of dieing or in danger of suffering some big setback or damage. . they do great every single session ive watched ( all but the last one) .for a group of cold blooded killers they seem pretty chummy too . with aa demonic worshiping leader at the helm it doesnt feel like hes a bad dude. which tops off my point from earlier.

(Absent_Minds) #16

Hey Jp the show is great, but I can't watch it live because it airs at 2am in the UK and I wouldn't get up for work

(SoberCreativity) #17

Because of the tuesday night timing, i tend to just watch the vod after the show

(TheApexEffect) #18

I try and watch live when I can but as a UK viewer it's just too late most of the time, always catch up within the next couple of days though.

(Kekiro) #19

I can only concur with what has been said, air time is not great for europeans. I think that's true generally for the rollplay shows though, weekend shows are the best.

(lazarinewyvren) #20

I watch it every chance I get. It's my preferred show over court of swords, which isn't to say CoS is a bad show or I don't like the cast. Neither is the case. It may simply be a timing issue. Tonight's blades aired just after GDC was over, I can't imagine any stream does well while any con is on.