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[E33 Q&A] Trials of Justice


(AngelCorp) #41

I dont remember that being the goal either, just something Azriel mused about in an episode.

(AngelCorp) #42

Yeah, I'm just defensive about it because I personally know some people that won't play them because they've had bad experienced with people thinking that bards are REQUIRED to sing or be artsy, and it's possible to be so many other things than just a pigeonholed stereotype. Not that there's anything wrong with being the singing lute playing bard character, but that bards have other options and everytime people are like, o jeez you should play a bard you can sing o hey sing for us o hey youre a performer it just feels super limiting on all the other cool things a bard CAN be.

(Tent316) #43

is the second part of the vod working for anyone? Hasn't worked for me for the last couple days :cry: Wanted to see the SPOILERS

Epic blowup between Berg and Azriel

(sythmaster) #44

I had that issue and someone told me to change quality settings and change the settings back and it worked.

Weird fix I know, shrug though.

Hope it works!

(AdamKoebel) #45

It is always possible to ask the fates to help you better understand your circumstances.

(BleuSuns) #46

Thank you for a great session, I had a question about inspirations @AdamKoebel

From what I understood, playing your character (ideals flaws etc) can give you inspiration, and we saw how it plays and can create advantages for the party, but I don't think you gave more than 10 to the players in a over 130 hours campaign.

Considering they RP the shit out of their characters, is there a particular reason for it?

(TheDesec) #47

they don't use it up fast enough to be rewarded new inspiration. they can not have 2 inspiration. inspiration is binary. have it, or don't. their use of it and them being rewarded new inspiration has to fit the narrative. it is about timing. they don't get into combat straight after they get inspiration. it is less likely they get new inspiration during a 3 hour battle, when they discuss tactics and roll dice and describe their actions, and it's not possible to stash more than one inspiration, even if it's a 4 hour RP session that could easily grant 100+ inspirations.

(Olf_Himself) #48

Perhaps they've been saving their Inspiration for battle a bit too much. Skill checks seems to be their weak spot so maybe they should make use of them more during RP episodes so they can pass those checks and also refresh the inspiration points more often.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #49

This episode was :itmejp10: . The fight between Azriel and Berg was some great RP @DansGaming & @GassyMexican

(corran1189) #50

The other reason is that he house ruled inspiration to be based off roleplaying the fortunes they draw, but they never do that.

(TheDesec) #51

that's what I was saying, in a way :wink:

(Zandivya) #52

I know Adam wouldn't do this but I've heard of a homebrew rule on inspiration which I rather like. Every session is started with zero inspiration and then you can accumulate as much as you want in that session. It means players are mechanically encouraged to rp and spend insp.

As Adam said in the patreon vid, rp isn't actually an important part of the mechanisms of DnD, but I think the game would be rather boring without it and this helps encourage that a bit more.

(DoctorScience37) #53

The Apology of Emperor Fei is the coolest name for a weapon ever, can I ask how you came up with it @AdamKoebel ?

(AdamKoebel) #54

I made up the lore behind it and then a snappy name that fit. There is a whole story about Emperor Fei waiting to be told!

(DriftedIsland84) #55

I was thinking this was the case ever since the Snidge arc, but this episode just confirmed my suspicions.

(TheDesec) #56

Wait, is this all made up?

(Olf_Himself) #57

This whole thing with Berg's power sounds like some Unseelie Court shenanigans. Will the party soon have a run in with the Queen of Air and Darkness?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #58

It's actually all based on Adam's real life experiences.

(TheDesec) #59

That's what I thought!

(Skumfisken) #60

Just wanna complimente Max on the ragefull outburst at the end. Can't explain it too well, but the timing and choice of words just felt extremely well picked, perfectly capturing my mental picture Berg. Fucking great job dude!