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[E14 Q&A] Snidges


(AdamKoebel) #41

it sure was! i love having more options for monsters!

(Ehbon) #42

No kidding, if Adam doesn't rule that its a gnome sized longbow his perfectly rolled character is basically ruined.

(Dasdagger) #43

I'm getting mine in 2-4 days and I can't wait to add the new mobs in my campaign :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright: :itmejphype:

(Karamor) #44

Well, he can just get a shortbow somewhere. That's really not an uncommon weapon.

(Karamor) #45

Shooting a 2d6 ray at a one HP wizard was a bit mean.

(AdamKoebel) #46

i'm a dick that way.

(TheDesec) #47

they tossed a coin! :itmejploot:

(Ehbon) #48

While that is true, they are in the middle of the forest and on a mission and all of the villages around are hostile. Not to mention its a pretty irritating situation when the creators of the game overlooked something so gnome rangers weapon is useless.

(Karamor) #49

Book's full of that shit. GM discretion is advised.

(Woadwise) #50

I can't put my finger on why, but CoS was falling a little bit stale for me. It is a universe and cast that excites me greatly, but something put me off. Maybe the pacing? I'm :itmejphappy: for what Snidges, the gnome war, etc. may have in store for us! Renewed excitement. :itmejp10:

(Karamor) #51

Chat wondered how much of a bonus you got wired from JP for the ring transfer.

(Ehbon) #52

I hope our benevolent dm overlord is willing to make the longbow a gnome sized longbow (shortbow) because its sort of unfair otherwise. Gnome ranger begins a campaign and the only weapon he automatically gets is too big for him, doesn't make for the best story in my mind. Quite frankly it doesn't make sense that he would ever pick up a longbow to begin with.

(makath_astrun) #53

It was meant to be... Persnidgetron simply had to exist.

(Olf_Himself) #54

This was the plan all along right? All for the sake of creating Persnidgetron.

(Sardren) #55

Amazing Episode and even more magnificent Random Character creating.

Any hope for Daty9 to get a shortbow instead of a longbow. Consiodering that the PHB and even its Errata totally forgot that halflings and gnomes can be Rangers too.

Also there were in chat and here some mentions of the UA ranger. I know it isn't official yet, but if Day9 ever gets to play its ranger to 3rd level, then the UA version has an actually working version of beast master ranger instead the dysfunctional PHB one. Just an alternative to consider, when it ever comes to this.

(Blisz_) #56

I love how serious the setting is in CoS but at the same time would be crazy fun to see the show take a turn and it's now about the rise and fall of the Evil Gnome King Tyrell (Bladerunner refence).

Jokes aside really enjoyed the show, love the world and lore Adam!

(trivialmind) #57

Man I kept hoping "Percy" would catch on as a short form of Sean's new character's name.

Also, did Zawaz have "Shield" at this disposal just before he got incinerated? Though that might have meant missing out on the madness that was the RNG creation of Percy.

Thanks to whole crew for making a great show. Still looking forward to finding out what happened to Thuy and the mess surrounding the Necromancer King(??).

(Ehbon) #58

He used his magic missile spell already and I think he only gets one spell at first level so I don't think he could have.

Edit: Nvm he had two first level spells, don't know if he had access to shield though.

(Kolwezi) #59

Holy crap this episode made me laugh a lot. That character creation process had me in stitches.

But yeah, like other people have said it doesn't make sense at all for him to get a longbow as a gnome. I would definitely rule it as him getting a shortbow instead (I mean, it's cheaper even).

Although I realize there's a strong chance that Sean would prefer the idea of a gnome using a weapon that's too big for him.

(Kolwezi) #60

He did have Shield, if I remember correctly. This outcome was so much funnier, however, so I don't mind him forgetting it at all.