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[E26 Q&A] I Was Gonna Make an Attack of Opportunity But Then I Got High


(Karamor) #41

I've got a first printing and it's page 197 for stabilizing and spells start with acid splash at page 211.

If you've got an actual book it's possible that you lack pages, if you've got a PDF is it this?

That'd be only the open license basic rules and not the player's handbook.

If you got any other PDF it's a pirated copy anyway.

(banned) #42

That's what I was thinking as well, that's usually the only way you get page variations like that. Not insinuating anything about said person though, just the first thing that came to mind.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #43

That's not entirely true. When the PHB first came out I bought one for myself and I sent one to a PDF scanning company, they cut the book up, scan it and then destroy it. That's perfectly legal. Although a lot of folks probably obtained there's in a more unsavory manner.

(Karamor) #44

Weirdly enough, I'm pretty sure this would be illegal in most of the EU, because you, and that's the fun bit, you are only allowed to make back up copies for personal use as long as you have access to the original.

So, sending it in to scan and get it back would be fine, but this would actually be breaking the contract.

(wolf_brother7) #45

Shooting into a melee coveys half cover (PHB 196).

(Kol_Saresk) #46

Yep. There are digital editions on Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds but they have to be used through the websites if I understand correctly, so its possible those versions might have different page numbers due to the conversions each website used.

(LtSMASH324) #47

@Jewbobicus Day9 made the Ranger look stronger? Was it the fact that he got one attack at most per turn, has no useful skills or spells, and kept missing? He had a +7 or something and didn't hit most of the time.

(disusedgenius) #48

"Lets end it here as I don't want you to leave the room yet"


(Rinion87) #49

Maybe we can hope for some Anguis ex Machina to save the poor party from this tragic fate. Adam wasnt kidding when he said he would have to go around their AC to hurt them, but jeeze!

(banned) #50

I like the fact that basically it isn't an option for this world. No one's gonna come and save them at the end of the day.

Unless they manage to last another session and the new character shows up to help them out. That might work.

(Stormbred) #51

Heyo @AdamKoebel I saw that you were looking for vision rules and did not like how they are kinda all over the place! In the games that I run I send my new players this link, ( ). It has all of the actions you can do in combat broken down into subsections and it has all conditions and special combat rules at the click of a button (With good ole page numbers). I hope this helps you!

(Jewbobicus) #52

Sarcasm. Irony. Humour.

(banned) #53

Difficult to tell over text, might put a kappa or a /s in there.

(Jewbobicus) #54

I was hoping that the statement being the complete opposite of what Snidgey actually did conveyed it. Guess not.

(banned) #55

This is the internet we're talking about.

(Jewbobicus) #56

I'll just have to do better next time.

(Decidophobia) #57

I now wonder how true the story that Azriel's played out with Bird God that stole the sun, and the angel that wonder the violet darkness to get the sun again from the Trickster Bird God.

The giant snake is totally real.

(AngelCorp) #58

I mean I wouldn't say it's improbable even, really. They're in a snake temple. It could be a longer operation but it could be new, and those mushrooms might be sacred to the snake people's goddess. Critical for vision quests or whatever. They could be leading an incursion into the temple to deal with the lizardmen currently (or watching over the place for their moment).

It would be absolutely hysterical if they TPK-d and start in a different part of the region altogether though.

(Twitch: baron_netic) #59

Azriel is tripping, man!

(Insomnia131) #60

This was the first thing in my head while watching that part.