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[E26 Q&A] I Was Gonna Make an Attack of Opportunity But Then I Got High


(Typoko) #61

I'm not certain if one should gain advantage on the grenades based on someone not seeing them when they have no stake in the interaction between the grenade and the floor that they are targeting. Sounds fishy. I'm pretty sure trees make the same noise when they fall even if no one is there to hear it.

Tho, i must say that in general throwing in to a square that someone is occupying should almost be with advantage as you can hit them or the square. shrug

The Doge spam movement is pretty silly anyways. Maybe dodge movement dancing could be known as "Doing the Doge"?

(VyRe40) #62

That's an interesting argument. How do you surprise attack the ground?

(Typoko) #63

I would imagine ground has pretty bad passive perception. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kol_Saresk) #64

Ah, but the ground cannot perceive something until it is in contact with the ground. Therefore being hit with a flying object is always a surprise.:coolstorybob:

(Decidophobia) #65

The advantage on stealth shouldn't effect the throw into a square as the square cannot be stealth attacked as the square cannot react to the attack anyway, but due to that holds a flat AC of 10. (You can't surprise the ground, you can only surprise something that can be surprised)

Also if the square is being attack wouldn't it follow that the person in said square can make a 'reaction' save(eg, Str, Dex and so on) to avoid it or reduce the effects of the attack on the square, as one does with spells to reduce the damage or effect?

If not wouldn't it be possible to build a grenadier character that only attacks DC 10 to hit anything.

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #66

Pretty good! I thought Cyriak too, This is what i went to.

(Typoko) #67

Let's be honest, DC 10 is still absurdly high for someone to hit a 5ft square with something that is reasonable to throw for 20 ft. Especially when it's possible to miss really wildly. DC 10 is 75% success rate for someone who has +5.

Anything that would be considered grenadier faces the difficulty that grenades most likely cost quite a few gold per throw. They also need to be able to carry them safely and by weight.

Not every kind of poison gives you chance to reduce the effect. IMHO those that do not should be high level stuff or have really low effect. For example 3d4 from flying snakes (1/8 CR) is crazy.