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[E33 Q&A] Trials of Justice


(AdamKoebel) #1

that RP so amazing! a great lore episode too!

(sinderfell) #2

Well, that escalated quickly.

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #3

Damn do I love these RP filled episodes! Great job by everyone, especially Max with that soul piercing yelling.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #4

If the party split and went their separate ways, who would Gale go with?

(sinderfell) #5

My money's on the noodle shop owner.

(Liefington) #6

Man, I'm gonna need to cool down after that ending

back in a happier time when Berg was getting a disguise

Air Genasi

pimpin the twitter
< >

(TwilightBorealis) #7

So today we established that there are 12 members of the mara. Let's see if we can name them all!
1. (confirmed) The Doctor/doktor
2. (speculation)The Boneswordsman
3. (speculation)The DOOMsayer
4. (speculation)The PARTY
5. (speculation)The Broken Monk
6. (speculation)The Carbs and Carnal
7/8. (speculation)The Brothers
9.(speculation)The Childsblight
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???

Also, #teamBerg.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #8

#teamBerg all the way

(Olf_Himself) #9

Where were you when Berg was confirmed to be the Dragon Reborn, Lews Therin Telamon once again made flesh?

(Liefington) #10


(geooceanshaper) #11

I'm on #TeamAzrielBecauseHe'sDoingTheRightThingButHeWasAlsoVeryRudeToBergAndShouldApologise

(geooceanshaper) #12

I think he'd quit, go back to the rookery. First he'd tell them that the whole disagreement is dumb that they're idiots, or whatever Poe would say.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #13

Barbarian would probably win against a Paladin

(GYnarraS) #14

If Berg were to get sent off on his own, or was given to a bounty hunter or just taken back to his old owner, would they give him a new character to portray, or would he keep playing as Berg?

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #15

Is there any concern future guests might have a hard time understanding their character mechanically as the party progresses to higher levels and the abilities/features of higher level characters get more complicated? If I was semi-new to 5e, starting a character at level 5, I might feel a little overwhelmed at figuring out what my character can and can't do. Some of my long-term players still have a hard time remembering and they've been playing their character since level 1.

Edit: Although thinking about it most of the guests are seasoned players so probably won't be much of an issue.

(TwilightBorealis) #16

It is a fair point, but I'm sure the other players and Adam are willing to help the guests out with the intricacies of their classes.

(AngelCorp) #17

I don't know that I care particularly about Berg specifically, but I'm so interested in what's inside him and the probably elf connection/mara associated with it and possible look into more of the history of this world; I would be very bummed if we don't get to see the end of that because of conflict with Azriel's character. Especially since I really don't care for azriel's character at all.

The current party since they got done with the gnome quest really just hasn't had a whole lot tying it together aside from the meta "we're all players playing this game together so let's pretend", in the same way that new party members just sort of fall in because the primary goal is getting the players in not really having them "fit" with rollplaying. I don't think that's bad or indicative of anything, if anything it gives more avenues for exploration and development. But the current group...I haven't felt like they've really had a goal or driving force in a long while. They sort of float with tasks assigned to them.

Black Gale is experiencing human culture and the outside world so he's sort of a tag a long.
Berg is an ex-slave sort of mercenary that abandoned that master too (who probably just has a bounty on his head because hes a liability to the court of swords and Berg hasn't made any attempt to communicate with him) and really doesn't have any goals other than getting his shackle off at the moment (at least not declared).
Azriel hates the Mara but his current situation has nothing to do with the mara or sniffing out the mara or mara corruption really (though I guess potentially he COULD find that corruption in the city and maybe the mara in Berg, if he doesn't decide Berg's a burden to be gotten rid of)

I want a guest that doesn't have a branching new quest to throw the party in a direction so things can get more fleshed out and start to revolve around more central plotlines, but I really feel that the party actually just doesn't function until they have a guest to give them a specific purpose, because outside of that purpose there's really no reason for the three of them to be together.

Either way I do love the rollplaying episodes. It's super entertaining to watch the party interpret things and work through situations and problem solve and use the space creatively.

also forcing bards to rollplay as singing floosies just sucks and is part of the reaon people hate playing bards. it's the same type of awful stereotyping paladins get. bards are spies and merchants and soldiers and travellers and maybe singers if they want, and in the realm of this RP probably fortune tellers also.

(Force508) #18

You did the thing! :itmejphappy: :itmejp10:

(thyL) #19

Is it a limit of the spell, the race, Jubs himself, did Adam rule or did JP decide for himself that he can't mimic the words he used when the spell was active?
Or will we see this in the future as a surprise? :smiley:

(Fimbulwolf) #20

Am I the only one that is not getting the part 2 twitch VOD to load?