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[E14 Q&A] Snidges


(Rinion87) #102

I suspect thematically its a bit easier if said animal is actual a person and actually cooperating, as opposed to training a regular tiger to be ridden

(happylittlelark) #103

Well you can't spell Ranger with RNG and Sean is the master of RNG

(Appaomega) #104

Noticed that day9 only rolled one personality trait, but typically characters get two personality traits,

(Samstein_) #105

As predicted, Seans wizard didnt last very long, the instadeath was suprising though! But judging from what Gideon and Berg said, I doubt that they would heal him? It was for the best!

I've never laughed so much, watching roleplay before, it was really hard for me to drag myself to the bed at hour2 (midnight in Sweden). I think the group needs a person that doesnt take everything so seriously,like Geoff and Sean! I look forward to see the gnome in action! Much Love.

(Shatterzero) #106

At this point, Kukrit probably thinks that they're just killing each other and gives zero fucks.

(Kol_Saresk) #107

Funnily enough, wouldn't that be Dan/Ramus' fault for telling JP to search the ash pile?