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[COURT OF SWORDS LIVE LIVE SHOW // E63 Q&A] One Hard Night in the City of Brass


(Haz9988) #41

Great show “forgive” might be my new favourite roll play moment. Grigori was Cool I remember @AdamKoebel on a stardew valley stream saying the way that he wanted the west marches PCs to become dark gods. i’m glad he got to do that in court of swords.:adamwizard:

(DesmondDentresti) #42

I believe that Tulpa’s Conduit is not a “terrestrial” magic item. I believe the entire hammer has become, [spoiler]like the psionic power armor of the Farang,[/spoiler] a construct of Tulpa’s creation.

Though I believe Tulpa has metabolised enough magic from the false fountain to blend his own power with terrestrial magic types so that the hammer still reads as immensely powerful even if it’s power is only 50% detectable.

(Aythers) #43

I wish I was in anyway artistic, because today’s show had so many amazing moments! I have vivid images of them in my head that I won’t forget.

@Ezekiel_III Your enthusiasm was felt throughout the day, and the few crits you had made up for the many fails along the way. Your character pushed the narrative without stealing the show. :thumbsup:

@itmeJP the effort you put in every week to produce the show, and for today with scoots/aureylian’s help, doesn’t go un-noticed. So thank you for that! As for today’s show you supported the group well, and I love your interactions with Ramus!

Apparently Max doesn’t use this…or uses a different username than @gassymexican…but anyway. WOW, hard to say much more than that from the ending. I hope Berg realizes that he doesn’t have to let the bad things that happen to him control how he looks to the future. But what an ending regardless!

@DansGaming THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND… RAMUS!!! Holy hell, what a clutch Command! Your ability to put together the pieces from episodes so long ago is amazing as well. I personally hope Ramus tells the tower to screw themselves, and finds a path more fitting to him and the friends he has gained.

@AdamKoebel From watching the GM prep to seeing it in action, we are not worthy! You push the right buttons, give the players the hard choices, and put the carrot right in front for them to take…but at what cost! Sincerely thank you for DMing this group, you bring out their potential in every episode.

I’m not great at giving everyone their due…but I hope you all realize how lucky you are to be part of something so good. And it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is, without everyone enjoying doing it each week.

So thank you again. I hope the new show coming up can come close to this, because I need more than 2(CR) nights of good RP in my life. Is it Tuesday yet???

(Possibly Batman) #44

Oh shit, I just thought of something awesome. With the Farang seemingly weak to Psychic damage, and Kalimat looking at multi-classing into Bard, he will have access to one of the best (imo) spells of 5e in Disonnant Whispers and be able to really put the hurt on em.

Plus, Zeke as a Bard? Count me in!!

(Bgriffs) #45

Zeke the bard was what I was hoping for when he’d joined the show temporarily. Now that he’s permanent and going bard I’m over the moon excited.

(DesmondDentresti) #46

And an even more fun Cantrip in Vicious Mockery.

Kalimat fighting the invaders with insults alone… I can only dream.

(Pierzing) #47

I'd love to see the bard multiclass get spiced up a little as he somehow now has a connection to the Farang and can tap into that psychic energy for bonus damage against the Farang. I think that might just be a special bonus for Tulpa, but it might be fun.

(AdamKoebel) #48

Thank you so much! :smiley:

(AdamKoebel) #49

The arcana never appear in human form. Or any form, for that matter.

(Twilight_Spark) #50

I’d be grateful if you or someone else wrote a quick spoiler’d synopsis of this. I usually try not to watch the GM Prep videos as I’d rather have the info the players have.

(Pierzing) #51

[spoiler]There is a faction of Heavenly Patrons who realize that joining the Fountain will erase them, so they are trying to avoid it. One of them was the dark being that Ziva saw appear to her after they killed the Lord of Falcons. Ziva has joined them in Heaven through the portal that the stone golem was building.[/spoiler]

(dutrockbridge) #52

I know you do your prep, and take things as they come based on the game being played, but I swear, the amount of epic you seem to be able to generate at just the right time blows my mind. Obviously the players are a huge part of it, but the way you can set the moment (maybe unintentionally) and let the story just flow is amazing.

Thanks for all of your hard work in making this a world I can’t wait to visit every week.


(Zectorman) #53

In that moment, when Berg broke his chains and killed Kukrit, the build up should’ve had Fleetwood Mack’s “The Chain” going off…

But in all seriousness, That was probably the most clutch move i’ve ever seen by a PC on this show, Dan became a legend in one fucking glorious move.

(RehmSleep) #54

What are the implications of this for those who work for or follow The Tower? Is any literal tower thought to be guiding the Servants of The Tower a false icon? Or, do Servants of The Tower function more like a hierarchy where at each level down the belief is that the actions are for The Tower but in reality the person at the top’s motives are actually unknown?

(Joshkie1973) #55

@AdamKoebel The PHB (page 190)

You can also interact with one object or feature of the environment for free, during either your move or your action. For example […] you could draw your weapon as part of the same action you use to attack. If you want to interact with a second object, you need to use your action. Some magic items and other special objects always require an action to use, as stated in their descriptions.

You don’t need to use an action to sheath a weapon… but wait you would need to use an action to then draw the new weapon. So disregared what I was just saying.

[Edited while still watching.] But when JP takes something out of his pack it does not or I dont believe it should take up an attack action.

(mr_tarrasque1) #56

Just for future reference berg only gains exhaustion if he uses his frenzy attack while raging so he should be at one less exhaustion since one of the rages was just used to soak fall damage.

Off from the bickering absolutely fantastic show. So many epic moments.

I really like the development of bergs passenger tupa. His character seems to be coming more and more pronounced. And has shown himself to be an enemy to whatever this incursion is despite being very similar.

(JimB0b0) #57

Berg’s default rage is frenzy, he has to say otherwise

(mr_tarrasque1) #58

That seems like a pretty dishonest way of looking at it. There were no enemies.

(AdamKoebel) #59

This is a rule we set in play ages ago. It’s how it works.

(Twitch: Kotuhi) #60

@AdamKoebel Should they not all of received quest XP for destroying the thing, each group was told by two of the factions to destroy the thing that made the anti-magic bubble