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[E35 Q&A] Stepping Outside the Wheel of Fate


(banned) #41

This is why we don't let crime lords have party funds...

Honestly a good lesson, admittedly it's not like they were spending it on anything because they haven't gone to a big city that has the sort of item stock to drop a bunch of money on.

I wonder if Berg is on the path of ascension for The Tower or something.

I do think, much like revolution for the government, that a tpk (as it were since it seems like Berg will fundamentally change) is good on occasion for a DnD party. It helps keep things mixed up. Not to mention the time jump affecting the world

Man the Zine this month is gonna be interesting, I hope @AdamKoebel will do one of those updates like last time from the last tpk and gives a general state of the world as it were.

Berg the Eternal...

(Darkvlagor) #42

Berg made me think of Clementine :itmejps:

Orcs are hated and treated like slaves. They are the ones who die quickly in this civilisation.
Kids in a zombie apocalypse are just baits or another mouth to feed.

Both carry the burden of all those who sacrificed their life for them.
And they both have suffered greatly, but this made them stronger.

Loved the character, I wish we could explore Berg ascension within the Tower because just like Clem the most interesting is to see how they'll pul it of. Arriving straight out the end of the loop could be a waste for the character development.

But continuing this narrative line would tighten the narrative liberty to create characters so I understand.

(profnesbitt) #43

@AdamKoebel A question on mechanics. If one of them were to become a thief rogue and take the healer feat. Would fast hands allow them to heal with the healers kit as a bonus action and allow them to save their action for either an attack or another heal?

Fast hands reads "starting at 3rd level, you can use the bonus action granted by your Cunning Action to make a Dex (Sleight of Hand) check, use thieves tools to disarm a trap or open a lock, or take the USE AN OBJECT ACTION."

(Monstercloud1) #44

I would think not, because you're not just using the healer's kit, you're tending to someone's wounds. The argument might be able to be made if you're using it to stabilize a dying creature, but the wording of the feat is you're not using the healer's kit to heal hit points, just expending a use of it.

(profnesbitt) #45

Yea I was unsure whether "spend one use of a healers kit" was the same thing as Use a healers kit.

(seassnake) #46

I'd love to see JP play as a rouge and if he's worried about low AC then the feat Medium Armor Master could really help with that.
Also, I'm really enjoying the focus on no standard races and how "un-tolkien" the setting is so far and I'm looking forward to the court of wands giving us more of an opportunity to see even more of that. Keep up the good work!

(Awikan) #48

Can anyone remember the episode number/or the physical description of Azsure Vortex? I can't remember to save the life of me!

(Twitch: Laekri) #49

so, i'm not sure if i missed this, but did anyone explain what attuning to the orb did?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #50

Yes mechanically this would work. It takes an action to use the healer's kit to heal. Fast Hands lets you use the healer's kit as a bonus instead. Great concept, I hope @itmeJP sees this and considers it if he plays a Rogue.

(wolf_brother7) #51

I know you've been avoiding Unearthed Arcana material in Court of Swords so far, but I think you would appreciate a look over the recently-released Downtime UA, which fleshed that mechanic/system out quite a bit more. At the very least the Foils section should instantly remind you of Factions/Threats/Fronts/etc.

(DoctorScience37) #52

@DansGaming Hey Dan, you mentioned worrying about losing out on spell slots by multiclassing two different casters in the patreon video. If you check the multiclassing rules (right side of p.164), you can see that you're restricted on spells known, but you get the same slots as if you went 5 levels in either class. I think MCing is awesome, and I hope that keeps this avenue open to you!

Also check out the tempest and war cleric subclasses or heavily armored feat if you really want to bump your AC up.

(TheDesec) #53

Throwback to the 30 rant minutes:

~ O Cananada... our homome anand nanative lanand... ~ ♫♪♬
(and so on, eh) :itmejptip:

(corran1189) #54

You can cast Tree Stride as a 9th level cleric or druid(5th level spell) or as a 17th level nature paladin. Obviously, if he's a creature, they get higher level spells much earlier.

(Kol_Saresk) #55

So @AdamKoebel, this might be bold of me to ask. The Tower has turned into one of those things in a book(series) or tv show where there are just little snippets here and there, but they are immediately the kind of thing that just reels in the audience's attention. Or at least my attention lol.

I was wondering if this ezine or the next, if you could just throw in a small section that collects all of the little snippets we've been given so far, and maybe one or two things that we would learn from Berg's timeskip, or could have learned from the timeskip if the PCs had asked the right questions when it comes up?

Because I keep going bonkers trying to figure them out lol. If my last post concerning the Tower wasn't an obvious indicator of that lol.

(nicodharmadi) #56

@AdamKoebel How cool would it be for Berg to encounter Azure's reincarnation after the time skip? It would fit into how the setting's reincarnation works right?

(Kol_Saresk) #57

It would, but her reincarnation might only twelve years old lol. Or a Tian Shi.

(Olf_Himself) #58

I kinda want Dan's new character to be another Tian Shi. Owl Baldr went for help and this character is the one who was sent.

(Kol_Saresk) #59

Dan can do a Tian Shi and JP can do a penitent Tiefling lol.

(Appaomega) #61

Link to the article:

(AdamKoebel) #62

The problem with UA stuff is that it's so raw and relatively untested. If they release a book of this stuff with some proper testing, i'd probably allow it.