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Favorite Rollplay Moments


(Wodger) #21

The Mad Saxon was so good he got his own highlight video.

(guvkon) #22

This thread is so great! I have been actively watching RollPlay only since BoP and CoS and haven't seen previous once. I don't really care about spoilers so threads like this one are very cool for igniting interest in watching the old shows. Now, I'm definitely finding some time to watch them.

(DragyDevi) #23

Mirrorshades: When Doves cry. Week 14 was a great episode as well.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #24

Add to the list the first hour of episode 1 of Rollplay: Blades. My god that was good.

(Twitch: Jnerd_) #25

i second this notion

(gladpingvin42) #26

If you are interested in more funny moments from the original show check out this list somebody put together on the subreddit a couple of years ago. Most of my favorite moments from the original show are in there.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #27

Introducing Bregor the anorexic ranger

(CompletelySwedish) #28

I've been rewatching Swan Song lately and was reintroduced to this glorious moment of Monster chilling from Geoff (Week 32 part 4). Blur edited in for Week 32 spoilers.

Of course, there are many moments that comes to mind when I think "favorite Rollplay Moments", like Lord Wyman from R&D Dungeon World, the Crazy Saxon from Pendragon, and Jessies crazy turnaround during Numenara. The whole last episode of R&D Saga of the Islanders.

Mr. S pirate ship stunt, the space walk, and Titanfall. Anything Howard. Basically everything that happened during the Asa race arc, and many more.

Tudagub's sacrifice, and trying to open up Big Vinnie's. Vincent's many, not so succesful duels. Bregor's ups and downs. When Geoff played a scottish cleric and cast Obsesive Compulsion on a lord.

Speaking of which, I'd love to see a Highlight reel of some of the best parts of each Rollplay show.

(DCHenkels) #29

My favorite moment is from bop dark side. It's the "we ain't going to jail".

(DarthSinistrous) #30

I'd have to say that though its a bit old, the NPC Horkenfriend from Dark Heresy is possibly my favorite for humor value. He had a few moments but I think the comedy of errors which was his death is a great one. Also from Dark Heresy, the recurring joke-like speech of Captain Cortess Barbossa. "You'd best start believing in repetitive jokes . . . you're IN ONE!"

(MrSilentNight) #31

One of my favorites was in CoS with the fight against the frogs, when the person in the hall heard day9 yell in that special voice " I think your use of the tongue is non consensual, ATTACK!!!!!"