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[COURT OF SWORDS LIVE LIVE SHOW // E63 Q&A] One Hard Night in the City of Brass


(BulldogCFC) #21

Wow! great show, I thought that Berg was done for when Kalimat was running away from the crystal. but then he ended up free of his bracelet. This Battle for the city of brass is gonna be one hell of an arc.

(Partor6) #22

All I can say is something I have been spamming at the end of the live show. This episode was easily a novel/movie - worthy story, like damn, really amazing. :slight_smile:

(simonbaxa) #23

So, could they have bagged the bomb?

(Aythers) #24

Unless Sali shrank the mech, I don’t think the bag is big enough!

(Partor6) #25

I don’t think so, since the bag completely consuming stuff takes a while, even Sali wasn’t devoured instantly, so the bomb wouldn’t have made it into the “void”.

(snip_cz) #26

Ok, this episode was absolutely amazing, I think you guys have outdone yourselves. :itmejp10:

As mentioned the crown jewel was the perfect ending with Ramus / Berg combo. One of the best moments in the entire show, hands down. :itmejpexcite:

The set and production were awesome as well, Scoots and Aureylian are doing great job!

As for the current story, it was clear that both the Immortals and Tower were displeased with the party’s… progress. Was there any realistic chance to prevent the big boom or did the party just had bad luck for everyone to get knocked out? Did they even “make a dent” against the Farang by dispatching that (I assume) patrol and the shielded area? And can we expect to see Inana in the near future, since they didn’t even reach her?

bonus question: Whatever happened to the House of Falcon and Annepires?

Once again thank you for the amazing show. Adam, you’re doing … I guess Fountain’s work. BlessRNG
F O R G I V E :itmejpwtf: :itmejptip:

(VyRe40) #27

Best episode of the show yet! I feel like this is just the beginning of a whole new story for our adventurers…

(Partor6) #28


(Qu4resm4) #29

Check Adam’s GM Prep vod for that :smiley:

(Pierzing) #30

Between the action and the drama, I think that was one of the best episodes of CoS we’ve had. I was freaking out about the anti magic field and Berg fighting the Farang, but javelins saved the day again, just like in the battle with the Rock Gnome King.

I really want to make a thread of the show defining moments we’ve had in the series, and put this somewhere near the top. Dan and Max make such a great team for these moments, like when Azrael told Berg he should sell him back into slavery, and their subsequent fight against the brass dragon. Simply incredible roleplaying on everyone’s part.

What a fucking ending.

(venomousthoughts) #31

No more reincarnation for Kukrit’s soul. It was forfeit to the Mara. He’s beyond fucked.

(Ty_martinez) #32

God this episode I love it and I cant wait to see what happens come tuesday cuz I feel the Star’s light has begun to shine on Berg to lead him in a new direction in his life.

(apepi) #33

I saw it as Kukrit being very weak and feeble, it he was described, basically very hard to miss and low health like the Gnome King(one hit point), So adam just gave it to him for story sakes and just let it flow.

(Twitch: InvoluntarilyHuman) #34

So Bergs weapon was unaffected by the anti-magic field? Did I see/hear that right? It’s a magical item though, isn’t it? That would be some pretty interesting implications unless I’m misunderstanding!

(apepi) #35

But I saw it as the Death Arcana coming to collect his soul?

(apepi) #36

Only the bag seemed to not work? The Kali’s boots/eye wear seemed to work in it.

(Bgriffs) #37

Yeah, it was actually effected positively, doing double psychic damage.

(JimB0b0) #38

Man, that whole thing was INCREDIBLE. There was way too much awesome for me to write about all of it. I have never been as excited to see the show right after the Live Live show. Great work everyone. Also, Adam’s suggestion right at the end about xp sounded like another good step towards figuring out advancement. I read another piece of advice on a previous post suggesting make the xp for goals based on the party’s level somehow, instead of the characters. As it is Berg and Ramus seem to be accelerating ahead. All of that said, it was amazing to watch you all perform live, now I need you to just move in together so we can have one of these every week :slight_smile:

(snip_cz) #39

I think the double damage was because the psychic attacks are super effective vs the gold Farang. I assume Berg's "passanger" Tulpa is from the other (silver?) Farang faction and they are not exactly friends, so they use powers that exploit the other's weaknesses.

(apepi) #40

I saw that more it for fighting the golden elves rather than the barrier.