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[E35 Q&A] Stepping Outside the Wheel of Fate


(AdamKoebel) #1

a doozy of an episode!

(Flyspeck42) #2

Press F to pay respects :itmejps:

(Thrishmal) #3

Loved the episode! Looking forward to seeing what happens with the new characters and setting.

Totally missed the opportunity to say something about stepping into the tower as being better, haha.

So will Azriels beard continue to grow when dead?

(TheWorklessGamer) #4

The legendary story of the court of wands 1001 tales of berg surviving. Or No country for old orcs.

(MarikBentusi) #5

Pretty dark and intense episode this time! Only did a little fanart of this preshow bit:

(Liefington) #6

He who is dead can never die.

(Von__Balmor) #7

Love you dm style, always sth new to learn. what a great 4h, hope the story will get more darker and grittier as time moves along.

(AdamKoebel) #8

amazing fan art y'all, as always. poor berg.

(Olf_Himself) #9

Character deaths are always sad but I'm also hyped for the new ones. Personally, the archipelago sounds like the most intriguing setting, especially if it's not about pirates.

(D4rkMiz3r) #10

Now we have a time skip with Tower avatar Berg and his 3 new disciples.

(SirDanVanPan) #11

First time I didn't get frustrated with the weird monk guy. Always liked the character but man is he annoying. Loved the cliffhanger, I think its gonna be super awesome what becomes of berg. To what extent are you gonna let Max change Berg? Only flavor stuff or is he getting any new mechanics?

(shanoftw) #12

If they decide to do Court of Wands, remember fire dancing.

(sythmaster) #13

Awesome episode! The dragon reveal / encounter was great to see!

I'm intrigued about some of the interactions between Berg and the Tower (I guess i'll wait for the patreon vod for some of that). Compendium Class type thing comes to mind. or if it was PbtA taking a new playbook :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm curious how you prepped that "side room" was this a revised idea from the original map that they never encountered?

Either way, looking forward to seeing what you do w/ a new area of the world/setting to explore and all the havoc you get to sow w/ a time skip!

(Sardren) #14

Damn i loved both Azriel and Jubilant Black Gale. RIP and Press all the F for respects.

Also i love how the campaign has essentially become connected stories happening in the setting of CoS, rather than a standard campaign, that show the life and adventures in it (with a considerable abount of tragic ends) But i also love the Saga of Berg aspect in it.

(Ty_martinez) #15

God this is probably the best turning point for the show I can't wait to see the time skip to see where the show is taken I really hope they head to the biggest city in the world cu that would be something intresting to explore and bring politics into the game. So Adam how do you feel now that the show seems to now going to be the story of berg and those around him and finally do you feel like Berg's story is that of the fool's journey?

(Bianca_X23) #16

Time to delete Gale and Azriel.. Berg is the chosen one now!

(TwoToneTerran) #17

Not that my input is important but I agree with the Court of Cups being the most interesting next stop. The trespasses of water tend to get less scary or interesting at higher levels so it'd be awesome to do it now. Also the Court of Wands sounds like the perfect place for higher level duders.

Question, though. If we're doing a huge timeskip and Berg has been actively working with and for The Tower, is he still going to be statistically the same? I suppose it makes sense not to mechanically advantage Berg but I'm curious if we'll see any mechanical growth from how to reflect the personal growth he'd be making over such a long period.

(Monstercloud1) #18

I'm curious if @itmeJP and @DansGaming have had enough experience at lvl 4-5 (either with their own character or as a group in general) to alter their decision of what might be a better composition for the core group compared to if they were lower levels. Even at level 3 you can pretty much pick whatever and not worry too much about contributing because attack and spell DCs are pretty low, your tool kit isn't super extensive/diverse , etc.

I think it's pretty safe to say that someone is going to go the arcane magic route. My own personal bias says "Wild Magic Sorcerer" for RNG hijinks and personal experience (convincing a Unicorn you randomly summon to help you fight is interesting) and metamagic (Twin Spell). Plenty of Wizard options to fill out whatever kind of area you want to specialize in (Blasting/Battlefield Control/Summoning/etc). I will say an option disappointingly not available, that would be interesting fluff fitting into the setting would a Bladesinger from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide to intertwine with a elves/notelves storyline.

Hell if I know what else would fit... I will say though that while the group + guest tends to do pretty well with whatever they pick, I'm thinking maybe another class that isn't super reliant on any one resource; Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Monk... Paladin is probably the line of "I've run out of shit, but I can still lead us to safety until we can get our resources back". Again, never been a "You always need a healer" kind of guy but to each their own - someone with the healer feat wouldn't go amiss.

(StolichnayaF) #19

Can someone please make an Edge of Tomorrow (live, die, repeat) poster with Jubilant Black Gale?
Also, on a hypothetical situation where they managed to defeat or kill the dragon, would you have them killed by the mercs Adam? From what Berg heard thats what would have happened in my opinion

(TwilightBorealis) #20

Thanks for the episode everyone!

First: Adam, do you know there are two-headed giraffes in 3.5e? I didn't see any in 5e at first glance, but it seems like it might be something that could come up.

Second: Do all followers of the Tower have tattoos like Hassan? Will Old Man Berg? If so, I know a place by the docks that does some high-quality work...