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[E33 Q&A] Trials of Justice


(putridcheese) #61

Daym... what an episode. I think I played Amok Time too soon.

(Decidophobia) #62

It was a really neat show, the roleplay was on point today

I hope that, the other band of adventurers get bounties put on them because they burned down that blacksmith which should be a major deal, this isn't some small town, and while properly not the only blacksmith, this is the main city for the Count of Coins in this valley, an it should effect the entire city and cause troubles with a lot of higher ups as the lower levels need to now move up to get they tools and repairs, and will now slow down a lot of work around the city.

(pepryce) #63

Loving everything about Court of Swords at the moment - it's so interesting when the group dynamic isn't 'let's all be friends together' all the time. Thank you to everyone involved! (Sooo much good fanart as well!)

(DBCrumpets) #64

Just want to compliment Max for his RP of Berg. By far the best character in Court of Swords, even if he's a little dumb.

(Typoko) #65

Against all odds the poorly statted half orc barbarian has outlived other characters and manages to be extremely interesting even when the race/class combo might make one think otherwise. :itmejp10:

This bunch of four players have really grown to a good group. Being able to express strong emotions and still have it be and feel comfortable outside of the game isn't something that can be accomplished with everyone.

(AdamKoebel) #66

I am beginning to think Berg : Court of Swords :: Piani : Swan Song

(banned) #67

That does not bode well for Berg lol.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #68

@AdamKoebel Will you be doing a DM prep session before tomorrow's game? Thanks.

(banned) #69

It's supposed to be the sessin before Anne joins, but I don't remember where that was mentioned.

(AdamKoebel) #70

I'll do Court of Swords GM prep stuff once Anne has a character made so I can prep specifically for her!

(Olf_Himself) #71

I'm so excited for Anne's character. Has she hinted at what she wants to play?

(Paul Robinson) #72

Also looking forward to this. Be interesting to see how she comes into the show with where the cast are off to on their travels.