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(Nuptraptor) #244

I watched Bloodletters last night with a specific focus on what makes it feel different for some compared to The Last Word. While Sean & Stras have an extreme understanding of the rules I don't think it was the determining factor, though helpful in some instances.

This is my feeling based on observation, but certainly not necessarily fact, hopefully constructive as that is the intent. I'll try to keep it concise but I have a problem doing that, sorry!

I feel the inconsistent schedule recently has hurt The Last Word with this, but they're not 100% bought into/adjusted to how Blades is different from most other styles of games/shows they've been on. By that I mean John is DM'ing as he would for Bloodletters and the Last Word are playing like Neal/Adam/Steven are DM'ing.

Sean and Stras drive that show with out asking permission if they can do something. They have plans and are jumping at the bit to work towards it and share it. While The Last Word, in general, are seemingly waiting for John to lead them or give them something to do and participate in a story instead of living in that world with John there to assist and enforce rules where needed. Which leads to some of the disjointed, lack of flow at times and moments of awkward silence with everyone waiting for someone to say anything. I don't feel there's any problem with the cast or characters, they just need more time to adjust and be a little more eager to drive the action and story themselves. (at least If you want it to be more like Bloodletters) However, I don't know how much crew archetype is a contributing factor to goals and how to work towards them or for that matter the feel of the two shows overall.

With that said Blades is my favorite of the current line up and I'm able to watch live every week, but I can also see how other viewers are turned off from it feeling a little off from the norm or don't want to watch the learning process for the cast or maybe they need a loose cannon like Canter to be entertained and kept on their toes. Different strokes and all that, lots of fans love Nebula Jazz, but Dodgers' character is the only reason I've turned it on after week 1, overall it's not my cup of tea. But it's awesome that JP and Rollplay can offer a variety of styles, systems and themes.

Hopefully the new time slot helps those who want to watch live and maybe some new fans will stumble into it or give it another chance. So while I think the time slot change will help a lot, the show isn't gelling as quickly as shows in past, which is fine, it just needs some more time in oven for the players to get a good flow going. Getting back to a consistent schedule should help immensely.

(nypan83) #245

So I have been a subscriber for i guess about two years and I consider myself a fan of rollplay and started watching the 40k show and all rnd:s and thereafter the epic run of swansong.

My feedback is as follows:

Starting banter: Although not necessary for any show it is the build up and establishes the players and the chemistry between players and gm. I guess you could say that even as an audience member i feel like the is going on with my "friends" and gives me a reason to care about the players and not just the characters. I think that both are important to establish the sense of belonging and community.

In my opinion the starting banter in blades lacks focus and tempo. There is a lot of "awkward" pausen when ending a subject in silence and this is a product of lack of focus intrest in eachother and might be lack of chemestry.

Often i find myself thinking that if they cant keep the opening banter interesting or atleast vivid how Will they be able to do so within the confines of set rules... that depending on the setting allows player creativity.

My proposition is that building up to John geting to know the players and before the chemistry is there get some bulletpoints to keep the banter going and not loose tempo. Over time this Will get replaced by real connections between the cast and gm. Also have a set time for banter under 15 min if nothing big has happened.

I want to add that I like the crew and gm and have watched LOTs of rollplay, one shots, dropped frames and coop streama with annmunition. This is on paper one of the best setups.

The game: i just get the feel that its to big of a sand box and the players are not experienced enough to break the mold and therefore it gets a little monotone. IMO stronger season story archs Will fix this... maybe there is such a thing already but in that case make it more obvious. For example the brooding dark threat of the warmind always keept it interesting even tho week could be spent on "side missions".

I also have an issue with planing vs combat. I like planing but combat needed to feel like action and have consequenses. In blades i sadly enough feel like the planing overides the action in such a way that it hinders those "omg wtf he is gonna get torn to pieces" moments. To give another example the teleporting fight scene in earls swan song with sicarian and Victor had parts of planing and parts of plain dice Rolling kick your ASS combat... players planing characters differently made it great. Blades IMO have yet to mix the planing with the present and that takes away from what is perceived as hectic ongoing action.

Individual roles and player creativity needs to be available... don't get stuck with to much storytelling weight on a planning roll.

Missions: short one here. They are assasins. Make em kill targets in the extremes that a really nice schoolteacher just cause she witnessed a murder. Make em kill a pice of shit human being that molested kids. Stoff like that Will bring out players and characters "true" motivations and Will build towards a greater experience.

Hope this helps! Long time supporter here! And brw I wrote this on a pad with swedish autocorrect so sorry for format and spelling.

(kh_l2k) #246

I definitely agree on a lot of these, especially the DM/Player style interaction. And that is a definite thing that players have an adjustment curve coming from games like that to PbtA games and the like. Which is something that they are certainly becoming aware of, and you can see them starting to adjust which is good. I have such high hopes for Blades just getting better as they go on, which is going to be amazing.

