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Favorite Rollplay Moments


(Possibly Batman) #1

We all know Rollplay has had some absolutely incredible moments. So let's talk about them!
What are some of your favorite Rollplay moments?
Bonus points if you can link the youtube video with the timestamp.
Also, let's try to be wary of spoilers for current running (or recently finished) shows :itmejpexcite:

Suggest a Moment for the RollPlay Animated Shorts
(Garklord) #2
The most recent memory that comes to mind is JP knocking himself out with stress during the live show for BoP.

VOD (link should start at roll, but timestamp is at 36:29)

Edit: Fixed it so that it is indicated to be a spoiler (Balance of Power). Sorry Tahkai, slipped my mind that it was a spoiler.

(Possibly Batman) #3

Thank you! I didn't even think about that until after your comment. I'm smart :itmejpfml:

(Garklord) #4

Yeah, don't know why I didn't think about it. Oh well, no harm done. (I think) :itmejphappy:

(AthleonGaming) #5

Two of the most memorable moments from OG RollPlay/Solum: Thinking with Portals and Get Ducked.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #6

The legend is born: José "You know what? I actually have a sub-sandwich for you right here" Cook

Business Alpharius

All that we got to see of Brumpo Tungus., which is too much to link here. And so much more. If you think about it, Rollplay is just the best, hands down.

(LongdirtHarri) #7

Some of my favorite moments are in BoP Light site 7

First the try to kill a Dark Trooper buy running a truk into him and he just stops it with his hands and doesnt care at all.
And after defeating the dark trooper, they just knock on the door of the bunker and ask them to hand Primark over. And Zeke actually succeeds the roll. I just lost it.

Knocking scene and Rolling part

But really, just watch the whole episode

(Kol_Saresk) #8
My favorite moment from the light side was when they killed all but one of the Storm Troopers at the gate, made a deal with him that he could live, and then they just murdered him. What made it so memorable is that they literally forgot that it happened.

After that it was just the Chiss bounty hunter in general and Cheesel, may he rest in peace.

(Howard_the_Octopus) #9


(AdamKoebel) #10

me too, little buddy

(viriskali15) #11

Adam, out of curiosity, what have been your favorite moments from Rollplay history?

(AdamKoebel) #12

You know, I feel like this is like asking a parent to pick their favourite kid. I have moments I've loved in every campaign and I think there's something in every session that makes me love RPGs even more. I couldn't possibly pick. What I tend to get attached to are NPCs, and usually because the audience and cast love interacting with them and seeing them on screen. Maurice, Connor, Pi, Thuy, Rajani, Vladimir the eSports Master, etc. I really like when people click with a character. That's my favourite part of RollPlay.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #13

Maybe not the most obvious and awesome one, but one thats standing out to me is the sex scene from Jesse Cox in Saga of the Icelanders. It was fun to see Shannon going through one of the most the most severe cringe/facepalming i've seen in Rollplay history.

Sex Scene

(Twitch: Lethologica981) #14

When "The Cook" had a sub sandwich for the Space Pirate girl in SS. Geoff is the best.

(Landwaker) #15

So many... first three that come to mind are Sicarian's duel in Swan Song, the Japan climax in Mirrorshades, and of course the peryton episode of West Marches. More recently I've enjoyed how the first arc of Court of Swords became an extended prologue of grim portent.

(MrSilentNight) #16

Jp's triumph fail roll in Balance of Power that caused him to passout instead of blowing the team up. The reaction of the cast as well as adam was such a good moment. As it happened i cheered along with them. I think the fact that it was live together made it even more impact full

(DatDudeQthulu) #17

The birth of Brumpo Tungus and the OG cast wreaking havoc in the west marches and wiping out the entire peryton population. Those are probably my two most favorite moments in Rollplay aside from the legendary slap heard across the world.

(gladpingvin42) #18

While the finale of BoP Live, "Thinking with portals" and Brumpo Tungus are very cool, the whole peryton episode of WM is my favorite. The combination of seeing the Solumn crew back together, their amazing rolls and the wiping out of the entire Peryton population of WM is just so good.

Also Bregors boys and Last Time You Tried are amazing.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #19

Some mirrorshades moments to add to the other moments listed above: (sadly no links)

-Nightsass on drugs
-breakdown trying to order a "tall" car
-Adam messing with Dodger in the Aztechnology interegation.
-anytime m0mb0n shows up
-Hawt Kathy
-several silly plans

Edit: fixed the spoiler tags into just one tag and spelling

(gOlMIr) #20

Gotta be that Mirrorshades hamburger plan to humiliate that Japanese guy whose name I forgot. With a jumping car and whatnot nonetheless, unfortunate that it wasn't meant to be

More recently, Dan and Gassy throwing puns at each other during sticky situations in CoS (the hands from the ground was most memorable and JP going like "Guys plz."