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[E33 Q&A] Trials of Justice


(TheDesec) #21

Can @AnneMunition's character be a cleric/priest/paladin of J U S T I C E? She would make it rain from above like no one else before her!!!

(Darkvlagor) #22

If each character was under a great arcana, I'd say that Azriel is the Hanged for failling to his task, Berg the Tower because where ever he goes his shackle or the taint of the Mara will fuck shit up, and Black Gale the Fool discovering the World.
The Hanged, The Damned and The Fool :adamwizard:

I bet that Azriel wants to do good deeds so he can ascend to Heaven again, and that's why he hangs out with Berg. He kinda survey the travel of Berg's soul because he met him at the end of his quest. I think he considered this meeting as a sign of the Fountain for his "redemption quest". And you can feel the saltiness in the roleplay :itmejplol: "Why do I have to take care of this dumb orc" kinda vibe !

It's an hypothesis of course, but sessions like these give great insight on the character.

So I don't think that characters are uninteresting, we just need some times to develop the depth of their belief. Of course if those question aren't adressed it's gonna be tricky.
And it's hard in a dungeon grinding campaign, let's not forget that this campaign is heavy mechanism oriented and the guests are the narrative hooks to explore new lore/dungeons rather than indepth central plot exploration !

It would be possible with a guest that would stay more than 4 sessions tho :thinking:

(Twitch: uzling) #23

Berg is life. No CoS without the loving stupid no brain orc boy! I just love Berg to much.. every time its close to poor old Berg going down im like... hellz no.. Berg is CoS leave him alone for the love of god. Amazing RP from everyone, but leave Berg alone :slight_smile:

(Zandivya) #24

The reason her chat may have wanted Anne to play a bard is because she's actually a pretty good singer and does play the guitar. However, I do understand why normal players may feel pressure to be performative and resent it.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #25

Especially if those players watched Lord Wyman from R&D or Scanlan from Critical Role.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #26

@itmeJP @AdamKoebel Part 2 of the Twitch VOD isn't loading, I'm stuck in suspense here. People are talking about all kinds of crazy shit in this thread and I have no idea what's going on. I want to watch the Patreon video as well but don't want to spoil it.

(tblol) #27

This episode was pure gold! Thank you Adam & Cast.

(tblol) #28

try swiching video quality from auto to any other


(Twitch: eyearcana) #29

I tried that it doesn't work. Does it work for you?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #30

I spoke to soon, it's working now!

(Twitch: eyearcana) #31

Wow that last 20 minutes was bananas! Excellent RP by Max and @DansGaming. It was super intense , another great episode. I cannot wait for next week!

(drorel3) #32

Great Episode everyone! this one earned my Patreonage along with my already 26 months subscribtion!
Cant wait for Ann to discipline you fools :itmejphype: :itmejphappy:

(phobiarg) #33

When I first started watching D&D I would always skip the heavy RP segments just to get into the combat stuff. CoS is great for that because the combat is so intense and meaningful. But as time has gone on I have fallen in love with some of these characters. The RP element of CoS has quickly become one of my favorite aspects of the show and has made me rewatch entire episodes just to pick up more lore. I now have an interest in the characters themselves rather than just the personalities behind them.

When Max created Velimir I was so happy, finally he had a character that wasn't poorly statted and wasn't just a joke. During Day9's guest appearance Berg slowly became my absolute favorite character. The never say die, enduring character that against all odds survives. From limping his way through the gnome cave to being beaten but not broken in the drug pyramid Berg always keeps the party alive and always seems to do it while barely hanging on.

Max's voice effects and personality for him really make Berg the most intrinsic character in CoS. We have had many characters come and go but Berg needs to stay, he shouldn't be removed unless he is killed mechanically during combat. Please don't RP Berg away he is far too awesome to watch.


On a side note, that was an absolutely awesome interaction between @DansGaming and @GassyMexican. You both knocked it out of the park with this one.

(disusedgenius) #34

Nope - It wasn't working for me on the desktop and had to use the mobile app, in a strange twist of fate.

(UmbraSanctum) #35

I hope, against all suspicion that Azriel is pretty clearly going to grasping hands to get in to contact with Kukrit, that Berg remains. He's a staple of this show now. And it is so rare to have a character in the show react to NPC's being rude with legit indignation. I get that Azriel felt guilty, and I'm not disputing the character's actions, I think Dan is playing Azriel superbly. It would impact me, however, very greatly if Max no longer played Berg.

Also as a side to @AdamKoebel, is it possible to go to a fortune teller before making important decisions for advice? Or even to redefine relationships between PC's? Or are they stuck with what they currently have?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #36

What if Azriel sets up Berg and turns him over to the other group behind his back? I don't think they'd ever do that on this show but that would be crazy.

(banned) #37

They can, but the players generally only get a reading for a new character entrance.

Feasibly they can get a reading before every town leaving if I remember.

(phobiarg) #38

I wonder if Dan wants to roll a new character and is trying to find a way out of Azriel through RP rather than just saying hes dropping the character.

(Blisz_) #39

Azriels goal has been to take down The Abbot though. And probaly still is. That's why they made friends with Grasping Hands becasue he has connections with The Abbot.

(Kol_Saresk) #40

I forget. Why does Azriel want to take down the Abbot again?