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[E14 Q&A] Snidges


(Darkvlagor) #81

Worst :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmref: a Rule Lawyering Scum

(Karamor) #82

You are completely correct. I didn't check the book last night and confused it with friends.

(Twitch: johnnyt80) #83

Yeah I hope that since they're not starting in a town that Adam lets him know the longbow is disadvantage and allows him to "sell" it and buy a short bow.

(TwoToneTerran) #84

I meant corebook Favored Enemy is useless as a class feature. How much a particular favored enemy shows up is GM discretion more than anything.

(banned) #85

Ah I understand now.

(Quillington) #86

Hey Adam, I know JP will ask this sooner or later but will you allow Day9's gnome to ride Gideon when he is shapeshifted?

(Possibly Batman) #87

YES!! I was waiting for this question :smiley:

(AdamKoebel) #88

my main darkvlagor with the citations

(AdamKoebel) #89

Yes. Yes I absolutely will.

(Quillington) #90

That's great! I can't wait to see this happen. I also hope that the gnome survives until the live show, it would be great to see Day9 trying to cosplay that character.

(Zandivya) #91

You can't be a folk hero without riding a bear into battle at least once.

(sythmaster) #92

Whats better is that I believe the Gnome randomly rolled something for riding as well. (Folk Hero thing? )

(Liorean) #93

The VOD Persnidgetron creation isn't up yet, so I can't double check, but doesn't he have Animal Handling? Does that do anything for his riding ability?

(TwoToneTerran) #94

One of his abilities is animal handling.

Though it might be an acrobatics check to stay on a beast not suited for being ridden, since Gideon isn't really an animal and doesn't need to be cajoled into proper movement.

(AdamKoebel) #95

Riding is a tool proficiency, which he definitely has!

(Karamor) #96


Welcome (back) NPC who suspiciously speaks like Thuy.

(Ground_control) #98

According to the rule (page 144) you can resell your perfect state long bow for half its 50 gold pieces value and use the 25gp to buy a brand new full price short bow(25gp).

(Darkvlagor) #99

I thought that only "driving vehicles" was a tool profenciency :confused: (p155 btw)
The only clear entry about "riding" is on "Animal Handling" p178

Animal Handling. When there is any question
whether you can calm down a domesticated animal,
keep a mount from getting spooked, or intuit an animal’s
intentions, the DM might call for a W isdom (Animal
Handling) check. You also make a Wisdom (Animal
Handling) check to control your mount when you attempt
a risky maneuver.

So riding a druid metamorph carrying shitbags around is a bit different, but it really depends on the situation and it's clear it's left to interpretation. I guess we'll have to improvise on that one :itmejpgmlol:

(Kol_Saresk) #100

Just do a flat dexterity save to see if they can hang on lol

(Twitch: eyearcana) #101

@Darkvlagor You're right it is a tool proficiency, Folk Hero grants a choice of land vehicle on PG. 131 of the PHB. Normally you would pick something like horse and carriage I would imagine. I would be cool with saying he could ride animals though for his proficiency, no need to overthink that one in my opinion.