(Domnonos) #247

+1 for timezone issues as well.

Blades is also my favorite show, and i like that we have 3 distinctly different shows, i.e Nebula is silly fun, CoS is more traditional and rules heavy, and Blades is more serious and RP focused.

I think part of the flow issue is that we went from the first episodes that had clear goals i.e. Kill Lord/lady whathisherface, which got done quickly and efficiently, to what felt like the plot thread kinda snapped loose and is currently flapping around in the wind so to speak.

My suggestion would be for the Last Word to take some other assasination contracts, if john and the crew feel like the last Lord (can't remember his name) is too big a challenge/important story bit, to do right now, instead of running around being a bit murderhoboish as they do right now (in my opinion). Or they could change from being Assassins to being a Cult :itmejplol:

Anyway that is my 2cents and i really look forward to be able to watch blades live rather than having to watch the vod!

(banned) #248

To be fair, right now they're dealing with being at war. That's a pretty big thing to have going on so it needs to be settled quickly if they're going to be running around quietly as assassins.

But I agree, they need to get back to tackling the crux of their issues. I get that Aldo wants to handle his sister, but still he got his thing (the book), Rune deserves to have hers.

(Domnonos) #249

Oh for sure, i haven't been able to watch the vod from last night, but hopefully this gang war can give the group (and viewers) a bit of direction and a sense of focus.

(shanoftw) #250

If that map in the "Where are you from?" thread is anything to go by, there are more non-Americans than Americans watching Rollplay in general. The fact that none of those people can watch Blades + it's too late even for some people on the East Coast hurts numbers quite significantly. The new time in Sunday should help a lot though, seeing how much people love the show.

(wirenfeldt) #251

Time zones are one thing to mention, as is incredibly apparent at this point.

Another thing is that pace is very dependent on some degree of system mastery or familiarity.

The Bloodletters Crew seem to always push forward in at least one direction, usually more then one, whereas it seems like the lovely folk at RP:Blades are not too sure of what they want and how they get to it.

Another thing i've noticed, although i am not too sure if it has any major effect on viewership, is that, and i am fairly certain i can make this statement without hyperbole, we have seen more Devil's Bargains put forward, although not necessarily accepted, in a single episode of Bloodletters than the entirety of RP:Blades, which i feel is a shame and not really using the system fully.

Aaaaaanyway.. i am too tired and prone to rambling as it is so i will leave it here and hope and pray that RP:Blades keeps on trucking.

(Bezier123) #252

Yeah. Players rely on John to lead them because there's hardly anything they can relate to in the cold world of politics and demonology. They rally need to get a 'kill an innocent schoolteacher' job.

(Fimbulwolf) #253

Interesting. Thats something I personally always suspected. That also reflects in the numbers JPs regular streams pull in, specifcally if they are that times which are EU unfriendly.

(Unfortunatename) #254

Be wary of the" where are you from" thread

The people that respond to a thread are a group of people within the audience itself, they don't necessarily reflect what the audience as a whole looks like because they are the people who have something else in common.

For example a thread about where people are from could be expected to have more responses from people who are from places deemed to be uncommon and worthy of bringing up or talking about, it may be people in some places are more or less likely to share it.

This applies to people offering feedback too, for instance the people who don't have issues are less vocal and less represented than those that do so the stuff you read doesn't reflect the wider audience but instead it reflect the views of the people that cared enough to express them.

(TheDesec) #255

Keep in mind that on top of the time slot, there was a show already before Blades starts... binging 9 hours (including the 1 hour break) of :itmejproll::itmejpplay: shows is quite taxing. And if you want the full live experience, you can't put in an individual poop break, like when you binge watch some netflix series...
People tend to choose, and I think they choose the easier time slot over what show they like, when it comes to what to watch live. (Even though there are people here, who claim, that if you want to watch a show, you don't care about your sleep cycle and/or job situation.)

I'm repeating myself. Sorry (not sorry *evil laugh*). :itmejpcute::itmejpnation:

(JDxBlade) #256

Just a quick suggestion: Make the "ticks" on the clock bigger or something more noticeable. The current ones are pretty thin and difficult to make out at a glance. Otherwise, I absolutely LOVE the new Interface with the stress and trauma.

(tobbl) #257

the new interface is awesome! would be lovely if john could share these stress tokens for the players!
also iam loving wheat stepping up in the start of the show, feels much more natural as a "moderator" then john!
keep up the awesome work!

(chekovsgunman) #258

All the changes so far have been very positive, the last few sessions felt much more action packed, tense, and engaging. Good job everyone!


Hey I'm locking this topic for now. Will start a new one after this weekend when they've switched to a new style and time. Send me a PM, or start another topic, if you think I'm in the wrong and I'll reopen it. :itmejpfist: