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[E26 Q&A] I Was Gonna Make an Attack of Opportunity But Then I Got High


(AdamKoebel) #1

then i got high
then i got high


(Jewbobicus) #2

Holy crap another great episode gang! Was so crazy! I'm looking forward to the next episode for sure!

@gassymexican (what's the proper @ for this?) When you first rolled berg you seemed pretty put out by the shit rolls for his stats. How about now? What are you feelings on Berg? He just doesn't want to die.

@AdamKoebel You may have noticed chat freaking out over the Jar throwing. What exactly was behind that? If that happened in a game it sure would feel like bullshit. Is it more just a (subjectively) shitty way that the rules are written?

Either way, it was a fantastic episode! I totally thought everyone was going to die, or at least all of Berg's friends would die again.

(GunsnBlazes) #3

How does it feel on your end to almost TPK? (It's very nerve-racking on our end)

(AdamKoebel) #4

The rules I was using for grenades are that you roll vs. AC 10 to hit the square you want. Then if you miss, you roll a d6/2 and a d8 for distance and direction of the miss. Then it does the thing in that square, depending on size, etc.

The dodge action applies disadvantage against any attack on you which I didn't make - the floor wasn't dodging. Attacking from a hidden position gives you advantage on any attack roll, he was hidden so advantage. Though, it's dumb because an inanimate object like "the floor" probably should always give you advantage against it.

Attacking inanimate objects makes shit all fiction-blurry. D&D isn't perfect, so we go with what makes sense in the moment. We can't stop and debate forever, you know? Make due with what we get. I'll probably ponder that v specific scenario and make a permanent ruling.

(UmbraSanctum) #5

What would have been your plan, had the party either left to camp out the top, or remained in the entrance area down below?

(AdamKoebel) #6

pretty used to the idea now, ngl

(AdamKoebel) #7

Hmm, well, eventually a scout would have climbed up out of the pyramid to see what all the chaos was about. If the PCs just left, the drug operation would have continued and someone would have come from [REDACTED] to check in and would learn about the PCs and what happened.

(Possibly Batman) #8

Hot damn that episode was awesome! Amazing as always @AdamKoebel @DansGaming @itmeJP and @gassymexican. Also, Berg holding the line there at the end was spectacular. Hats off :itmejptip:

(Jewbobicus) #9

Thanks for the response! I don't own the handbook so I had no idea what was really behind it. On one hand it's a nifty way to negate the bullshit bonuses that PCs can have, on the other it can look really, as you said, fiction-blurry which makes it feel not nice.

I for one am glad that you guys just powered through the situation, and IMO the end result was pretty awesome!

(UmbraSanctum) #10

In the future, in place of the dodge action when the pc's know they're faced with splash weapons, would you allow them to ready an action to dash out of the way?

(wazin10) #11

So Adam, if berg would have not had so much testicular fortitude, and decided to surrender, would you have killed them?

(AdamKoebel) #12

I suppose we'll never know!

(Twitch: x_Deathscythe) #13

@AdamKoebel I am curious about your decision of attack after the scout rolled to see if he would give up or stay in the fight. When he rolled a 17 and he was staying in the fight, you decided to do one attack on Azriel and one attack on Berg instead of both on Azriel like you were doing before.

(wazin10) #14

Thats fair, love the show. Follow up question; what was your inspiration for this whole scene? With the lizard men, and the dinosaur, and now a crazy tunnel system/drug den?

(darqueshadow) #15

How long have you been playing D&D? What are some of the things you have liked/disliked with the changes from one edition of D&D up to 5e? (started D&D less than a year ago)

(TwoToneTerran) #16

You only make stealth checks against enemies and gain advantage against attacking them. Unless he was stealthing against the...floor's passive perception he wouldn't have advantage to hit it. You can't sneak up on an inanimate object. Advantage on an attack from hiding from someone is on them just as much as dodging is on them. You don't get advantage if you successfully hide from one target, but then attack another target.

He'd have advantage if he was throwing it at a target that failed to see him. Unless you think everyone should always have advantage to hit inanimate targets because of course it can't move out of the way/see you. If that's the case then hiding shouldn't be a necessary part of that advantage, which is where the chat confusion came from. At least for me it did.

All that said, a 5 should hit a targeted square anyhow. A spot on the floor shouldn't have AC 10 -- AC 10 is what people with normal dexterity have as their baseline. A Floor is essentially a 0 Dex target, so 10 - 5 is a 5 to hit. Though if you're using grenade rules I believe DMG grenade rules are just make a dex save to avoid getting hit and it assumes the grenade always hits the right square.

(phobiarg) #17

Excellent episode, I hope they survive, I love these characters so much.

(AdamKoebel) #18

you know, you'd probably have to ask a therapist about that.

(AdamKoebel) #19

I've been playing D&D since 1993, and have played every edition. I think Moldvay is my favourite, but 5e is pretty good. Certainly the only version of modern D&D that I'd be willing to GM. It's pretty good, aside from a few edge cases here and there. Also the Ranger sucks and Inspiration is garbage.

(Olf_Himself) #20

God, this episode was too stressful. I'm so worried for next week.