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[E14 Q&A] Snidges


(Ehbon) #21

Does anyone else want our new ranger friend to become a permanent member of the cast? I mean the gods laid out a perfect rng ranger for Sean to use if this isn't a sign I have no idea what is.

P.S. Anyone notice the viewcount jump up to 5400 at the end?

(makath_astrun) #22

And there's no feat he could take at level 4 to allow him to use heavy weapons?

(TwoToneTerran) #23

If he doesn't die it'd be cool for him to possibly be a recurring character. I still think it's in the best interests of the show to rotate out eventually, as much as we all love Day9. Not sure Day9 was planning to permanently commit, either.

(Ehbon) #24

Wouldn't it make sense that it is a gnome sized longbow? I mean this is the single weapon he didn't roll for and its something he basically can't use? Can't it just be a longbow for gnomes aka a shortbow?

(Unfortunatename) #25

Am i right in saying that had zawaz lived then splitting the xp JP and Dan would have missed lvl3 by about 10xp?

Zawaz took 0 xp, tanked a few hits and gave the group a ring of freedom. MVP

(Karamor) #26

Should be a shortbow, but by the book no choice given.

Let's see if Sean rolls with that punch.

(wolf_brother7) #27

Its a Longbow, and yes his Ranger special weapon isn't something he can use effectively as a Gnome. Huge oversight on WoTC's part.

(Ehbon) #28

I think the argument there is that its a longbow for gnomes, I mean if there is really no way to get anything else for your free weapon he should just sell it and buy a different one.

(KidCronos) #29

He is a guest so he'll rotate out eventually (maybe). My question, though probably too soon to ask, is who will be next?

(Ehbon) #30

Kinda ridiculous if its not a Gnomish longbow, hes better off just selling it and buying a shortbow XD

(wolf_brother7) #31

Level 4 is a long ways off from level 1, and Sean won't be guest staring long enough to make it that far regardless if he's on for the same amount that Geoff was.

(Karamor) #32

Edited, see above for a better answer.

(AdamKoebel) #33

Nah, I'm not familiar enough with them and they're not actually officially published anywhere yet.

(AdamKoebel) #34

It absolutely is. There are two gnomish factions who are at war in the setting, now. That's a real thing.

(Karamor) #35

@makath_astrun No feat like that in the player's handbook. This isn't 3.5 or PF.

(Ehbon) #36

I edited my post a bit. Regardless it would be a bit ridiculous if the only thing he didn't roll for is the thing that handicaps him, that is kind of a player death sentence.

(AdamKoebel) #37

yeah! I think there's some really cool shit in there for sure.

(AdamKoebel) #38

I kind of feel like we need to make this happen now.

(makath_astrun) #39

That's a huge oversight...

(Dasdagger) #40

I think the kobold sorcerer was an addition from volo's guide to monsters actually because they aren't in the Monster Manual, so we're already seing it now woah