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[E14 Q&A] Snidges


(AdamKoebel) #1

welcome day9tv to the chaos!

(Vantrasa) #2

Can gideon cut his finger off and give the ring to the others ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

(SoberCreativity) #3

Will you be using the new ranger updates they put out, for him?

(MarikBentusi) #4

Fanart reposts. Via Twitter:

(TwoToneTerran) #5

How in the goddamn hell did he randomly roll a NEARLY PERFECT Ranger? He got the best Ranger background, a good ranger race (only elf races are better, imo), amazing skills. The only "negative" thing is his favored enemy isn't very good, but favored enemy is useless anyhow!

An actual question, would his COMPLETELY FUCKING RANDOM skill in Cartography mean he might have a map of this area? That'd be a great way to incorporate him into the party, since they were already looking for a guide before they left.

Also, is this whole crazy Gnome Civil War thing now a weird part of the CoS universe canon? Could that even be a thing that comes up?

(TheDesec) #6

Writing these questions while the show is running:

  • Do the players glow when they get xp?
  • Can we call Sean "Mr. Giggles" or "the Gigglefit"? Such a joyfull man, gotta love him! :itmejpheart:
  • Can Zawaz command the others to do stuff with the ring? I feel like it was hinted! Or is he just protected? Let me ret-con. Could Zawaz have commanded the others to do stuff with the ring? Well, we saw Gideon try out the punishment, maybe that's how you make a slave do your bidding!

Sean, Mr. Day9! I'm neither a StarCraft, nor a Hearthstone person, so I rarely watched you - I'm a Day9 person as of today.
RIP Zawaz, he was fun! Long live R(a)NG(er) Persnidgetron Torbidger, the heroic folk hero!
He shoots from below and aaaaall the ladies want it! :revolving_hearts:
Snidges get stitches! :bow_and_arrow:

at first we were like:

:itmejps: :itmejpgm::itmejpgmtpk:

but then we were like:


Great show, everyone!

:bear: Da Bears! :bear:

(kingofgriffons) #7

Snidgetron is the best. I need to see him conquer the Rock Gnome King and place himself on the thrown

(wolf_brother7) #8

Actually, there's a pretty big downside to being a gnome ranger. Namely that Rangers come with a Longbow by default, but Longbows have the Heavy tag, and Gnomes are Small creatures, therefore day9 will have disadvantage on all his longbow attacks. Forever.

(Wodger) #9

He's going to have disadvantage on all longbow attacks :frowning:

(Ty_martinez) #10

Adam I feel a though after you played Grigori his dark gods fueled your dice rolls to be amazing and Grigori's spirit leads to killing off the weak to make the others strong. So Adam with volo's guide out will we see more stuff added like some of the new races and stuff like that?

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #11

As I keep saying, persnidgetron torbidger sounds like a Warforge name tinfoil hat

(TwoToneTerran) #12

Ah, fair. Needs to find a shortbow.

(irish451) #13

Holy shit, Sean lived up to the hype. The whole episode was great, I actually really enjoyed the character building that each group of 2 did in town, the action at the end was great, and Sean was a great sport about the whole dying immediately thing. I was laughing so hard during that character creation that I almost passed out.

I'm really hoping that they find a way to get the ring off for the other two so that they can ditch the bracers and go on a quest to kill the evil rock gnome king and his army of constructs. It would be the perfect sidequest to encompass Sean's run, then if he does leave they can go back to the main story like the whole experience was some whacked out acid trip.

(Karamor) #14

He can't use longbows. Too short.

@AdamKoebel I think you forgot a charm use when calculating the number of spells the Koebold used and shouldn't he have rolled concentration?

(AdamKoebel) #15

he can, but with disadvantage

(irish451) #16

Nice touch on the "9 of kidneys", lol.

(Ehbon) #17

Well hold on now, it is probably a longbow for gnomes. I have no idea what that would be considered, probably a shortbow. There's simply no way his ranger special weapon he gets without rolling would be something his race can't use.

(Rinion87) #18

I really hope Snidgetron lives long enough to have his ultimate showdown with the evil rock gnome king, who probably rides a larged construct with an immaculatly carved throne for a head. That, or maybe Snidge is a construct all along.

Amazing episode though, cant wait for next week! Well worth staying up crazy EU times for.

(KidCronos) #19

That episode was too amazing for words. :itmejp10::itmejp10::itmejp10: I almost can't believe how Zawaz died, It almost felt like something from a cartoon: "Let me show you REAL magic!", and then was incinerated by real magic. :itmejpgm::itmejpgmtpk:

That character creation was just hilarious! @AdamKoebel you have to kill that gnome before he becomes more powerful than we can imagine, I'll even sub to you if you do (I'll eventually sub regardless though; money is tight atm).

Was going to ask how Kukrit (think I got the name right) will react to ANOTHER person dying, but that's assuming they don't figure out how the ring works and flee or something.

Just remembered to edit for spoilers.

(Karamor) #20

Ok, fine.

Yes, he can. It is silly, though.